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also bee·di  (bē′dē)
n. pl. bi·dis also bee·dies
A thin, often flavored Indian cigarette made of tobacco wrapped in a tendu leaf.

[Hindi bīṛī, from Sanskrit vīṭakam, vīṭikam, areca nut and spices rolled up in a betel leaf.]
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Retrospectively these patients were interviewed again and both of them regularly continued to smoke beedies throughout their rehabilitation period even in spite of repeated warnings.
"Billions and billions of beedies are made in our country.
Only about 10 per cent of beedies are made in regular factories.
The study was conducted on 50 beedi smokers who were smoking more than 20 beedies per day for more than five years.
Gowda, who also holds the finance portfolio, in his budget speech said: "I propose to levy five percent Value Added Tax (VAT) on 'beedies' and increase it by two percent on 'tobacco' products to 17 percent from 15 percent.
Reality: Actually, there are three more, and each is as toxic as unfiltered cigarettes: kreteks (clove cigarettes); tobacco sticks called bidis ("beedies"); and smoking with a water pipe.
Residents are also lighting up cigarette-like 'beedies' at will.
But despite the risk of fines, jail time and deportation, blacklisted goods like gutkha u crumbs of betel nuts and tobacco u and beedies are available under the table in many grocery stores in crowded alleys of Bur Dubai and Karama.
One of the reasons for increased beedi consumption was the call for boycott of imported cigarettes as part of Swadeshi movement (movement to boycott foreign goods) that enhanced a shift from cigarettes to beedies (16).
But bonded children also make up a significant part of the work force in agriculture, and in the production of silk and silk saris, beedies (hand-rolled cigarettes), silver jewelry, synthetic gemstones, leather products (including footwear and sporting goods), handwoven wool carpets and precious gems and diamonds.