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 (bĭ-fôg′, -fŏg′)
tr.v. be·fogged, be·fog·ging, be·fogs
1. To cover or obscure with or as if with fog.
2. To cause confusion in; muddle.
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Adj.1.befogged - stupefied by alcoholic drinkbefogged - stupefied by alcoholic drink; "the wino's poor befuddled mind"; "a mind befogged with drink"
confused - mentally confused; unable to think with clarity or act intelligently; "the flood of questions left her bewildered and confused"
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But, Lord, look you, sir --hearts and souls alive, man --the next instant, in a jiff, I was blind as a bat --both eyes out --all befogged and bedeadened with black foam --the whale's tail looming straight up out of it, perpendicular in the air, like a marble steeple.
It is said that when a pupil leaves the gymnasium, he not only has a comprehensive education, but he KNOWS what he knows--it is not befogged with uncertainty, it is burnt into him so that it will stay.
within his poor head that his wits were all befogged with the dust and chaff thereof.
I was limp and weary, befogged in mind and fatigued in body.
None of us, I believe, has any property now, and I hear that many, negligently, have lost their lives; but I am sure that the few who survive are not yet so dim-eyed as to miss in the befogged respectability of their newspapers the intelligence of various native risings in the Eastern Archipelago.
He sometimes turned sheepish and befogged eyes on the speaker, but obviously had not the slightest idea what he was talking about and scarcely heard it.
Author laments that what tenets remained embedded in the prudently woven democratically fortified diplomatic empire of father of nation have been befogged and in most cases marginalized to extinction in the politics scenario of today which stands dominated by devil incarnate politicians.
PESHAWAR -- "The worst thing in evaluating the impacts of 9/11 on Urdu poetry and even our whole social life is that we are not completely aware of the details of the 9/11, rather deliberate confusion has befogged the minds of our writers and they have no unanimous view on the war on terror", Prof.
Apple has high-quality imagery in its Maps application of military sites befogged in Google Maps, as it shown in earlier news.
Penalizing the purchasers of notes and mortgages on the secondary market, by interfering with their rights to foreclose on defaulted loans, under which loans the original lenders unequivocally lent hundreds of thousands of dollars per transaction, will do nothing but keep our court system clogged and our economy befogged.
Such souls" Muir concluded, "are asleep, or smothered and befogged beneath mean pleasures or cares" (2: 147).
In the courtroom, at a heating, the lawyer will need to make sure that the judge or jury keeps an eye on the critical points and conclusions and not get befogged.