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1. The manner in which one acts or behaves.
a. The actions or reactions of a person or animal in response to external or internal stimuli.
b. One of these actions or reactions: "a hormone ... known to directly control sex-specific reproductive and parenting behaviors in a wide variety of vertebrates" (Thomas Maugh II).
3. The manner in which something functions or operates: the faulty behavior of a computer program; the behavior of dying stars.

[Middle English behavour, from behaven, to behave (on the model of havour, behavior, from Old French avoir, from avoir, to have); see behave.]

be·hav′ior·al adj.
be·hav′ior·al·ly adv.
Synonyms: behavior, conduct, bearing, deportment, comportment, demeanor
These nouns all pertain to a person's actions as they constitute a means of evaluation by others. Behavior is the most general: The children were on their best behavior.
Conduct applies to actions considered from the standpoint of morality and ethics: "Life, not the parson, teaches conduct" (Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.).
Bearing often carries with it the implication of social standing or position: "It was evident from his bearing that he belonged to the country's ruling élite" (Amitav Ghosh).
Deportment and comportment pertain more narrowly to actions measured by a prevailing code of social behavior: "the alleged decline in standards of deportment—a significant issue for an institution that prided itself on turning out 'gentlemen'" (Jerome Karabel)."Would I see a different person, or merely the same one governed by different conventions of comportment ... accoutrement, and dress?" (Witold Rybczynski).
Demeanor suggests outward appearance that manifests inward emotion or character: "The Beth I saw now was not only nimble-footed, but her demeanor was exuberant and self-assured" (Rachel Simon).


a US spelling of behaviourally
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When a member is behaviorally loyal, they will continue to use products, which for credit unions mean they will take out multiple loans, sign up for insurance products and more.
The Forty-Ninth Day Revisited," "Producing Behaviorally Sound Dogs," "Giving Pups A Head Start," "New Pup Coming .
Pregnancy rates were especially high in one subgroup of HIV-infected youth - teens who acquired the virus behaviorally rather than during birth.
Media General has launched Yahoo's behaviorally targeted APT system in four markets.
This isn't your ordinary guide to management: tips featured here have been tested and successfully utilized by the largest behaviorally based management consulting firm in the world and blends client stories and case studies with insights on how these processes have helped transform and enhance blue-chip companies.
We are told that the poor are a homogenous group in America, but they are homogenous neither behaviorally nor attitudinally.
Behaviorally, psychopaths are irresponsible and impulsive and lack realistic long-term goals.
BAU-1 personnel offer services, including behaviorally oriented investigative assistance in counterterrorism matters, threat assessment/textual analysis, WMD, extortions, product tampering, arson and bombing matters, and stalking cases, to the FBI; other international, federal, state, and local law enforcement and intelligence agencies; and the military.
But I'll risk crucifixion and state that Lane is every bit the Max that Zero was, and maybe a little more; he can really sing and dance, obviously (never more effectively than in the one-man, late-in- the-play plot summary number, ``Betrayed''); and somehow, even when Max is in hyper-cartoonish mode, Lane always manages to be the most behaviorally credible presence on the screen.
Because a gym full of active kids differs from the regular classroom environment, teacher training sessions include a healthy dose of PE management tips-such as how to divide students to physically and behaviorally balance teams.
A focus on basic techniques for interacting with behaviorally challenged residents.