beef tongue

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Noun1.beef tongue - the tongue of a cow eaten as meat
tongue - the tongue of certain animals used as meat
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Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association Executive Vice President Michael Kelsey said some parts of a carcass beef tongue and liver, for example are not as appreciated in the U.
all butchery products: Roast beef, Sauted lamb, Pork chop, Veal chop, Veal liver, Beef tongue, And similar products to this batch.
Cold boiled beef tongue, with honey and mustard sauce, Slap hakskeentjies or pickled onions, carrot and pineapple in aspic, cucumber and yoghurt aspic, roasted leg of Karoo lamb, stuffed turkey, cape snoek (fish), curry pickled fish, prawns and seafood, Russian salad, cream cheese and pea salad and any kind of potatoes
Jay Angeles (No Reservations) interpreted the Ilocano delicacy dinakdakan with beef tongue, smoked liver and pig's brain.
Cantina Kahlo's chef de cuisine Cesar Daniel de Leon Torres heads a team from Mexico, and selections from his menu include artisanal tacos, ceviche, guacamole as well as sopes and flautas, along with pulled chicken and roasted pineapple sour cream, field mushrooms and beef tongue.
Dishes like deep-fried cod skin, beef tongue slow cooked for 18 hours, tuna emulsion and poached egg and mushroom tortellini were among the most fantastically beautiful things I've ever eaten.
This is evidenced in recipes that call for chicken claws, pig's feet, pork heart, beef tongue, and other ingredients not typically found at the neighbourhood supermarket.
One, called siske, is filled with a slow-cooked beef while another is stuffed with beef tongue.
At Kitsho, the Grilled Beef Tongue plate contains a generous mound of sliced meat glistening with miso glaze.
A special "hana yakiniku" ("yakiniku" meaning grilled meat or barbecue and "hana" meaning nose) variety that releases the smells of short ribs, sizzling beef tongue and buttered potatoes, is set to be released on Nov.
He wants to show the nation that some of our forgotten traditional foods - like beef tongue, veal, rabbit or oxtail - are not only delicious, but could also be cheaper.