beef bourguignon

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beef bour·gui·gnon

 (bo͝or′gēn-yôn′, -yôN′)
Braised beef cubes simmered in a seasoned red wine sauce with mushrooms, carrots, and onions.

[French boeuf bourguignon, from Bourgogne, Burgundy, a region of eastern France.]
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I enjoyed a starter of creamed garlic mushrooms, beef bourguignon for main and managed to squeeze in a chocolate fondant at Brasserie Joel.
It's all the classics from beef bourguignon to steak and ale pudding, as well as roasted vegetable jalfrezi and katsu curry.
From the weekly changing menu, you can choose from a fish stew, chicken with chorizo and peppers, chilli con carne, or even beef bourguignon. All the dishes are cooked fresh in the morning and ready before lunch time so you can have a seat down lunch with your food being served within 3mins.
The beef bourguignon, which Aleth has mastered, was served in bowls by Pablo, Aleth's sensei.
Another classic from the main course section is the delicious beef bourguignon, slow braised ribs, pommes puree served with hermitage jus, and the Galvin burger deluxe.
Throughout the event, Fergusons will be offering customers a selection of speciality sausages from their extensive range, including beef bourguignon, chilli and chocolate, and piri piri, as well as gluten-free options - all of which form part of our amazing prize.
Elwood Perez, Althea Vega, Deborah Sun, Jennifer Salvador, Cloyd Robinson For the mains, guests feasted on lechon, US Angus roast beef with roast rosemary potatoes, beef bourguignon stew, baked seafood in Mornay sauce, coq au vin, puttanesca rigatoni and mashed potato.
Taste the Difference Beef Bourguignon in a rich red wine jus (500g), Sainsbury's, was PS6, now PS5 SAVE: PS1
Pillowy pita stuffed with beef bourguignon and garlic aA[macron]oli, or a dessert version of hand-torched "banana brA'lee" with melted dark chocolate and shredded coconut, is hardly standard Middle Eastern fare.
Beef Bourguignon, I'm wondering if I made the wrong call.
Leopard's Leap Cabernet -- Enjoy this wine with rich, red meat dishes such as beef bourguignon and oxtail.