beer bottle

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bottle - a glass or plastic vessel used for storing drinks or other liquids; typically cylindrical without handles and with a narrow neck that can be plugged or capped
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There were the mutton and the bread, both far gone now in decay, and a beer bottle overturned, just as I and the artilleryman had left them.
They are weak minded, and the established impresses itself upon them as easily as the name of the brewery is impressed on a beer bottle. And their function is to catch all the young fellows attending the university, to drive out of their minds any glimmering originality that may chance to be there, and to put upon them the stamp of the established."
If you went in not intending to drink, you would be put out in no time, and if you were slow about going, like as not you would get your head split open with a beer bottle in the bargain.
And I must leave all this"--he waved his arm round the dirty garret, with its unmade bed, the clothes lying on the floor, a row of empty beer bottles against the wall, piles of unbound, ragged books in every corner--"for some provincial university where I shall try and get a chair of philology.
The Tertiary comprises railway tracks, patent pavements, grass, snakes, mouldy boots, beer bottles, tomato cans, intoxicated citizens, garbage, anarchists, snap-dogs and fools.
A WOMAN from Leamington has been jailed after savagely attacking a man with a beer bottle.
A thief who broke into the flat of a vulnerable pensioner and stole more than PS3,400 worth of goods was foiled after leaving a beer bottle at the scene of the crime.
The High Court in Eldoret will on Monday decide whether a lawyer accused of stabbing his colleague to death with a broken beer bottle will be released on bond.
"Just the concept that they could bring a beer bottle up from the bottom of the ocean ...
class="MsoNormalAs a result of the disputed beer bottle row, the firm is also accusing EABL of instigating arrests and seizures on its products on grounds that their alcohol is illicit brew.
Now a team from the Museum of Liverpool has discovered the cellars of two houses which were part of the former Missionary Buildings, together with fascinating artefacts including the remains of a porcelain dish and a beer bottle.
A 22-year-old farmer was stabbed with a broken beer bottle by his older brother during a fight on Friday night (July 6) in District 1 village here, police said.