behavioristic psychology

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Noun1.behavioristic psychology - an approach to psychology that emphasizes observable measurable behaviorbehavioristic psychology - an approach to psychology that emphasizes observable measurable behavior
experimental psychology, psychonomics - the branch of psychology that uses experimental methods to study psychological issues
reflexology - the study of reflex action as it relates to the behavior of organisms
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Superficially, Mind might seem designed to flaunt the so-called cognitive revolution in front of any who find cognitive constructs inherently dualistic and anachronistic, Certainly, during the heyday of classic behavioristic psychology, the discipline did not widely endorse the book's focal constructs--mind, imagery, and memory.
Jammed into the far corner are 142 of his critics -- biologists, computer scientists, linguists, neuro-scientists and philosophers -- waiting to hit the head of behavioristic psychology with their best shots.
At this time Ranschburg was preparing his critical reviews of objective and behavioristic psychology (Ranschburg, 1932a, 1932b) and there must have been many discussions of motor theories as well as of Ranschburg's conceptions of the interaction of similar neural patterns.