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tr.v. be·grudged, be·grudg·ing, be·grudg·es
1. To envy (someone) the possession or enjoyment of (something): She begrudged him his youth.
2. To give or expend with reluctance: begrudged every penny spent.

be·grudg′er n.
be·grudg′ing·ly adv.


a dissatisfied person
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Others to follow Chepstow 1.05 Beshabar, 1.35 The Begrudger, 2.05 Super Formen, 2.35 Lodge Lane, 3.05 Pauillac, 3.40 Ceepeegee.
The Begrudger, who comes from the same family as Denman, starts off his career for us in the maiden hurdle at 1.35.
Chepstow There is no Denman in action today but his young relative The Begrudger, who carries the same colours and is also trained by Paul Nicholls, makes his British debut in a 3m maiden hurdle having won both his starts in Irish point-to-points last season.
PIGEON CATCHER WINNING Irish point-to-pointer The Begrudger has taken time to come to himself but is pleasing me now and I'm looking forward to running him in a 3m maiden hurdle at Chepstow next Saturday.
The Begrudger, winner of both his starts, will race for the Denman team of Paul Barber and Harry Findlay and comes from the same family as his illustrious Cheltenham Gold Cupwinning stablemate.
"He's looking for a future Gold Cup winner and thinks he's found one in a horse called The Begrudger, who's related to Denman."
And thank goodness Savill has already handed out the Begrudger of the Year Award - to John McCririck for a
Expect to hear some begrudger soon giving out that Paul hasn't bought his local and put on a tab for locals for life.
We Irish sadly have a reputation for being a nation of begrudgers, so it was nice to see there wasn't any negativity on social media about the family's mind-blowing windfall.
Most likely pitted against the new government will be a weakened and divided Labour opposition that has a history of ambivalence on Europe, and where the begrudgers have recently taken control against the wishes of the majority of its MPs, and virtually the whole of the party in Wales.
The begrudgers are socially myopic and mean-minded.