beef Wellington

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beef Wellington

A fillet of beef covered with pâté de foie gras or duxelles, encased in pastry, and baked.

[Probably from the name Wellington.]

beef′ Wel′lington

a beef fillet covered with pâté de foie gras, then wrapped in pastry and baked.
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Noun1.beef Wellington - rare-roasted beef tenderloin coated with mushroom paste in puff pastry
dish - a particular item of prepared food; "she prepared a special dish for dinner"
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But my starter of smoked duck and chicken terrine with apricot jam still managed to whet my appetite for the main course of Beef Wellington with asparagus and mash.
And that followed a brilliant beef Wellington. Oslo Court set us all up superbly for a big night.
Daniel Hollern - from The Partners Bistro in Glasgow - with a recipe for beef Wellington
BLACKWELL'S Lamb steaks pounds 10.90 kilo Best braising steak pounds 7.50 kilo Beef Wellington pounds 16.50 kilo CO-OP McVities Mini Cheddars, 7x25g pounds 1.47 each, buy one get one free FOX'S Own grown broad beans 60plb/pounds 1.32kilo Own grown variety lettuce 40p a head New Zealand kiwis Five for pounds 1 LIDL Penguin chocolate bars, nine pack pounds 1.19 each, buy one get one free SAINSBURY'S Tropicana orange with bits or smooth, 1 litre pounds 1.63 each, buy two for pounds 2.50 SOMERFIELD Somerfield best ever chilled tiger prawns, 125g was pounds 3.85, now pounds 1.92 TESCO McCain chunky home fries, 1 kilo was pounds 1.81, now 90p
His menu, which can be seen tonight, is Coquilles St Jacques (scallops) and a main course of Beef Wellington.
Turn the beef Wellington over so all seals are underneath and brush with egg wash.
Rump steak pounds 12.90 kilo Beef Wellington pounds 18.50 kilo Pork tender loin pounds 10.20 kilo
He axes lardy cook Dewberry for overcooking Beef Wellington, rasping: "You're useless." Jeff, who wrecks the veg, is told: "Throw it all away you little ***er.
And despite his fiery Hell's Kitchen reputation, the enigmatic chef charmed his audience with anecdotes and tips as he cooked up smoked haddock chowder, Beef Wellington and pear tart for dessert.
I overcooked a beef wellington when I was making it for someone at their house, basically because I wasn't used to their oven.
If you fancy a change from the traditional roast turkey, there's boxed beef wellington, ready to roast, it's made of prime fillet of beef, coated in rich mushroom filling and wrapped in crispy butter pastry.
Think about it like this, George: hot baked savouries from Greggs and the like are simply a pocket-sized play on the beef Wellington concept - meat in pastry.