beef burrito

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Noun1.beef burrito - a burrito with a beef fillingbeef burrito - a burrito with a beef filling  
burrito - a flour tortilla folded around a filling
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From a beef burrito to a jewelled pie and fancy petit fours to wonderful wreaths, we've piled on the calories so you don't waste any of your hard earned pounds.
Finding myself at the Chihuahua Mexican Grill at Bonifacio Global City (BGC) and wanting something to eat and fast, I opted for a simple beef burrito bowl.
I decided to go for a barbacoa beef burrito (PS5) simply because beef tends to be my filling of choice when it comes to wrapping food in a tortilla.
And Taco Bell's nacho cheese sauce may soon be free of Yellow 6 dye, but the chain's XXL Grilled Stufft Beef Burrito will still harbor 860 calories, 14 grams of sat fat, and 2,200 mg of sodium.
Instead of a boring cheese and onion sarnie, we can feast on a delicious shredded beef burrito or pulled pork tacos.
This authentic range has been aligned to street food favourites and includes a Mexican beef burrito, creamy Indian raita and spicy Spanish patatas bravas.
Add freshly grated beets to a black bean and beef burrito.
8 Unanimous Decision Soft Tortilla Taco Taco Bell Beef Burrito 248 g 420 15 6 Supreme [check] Taco Bell Fresco Chicken Soft 135 g 170 4 1 Taco Taco Bell Grilled Chicken 177 g 430 18 5 Burrito [check] Taco Bell Steak Gordita 153 g 270 11 4 Supreme Taco John's Bean Burrito 187 g 360 9 3 Taco John's Chicken Grilled 247 g 580 28 10 Burrito [check] Taco John's Crispy Taco 92 g 180 10 3.
You can sit inside, but it's more fun to order and eat the famous gigantic beef burrito outside.
Has your work schedule left you starving and struggling to decide whether to eat a Big Mac, a Whopper or a Beef Burrito Supreme?
We decided to try one of the specials, a combination of fried tilapia, chicken and jack cheese quesadilla and beef burrito ($17), which came with French fries and spicy slaw.