beer parlor

beer′ par`lor

Canadian. a tavern.
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Do look for the 'Maninilip,' a canvas on Cubao's thirsty and tired side-street peeping toms, whose only after-work solace was to steal through wooden window slats of the dark, sleazy Alibangang beer parlor for a glimpse of gleaming, half-naked sexy female dancers.
Arts and Crafts Beer Parlor (ACBP) is not your typical beer joint or sports bar.
Arts and Crafts Beer Parlor will open daily at noon, and is located at 1135 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, NY 10025.
Section 82 of the Act reads: "No beer licensee shall employ or suffer any person under the age of twenty-one years or any female to act in any way in connection with the sale, handling, or serving of beer in, on or about any beer parlor.
0% for pubs and beer parlor operators due to sluggish personal spending and the unseasonably cool summer weather.
The second chapter focuses on the beer parlor operators and the beer parlor workers' union.
Qube Gallery owner Maris Holopainen was happy with the massive turnout, and so was James Abella, who runs a craft beer parlor on the ground floor.
That's right, former Special Agent Don Borelli, and Actor, writer, producer Robert La France have teamed up to create Arts and Crafts Beer Parlor at 26 West 8th Street in Greenwich Village.
It was the first time authorities have said there were two bombs in the area of market stalls and beer parlors referred to locally as a "mammy market.
I racked balls in the pool halls, cleaned the beer parlors .
YOU SEE THEM AT BEER parlors and at Jets games, in gourmet shops and at candy counters.
Friday in an area of market stalls and beer parlors referred to locally as a "mammy market.