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As well as losing that stubborn beer belly, you might even end up with a lawn to be proud of or a nice set of shelves into the bargain!
It's one thing on the beach but seeing a white lumpy beer belly when I'm in the supermarket is quite another.
Many people told him that his belly fat could also be a "beer belly," but Daly disagreed as he did not have beer.
I would have a beer belly, wouldn't wash and wear scraggly clothes.
The true culprit is calories, and consuming too many calories, regardless of the source, results in excess fat stored around your waistline and a beer belly.
Especially if one side effect is that they develop a beer belly.
The actor realised he looked more tum-ba than rumba as he sported a huge beer belly on his sunshine break last year.
WILL you get out of bed Never mind your aching head, Me mother is here for tea Now it's ten past three I know you and her don't agree You could put your sickly face on While knawing on a scone Me mother shouted up the stairs Just leave him there He's the worst for wear He looks dire what a mess He's like that left over turkey Nowt but a skinful and legless Last neat he danced roond the club floor Ee, I couldn't look any more I divvent see what you admire The only thing swingin Was his beer belly spare tyre He's like the Angel of the North Never puts his hands in his pocket For all its worth He couldn't get any worse Mother stop it Just call a truce While your in me hoose I knew I'd get the blame It's always the same Always the way Every Boxing Day.
He is described as white, aged 35 to 40, 5ft 6ins tall, with a large build and a beer belly.
According to The Daily Meal, one of the alcohol related myths is that drinking beer gives you a beer belly, as it could be the result of drinking wine, vodka and any other drinks that people consumed, reported.
What won't get rid of a beer belly is doing hundreds of sit-ups every day.
A man in his 30s, between 5ft 11ins and 6ft tall, of medium build with a beer belly and scruffy brown hair pulled up behind her in a green old style Mercedes.