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1. Done, maintained, or held out of public view or in secret.
2. Revealing what is done out of public view: a behind-the-scenes report on the workings of the mayor's office.


1. happening out of view of the public; done, held, or kept in secret.
2. occurring backstage.
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Adj.1.behind-the-scenes - designed and carried out secretly or confidentiallybehind-the-scenes - designed and carried out secretly or confidentially; "a sub-rosa report"; "has their under-the-table backing"
covert - secret or hidden; not openly practiced or engaged in or shown or avowed; "covert actions by the CIA"; "covert funding for the rebels"
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Summary: New Delhi [India], Sep 11 (ANI): Salman Khan can't take his eyes off Katrina Kaif in this latest behind-the-scenes picture from the sets of 'Tiger Zinda Hai' in Abu Dhabi.
Royal Caribbean announced on Wednesday plans to launch an elaborate behind-the-scenes tour for passengers on each ship.
A BEHIND-the-scenes style programme exploring film locations will feature Redcar this weekend.
One-on-one coaching is the behind-the-scenes contribution that can deepen the portrayals of a lead role.
developed all site, behind-the-scenes, and-public architectural components, and then produced; construction documents.
The director oversaw the production of more than six hours of behind-the-scenes features and two audio commentary tracks on the double-disc set to be released in December.
German, and Japanese central bank officials who behind-the-scenes were instrumental in a successful series of concerted currency intervention moves on March 3-6, May 31st, and August 15th.