beer barrel

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: barrel - a barrel that holds beerbeer barrel - a barrel that holds beer    
barrel, cask - a cylindrical container that holds liquids
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Raphael's face was found boldly executed on the underside of the moulding board, and Bacchus on the head of a beer barrel.
The courtyard, formerly open to the sky, was now roofed in with dusty glass; the nymph that had once poured out the water of the fountain was barren and mutilated; and the bath was partly covered in with loose boards, the exposed part accommodating a heap of coals in one corner, a heap of potatoes in another, a beer barrel, some old carpets, a tarpaulin, and a broken canoe.
Great hiss and fuss of cooking was going on in the kitchen, and great rapping and tapping of wine kegs and beer barrels was going on in the cellar.
The sponsored beer barrel push, organised by regulars at the Merlin Hotel, raised PS2,200.
The film crew covered up signs of modern-day life and set up a beer barrel and chairs outside the cot tage, called Mayville, in the picture-postcard village of Bampton, Oxfordshire.
Heineken NV is unveiling a new at-home beer dispenser called the "Sub," shaped somewhat like a beer barrel on its side.
It is here that the Mayor taps the first Oktoberfest beer barrel, after which the other tents are permitted to start serving.
This year's winning author will receive a cash prize of [pound sign]3000 and a handmade, engraved beer barrel provided by Theakstons Old Peculier.
Traditional games including beer stein races and the beer barrel roll get the community involved in the German celebration overseas.
Part of the prize was a 36-gallon beer barrel and the then John Lawrence, in his Daily Telegraph column, wrote that the barrel was opened on the journey home and one of the recipients was the horse, who enjoyed a bucketful of bitter.
Lippincott created a somewhat cheeky image of a kindly, plump old Santa, sitting on a large beer barrel.
Birmingham-born author Roger Jon Ellory was presented with the prize by BBC broadcaster Mark Lawson at the Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival in Harrogate, He received pounds 3,000 as well as a hand-made, engraved beer barrel.