beer mug

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: mug - a mug intended for serving beerbeer mug - a mug intended for serving beer  
mug - with handle and usually cylindrical
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Bavarian treats upon arrival, including Mandarin Oriental, Munich beer mug, gingerbread heart and traditional Bavarian appetisers
Cheers to the World's Best Dad beer mug & coaster, PS3.99, B&M
ALL OFFERS ARE WHILE STOCKS LAST Wish You Were beer mug PS9.95, White Stuff 12-piece stainless steel tool set with aluminium Carry Case PS17.99, Aldi Gentlemen's hardware survival kit PS16.99, Beer Bucket PS1,
This picture taken on April 4, 2019 shows Nguyen Giang, daughter of Giang Cafe owner Nguyen Chi Hoa, pouring a sweetened egg mixture into a beer mug at the decades-old cafe in Hanoi.
If so, the researcher asked the participants to remove one of the bank account cards from their wallets or purses and then use the card to purchase one of two items on the table: a coffee mug or a beer mug. The results showed that people who used their joint credit cards were more likely to opt for the utilitarian coffee mug than the hedonic beer mug.
His beer mug, wine or brandy glass continually faced problems with "evaporation".
Ticketholders are entitled to a one-day entry pass and will be given a wristband based on their designated zone (there are four: beergarden, premium beergarden A and B, and VIP beergarden), as well as a German beer mug that they can take home.
Carefully balance the shot glass and insert it upside-down into an empty liter-sized beer mug. The upside-down shot glass filled with lambanog is then submerged, like a submarine, with the beer of your choice.
A S.H.I.E.L.D. ( beer mug  ($18) also would be handy.
Here are the top 7 countries where a cold beer mug is cheapest:
German Chancellor Angela Merkel holds a beer mug after her speech at the Trudering fest yesterday