beef patty

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Noun1.beef patty - a patty of ground cooked beefbeef patty - a patty of ground cooked beef  
beefsteak - a beef steak usually cooked by broiling
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a Buda, Texas establishment, is recalling approximately 167 pounds of frozen beef patty and gravy products due to misbranding and undeclared allergens, the U.
Choose from the brunch burger (grass-fed beef patty with mushrooms, pasture-raised egg, crispy shiitake mushrooms and hollandaise for $13.
The menu includes dishes such as the fresh catch burrito; a flour burrito filled with seared fresh fish from the market, spicy rice, sour cream and house made salsa, also available as a vegan option, and the Ghaf burger made from house-ground Aberdeen Angus beef patty, Irish mature cheddar cheese, crispy onions, and tomato jam.
As well as a classic but delicious 6oz beef patty, it's also smothered in Yeastie Boys Bigmouth beer-infused cheese, then topped with bacon monster crunch, beef ketchup and smoked chilli mayo, all served in a beautifully soft, brioche bun.
In the menu is the Cowboy BBQ Burger which combines the first half-pound beef patty in Oman, besides fresh pickles, tomatoes and lettuce smothered in cheese and barbecue sauce, a press release said.
The 100% pure beef patty is bigger and packs in all the flavor of the Big Mac without the middle bun.
97), so called because it includes one beef patty and one veggie burger patty.
The Burger Khalifa, satirically titled because of its height, by the Four Seasons Hotel includes a double beef patty burger, with lobster tails, eggs, black truffle and is topped off with a classic American Slider.
The premium burgers feature a thicker beef patty made from 100% British and Irish beef and are available in three types - The Classic, The BBQ and The Spicy, each served in a brioche-style bun.
They're all made with aged beef patty, unless you go for the vegetarian option which is a slow cooked and shredded portobello mushroom.
New additions to the a la carte include Japanese beef tataki, crispy beef and beef patty topped with wasabi to start and poussin satay with coconut and duck egg salad and a peanut caramel sauce to follow.