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also bee·di  (bē′dē)
n. pl. bi·dis also bee·dies
A thin, often flavored Indian cigarette made of tobacco wrapped in a tendu leaf.

[Hindi bīṛī, from Sanskrit vīṭakam, vīṭikam, areca nut and spices rolled up in a betel leaf.]
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According to a news published in The Hindu (4th June 2014), 2010 International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (The Union) report ("The economics of tobacco and tobacco taxation in India"), documented: "52 per cent to 70 per cent of all beedis consumed in India have no taxes paid either due to non-compliance" or because the manufacturers supposedly produce less than two million beedis per year.
After long hours of this strenuous work, Vineeta is able to roll only two hundred beedis per day.
According to Global Adult Tobacco Survey 2010, an estimated 34.6% of adults use some form of tobacco-25.9% are smokeless tobacco users, while 5.7% smoke cigarettes and 9.2% smoke beedis. One variant of chewing tobacco called gutka (which is a mixture of tobacco, areca nut, catechu, paraffin, slaked lime and sweet flavourings) is widely popular in the masses.
Bhubaneshwar, Mar 17 ( ANI ): Renowned national woman footballer Jhilli Munda, who has represented India at international and national events in several tournaments, is bearing the brunt of acute poverty and she is forced to roll beedis.
Pakud, Dec 22 (ANI): Women of Tantipada, a small hamlet located in the close proximity of Pakud Railway Station, remain undisturbed by the chaotic crowd of passengers and the ear deafening sound of the trains, as their numb hands are busy rolling, passing, tying and stuffing the tendu leaves with the hazardous zarda, or tobacco in Hindi, so that they are able to achieve the target of thousand beedis by the end of the day.
Because many of our patients are from low socio economic status and being illiterates, they were not able to recollect the age when they started smoking, the method of smoking, the years of smoking and the number of cigarettes or beedis smoked per day.
I manage to get food after selling Sal leaves (used for rolling indigenous smoking tobacco reefers known as Beedis).
Smoking 43[86%] of male patients were smokers, >10 cigarettes or beedis per day [range-10 -30/day] Duration >10 years in 36 cases, in 7 cases <1 0 years.
They earn their livelihood by making Beedis. Those, who do not make Beedis, don't have any other work.
64.2% were using tobacco since more than ten years, around one third of the study subjects had started using tobacco before the age of 18 years, 29% had someone in his family who consume tobacco, around two third of the study subjects purchase cigarettes and beedis in the form of packets.
This was arrived at by dividing the "Pack years" calculated on the basis of smoking beedis by four.
The quitline is designed to help tobacco users by answering their queries, formulating a personalized quit plan depending on their tobacco consumption pattern (cigarettes, beedis and other forms of chewing tobacco like gutka) and supporting them through the entire 12 week journey of quitting tobacco through a combination of phone calls, SMSs, emails and educational material.