beefsteak mushroom

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beef′steak mush′room

an edible bracket fungus, Fistulina hepatica, that grows on trees and can rot the heartwood of living oaks and chestnuts. Also called beef′steak fun′gus.
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Hen-of-the-woods/maitake (Grifola frondosa), porcini (Boletus edulis), horse mushroom (Agaricus arvensis) bear's head tooth (Hericium coralloides) and beefsteak mushroom (Fistulina hepatica) were scarce.
Dressed like an undercover copper impersonating an eco-warrior, he flummoxed Zilli with an unsightly array of spores and growths - such as the mighty beefsteak mushroom, which bleeds like meat, tastes like meat and, like the finest free-range squirrel, grows on rural oak trees.
These odd growths, which have been the inspiration for fairy stories for generations of children, with their odd sounding names like beefsteak mushroom, Judas Ear mushroom and St George's Day mushroom are a vital part of nature's cycle.