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Noun1.beef plant - South American plant having green to purple or red branches with green to purple ornamental foliage and spikes of insignificant woolly flowers with dry membranous bracts
bloodleaf - any plant of the genus Iresine having colored foliage
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Their target that day was the huge, steam-billowing beef plant here on the high plains of the Texas Panhandle, owned then by meatpacking giant Swift & Co.
Investments include: purchase of a beef processing plant in South Carolina and a custom cooked meats, soups and sauces business with plants in Texas and Tennessee; conversion of a Nebraska ground beef plant to a specialized cooked meats plant; a new beef distribution center at the companys Dodge City, Kan.
A video posted on the company's home page also showed Grant Imahara, a former host of the TV show ''Mythbusters,'' touring a Cargill beef plant where McDonald's patties are made.
5m to create 208 jobs at a new beef plant in Ceredigion.
Cargill acquired the Wyalusing beef plant, which was built in 1942 by Taylor Packing Co.
beef plant in March and a 17-cent charge from a change in the method used to recognize interim income taxes.
But just four months after Eimco Water Technologies' MBR installation, 60% of the treated wastewater effluent at its beef plant in Treburley had already been reused for low-grade reuse applications, whilst at its lamb abattoir in Botathan, the water-reuse figure has been in excess of 90%.
Industry ownership, which had remained firmly in Canadian hands for nearly a century, shifted to two large US-based concerns, IBP and Cargill Foods, "each operating a single continental-scale beef plant in the heart of Alberta's feedlot country.
I frequently leaflet at the NE Beef plant alongside the UFCW and OTOC organizers.
Workers at ConAgra's Northern States Beef plant in Omaha, Nebraska, voted 251-to-126 in favor of joining the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union.
In the initial campaign at ConAgra's Northern States Beef plant there were 15 UFCW and five OTOC personnel hand-billing in front of the plant.
But then there's also astilbe, the globe thistle (Echinops bannaticus), achillea, golden rod (Solidago), the brilliant seeds in the open pods of the roast beef plant (Iris foetidissima) and of course the silvery, tissue paper pods of honesty (Lunaria).