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to place, set; to assign, attribute
Not to be confused with:
putt – to hit a golf ball with a light stroke
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v. put, put·ting, puts
1. To place in a specified location; set: She put the books on the table.
2. To cause to be in a specified condition: His gracious manners put me at ease.
3. To cause (one) to undergo something; subject: The interrogators put the prisoner to torture.
4. To assign; attribute: They put a false interpretation on events.
5. To estimate: We put the time at five o'clock.
6. To impose or levy: The governor has put a tax on cigarettes.
7. Games To wager (a stake); bet: put $50 on a horse.
8. Sports To hurl with an overhand pushing motion: put the shot.
9. To bring up for consideration or judgment: put a question to the judge.
10. To express; state: I put my objections bluntly.
11. To render in a specified language or literary form: put prose into verse.
12. To adapt: The lyrics had been put to music.
13. To urge or force to an action: a mob that put the thief to flight.
14. To apply: We must put our minds to it.
15. To force the purchase of (a stock or commodity) by exercising a put option.
Nautical To proceed: The ship put into the harbor.
1. Sports An act of putting the shot.
2. An option to sell a stipulated amount of stock or securities within a specified time and at a fixed price.
Fixed; stationary: stay put.
Phrasal Verbs:
put about Nautical
To change or cause to change direction; go or cause to go from one tack to another.
put across
1. To state so as to be understood clearly or accepted readily: put her views across during the hearing.
2. To attain or carry through by deceit or trickery.
put aside
1. To stop using, working on, or considering until later: We put aside the idea until the next meeting.
2. To disregard; forget about: Why not put aside your grudge?
put away
1. To renounce; discard: put all negative thoughts away.
2. Informal To consume (food or drink) readily and quickly: put away the dinner in just a few minutes.
3. Informal To confine to a prison or mental health facility.
a. Informal To kill: The injured cat was put away.
b. To bury.
put by
To save for later use: "Some crops were so abundant they could even be put by" (Carole Lalli).
put down
a. To write down.
b. To enter in a list.
a. To bring to an end; repress: put down a rebellion.
b. To render ineffective: put down rumors.
3. To subject (an animal) to euthanasia.
4. Informal
a. To criticize: put me down for failing the course.
b. To belittle; disparage: put down their knowledge of literature.
c. To humiliate: "Many status games seem designed to put down others" (Alvin F. Poussaint).
a. To assign to a category: Just put him down as a sneak.
b. To attribute: Let's put this disaster down to inexperience.
6. To consume (food or drink) readily; put away: puts down three big meals a day.
put forth
1. To grow: Plants put forth new growth in the spring.
2. To bring to bear; exert: At least put forth a semblance of effort when you scrub the floor.
3. To offer for consideration: put forth an idea.
put forward
To propose for consideration: put forward a new plan.
put in
1. To make a formal offer of: put in a plea of guilty.
2. To introduce, as in conversation; interpose: He put in a good word for me.
3. To spend (time) at a location or job: I put in eight hours at the office.
4. To plant: We put in 20 rows of pine trees.
5. To make (a telephone call): I put in a call to the school principal.
6. To apply: put in for early retirement.
7. Nautical
a. To enter a port or harbor: The freighter puts in at noon.
b. To launch a small boat: The kayakers put in below the dam.
put off
a. To delay; postpone: put off paying the bills.
b. To persuade to delay further action: managed to put off the creditors for another week.
2. To take off; discard: put off a sweater.
3. To repel or repulse, as from bad manners: His indifferent attitude has put us off.
4. To pass (money) or sell (merchandise) fraudulently.
put on
1. To clothe oneself with; don: put on a coat; put socks on.
2. To apply; activate: put on the brakes.
3. To assume affectedly: put on an English accent.
4. Slang To tease or mislead (another): You're putting me on!
5. To add: put on weight.
6. To produce; perform: put on a variety show.
put out
1. To extinguish: put out a fire.
2. Nautical To leave, as a port or harbor; depart.
3. To expel: put out a drunk from the bar.
4. To publish: put out a weekly newsletter.
a. To inconvenience: Did our early arrival put you out?
b. To offend or irritate: I was put out by his attention to the television set.
6. To make an effort: We've really had to put out to get this project finished.
7. Baseball To cause (a batter or base runner) to be ruled out.
8. Vulgar Slang To be willing to engage in casual sexual activity; be sexually available.
put over
1. To postpone; delay.
2. To put across, especially to deceive: tried to put a lie over, but to no avail.
put through
1. To bring to a successful end: put the project through on time; put through a number of new laws.
2. To cause to undergo: He put me through a lot of trouble.
a. To make a telephone connection for: The operator put me through on the office line.
b. To obtain a connection for (a telephone call).
put to Nautical
To head for shore.
put together
To construct; create: put together a new bookcase; put together a tax package.
put up
1. To erect; build.
2. To preserve; can: put up six jars of jam.
3. To nominate: put up a candidate at a convention.
4. To provide (funds) in advance: put up money for the new musical.
5. To provide lodgings for: put a friend up for the night.
6. Sports To startle (game animals) from cover: put up grouse.
7. To offer for sale: put up his antiques.
a. To make a display or the appearance of: put up a bluff.
b. To engage in; carry on: put up a good fight.
put upon
To impose on; overburden: He was always being put upon by his friends.
put an end/a halt/a stop to
To bring to an end; terminate.
put down roots
To establish a permanent residence in a locale.
put in an appearance
To attend a social engagement, especially for a short time.
put it to (someone) Slang
1. To overburden with tasks or work.
2. To put blame on.
3. To take unfair advantage of.
4. To lay out the facts of a situation to (another) in a forceful candid manner.
5. To defeat soundly; trounce.
put (one) in mind
To remind: You put me in mind of your grandmother.
put (oneself) out
To make a considerable effort; go to trouble or expense.
put (one's) finger on
To identify: I can't put my finger on the person in that photograph.
put (one's) foot down
To take a firm stand.
put (one's) foot in (one's) mouth
To make a tactless remark.
put paid to Chiefly British
To finish off; put to rest: "We've given up saying we only kill to eat; Kraft dinner and freeze-dried food have put paid to that one" (Margaret Atwood).
put (someone) in (someone's) place
To lower the dignity of (someone); humble.
put (someone) through (someone's) paces
To cause to demonstrate ability or skill; test: The drama coach put her students through their paces before the first performance.
put (someone) up to
To cause to commit a funny, mischievous, or malicious act: My older brother put me up to making a prank telephone call.
put something over on
To deceive, cheat, or trick.
put the arm/bite/squeeze on Slang
To ask another for money.
put the finger on Slang
To inform on: The witness put the finger on the killer.
put the lie to
To show to be false or inaccurate.
put the make/moves on Slang
To make sexual advances to.
put the screws to/on Slang
To pressure (another) in an extreme manner.
put the skids on Slang
To bring to a halt: "Sacrificing free speech to put the skids on prurient printed matter is not the correct path, the courts said" (Curtis J. Sitomer).
put to bed Informal
1. To make final preparations for the printing of (a newspaper, for example).
2. To make final preparations for completing (a project).
put to it
To cause extreme difficulty for: We were put to it to finish the book on time.
put to sleep
1. To make weary; bore.
2. To subject to euthanasia.
3. To subject to general anesthesia.
put two and two together
To draw the proper conclusions from existing evidence or indications.
put up or shut up Slang
To have to endure an unpleasant situation or take action to remedy it.
put up with
To endure without complaint: We had to put up with the inconvenience.

[Middle English putten, back-formation from Old English *pūtte, past tense of pȳtan, to put out.]
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vb (mainly tr) , puts, putting or put
1. to cause to be (in a position or place): to put a book on the table.
2. to cause to be (in a state, relation, etc): to put one's things in order.
3. (foll by to) to cause (a person) to experience the endurance or suffering (of): to put to death; to put to the sword.
4. to set or commit (to an action, task, or duty), esp by force: he put him to work.
5. to render, transform, or translate: to put into English.
6. (Music, other) to set (words) in a musical form (esp in the phrase put to music)
7. (foll by at) to estimate: he put the distance at fifty miles.
8. (foll by to) to utilize (for the purpose of): he put his knowledge to good use.
9. (Breeds) (foll by to) to couple a female animal (with a male) for the purpose of breeding: the farmer put his heifer to the bull.
10. to state; express: to put it bluntly.
11. to set or make (an end or limit): he put an end to the proceedings.
12. to present for consideration in anticipation of an answer or vote; propose: he put the question to the committee; I put it to you that one day you will all die.
13. (Banking & Finance) to invest (money) in; give (support) to: he put five thousand pounds into the project.
14. to impart: to put zest into a party.
15. (Athletics (Track & Field)) to throw or cast
16. not know where to put oneself to feel awkward or embarrassed
17. put paid to to destroy irrevocably and utterly: the manager's disfavour put paid to their hopes for promotion.
18. stay put to refuse to leave; keep one's position
19. (Athletics (Track & Field)) a throw or cast, esp in putting the shot
20. (Stock Exchange) stock exchange Also called: put option an option to sell a stated amount of securities at a specified price during a specified limited period. Compare call58
[C12 puten to push; related to Old English potian to push, Norwegian, Icelandic pota to poke]
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v. put, put•ting,
n. v.t.
1. to move (anything) into a specific location or position; place.
2. to bring into some condition, relation, etc.: to put affairs in order.
3. to force to undergo something.
4. to set to a duty, task, action, etc.
5. to render or translate, as into another language.
6. to provide musical accompaniment for (words); set.
7. to assign or attribute: to put the blame on others.
8. to estimate (distance, time, etc.).
9. to bet or wager.
10. to express or state: To put it honestly, I don't care.
11. to apply (knowledge, skill, etc.) to a use or purpose.
12. to submit for answer, consideration, etc.
13. to impose (a tax, charge, etc.).
14. to invest (money, resources, etc.).
15. to throw or cast: to put the shot.
16. to go or proceed: to put to sea.
17. to shoot out or grow, or send forth shoots or sprouts.
18. put about,
a. Naut. to change direction, as on a course.
b. to turn in a different direction.
19. put across,
a. to cause to be understood or received favorably.
b. to do successfully; accomplish.
20. put aside or by,
a. to store up; save.
b. to put out of the way; place to one side.
21. put away,
a. to put in the designated place for storage.
b. to save, esp. for later use.
c. to discard.
d. to drink or eat.
22. put down,
a. to write down; record.
b. to enter in a list, as of contributors.
c. to suppress.
d. to attribute; ascribe.
e. to regard or categorize: He was put down as a chronic complainer.
f. to disparage, humiliate, or embarrass.
g. to pay as a deposit.
h. to land an aircraft.
23. put forth,
a. to bear or grow: trees putting forth green shoots.
b. to propose; present.
c. to exert.
d. to set out; depart.
24. put forward,
a. to propose; advance.
b. to nominate or support.
25. put in,
a. Also, put into.Naut. to enter (a port or harbor).
b. to spend (time) as indicated.
26. put in for, to apply for or request: to put in for a transfer.
27. put off,
a. to postpone; defer.
b. to get rid of by evasion or delay.
c. to disconcert or perturb: We were put off by the book's abusive tone.
28. put on,
a. to clothe oneself in.
b. to assume or pretend.
c. to produce or stage, as a show.
d. Informal. to deceive (someone) as a joke; tease: You're putting me on, aren't you?
29. put out,
a. to extinguish, as a fire.
b. to be vexed or annoyed.
c. to subject to inconvenience.
d. Baseball, Softball, Cricket. to cause to be denied an opportunity to reach base or score; retire.
e. to publish.
f. to go out to sea.
g. to manufacture; produce.
30. put over, to accomplish successfully.
31. put through,
a. to complete successfully.
b. to bring about; effect.
c. to make a telephone connection for: Put me through to Los Angeles.
d. to make (a telephone connection): to put a call through to Hong Kong.
e. to cause to suffer or endure.
32. put up,
a. to construct; erect.
b. to can (vegetables, fruits, etc.); preserve (jam, jelly, etc.).
c. to set or arrange (the hair).
d. to provide (money).
e. to lodge.
f. to propose as a candidate; nominate.
g. to offer, esp. for public sale.
h. to sheathe (one's sword).
33. put upon, to impose upon.
34. put up to, to incite.
35. put up with, to tolerate.
36. a throw or cast, esp. with a forward motion of the hand.
37. Also called put option. an option to sell stock at a specified price and by a specified date.Compare call (def. 56).
1. put one's best foot forward, to try to make as good an impression as possible.
2. put oneself out, to take pains; go to trouble or expense.
3. put on the dog or the ritz, to assume an attitude of wealth or importance; put on airs.
4. put something over on, to deceive.
[before 1000; Middle English put(t)en to push, thrust, put, Old English *putian (as v. noun putung an impelling, inciting)]
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1. 'place' and 'put'

The verbs place and put are often used with the same meaning. Place is more formal than put, and is mainly used in writing.

If you place something somewhere, you put it there. You often use place to say that someone puts something somewhere neatly or carefully.

She placed the music on the piano and sat down.
Each piece of furniture is carefully placed, as in a gallery.
2. pressure

If you place or put pressure on someone, you urge them to do something.

Renewed pressure will be placed on the Government this week.
He may have put pressure on her to agree.
3. adverts

If you place or put an advert in a newspaper, you pay for the advert to be printed in the newspaper.

We placed an advert in an evening paper.
You could put an advert in the 'Mail'.


If you put something in a particular place or position, you move it into that place or position. The past tense and past participle of put is put, not 'putted'.

She put her hand on his arm
I put her suitcase on the table.

Put has several other meanings. For some of its meanings, you can use place instead of 'put'.

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Past participle: put
Gerund: putting

I put
you put
he/she/it puts
we put
you put
they put
I put
you put
he/she/it put
we put
you put
they put
Present Continuous
I am putting
you are putting
he/she/it is putting
we are putting
you are putting
they are putting
Present Perfect
I have put
you have put
he/she/it has put
we have put
you have put
they have put
Past Continuous
I was putting
you were putting
he/she/it was putting
we were putting
you were putting
they were putting
Past Perfect
I had put
you had put
he/she/it had put
we had put
you had put
they had put
I will put
you will put
he/she/it will put
we will put
you will put
they will put
Future Perfect
I will have put
you will have put
he/she/it will have put
we will have put
you will have put
they will have put
Future Continuous
I will be putting
you will be putting
he/she/it will be putting
we will be putting
you will be putting
they will be putting
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been putting
you have been putting
he/she/it has been putting
we have been putting
you have been putting
they have been putting
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been putting
you will have been putting
he/she/it will have been putting
we will have been putting
you will have been putting
they will have been putting
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been putting
you had been putting
he/she/it had been putting
we had been putting
you had been putting
they had been putting
I would put
you would put
he/she/it would put
we would put
you would put
they would put
Past Conditional
I would have put
you would have put
he/she/it would have put
we would have put
you would have put
they would have put
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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Noun1.put - the option to sell a given stock (or stock index or commodity future) at a given price before a given date
straddle, span - the act of sitting or standing astride
option - the right to buy or sell property at an agreed price; the right is purchased and if it is not exercised by a stated date the money is forfeited
Verb1.put - put into a certain place or abstract location; "Put your things here"; "Set the tray down"; "Set the dogs on the scent of the missing children"; "Place emphasis on a certain point"
put in, stick in, inclose, insert, introduce, enclose - introduce; "Insert your ticket here"
docket - place on the docket for legal action; "Only 5 of the 120 cases docketed were tried"
postpose - place after another constituent in the sentence; "Japanese postposes the adpositions, whereas English preposes them"
prepose - place before another constituent in the sentence; "English preposes the adpositions; Japanese postposes them"
step - place (a ship's mast) in its step
put back, replace - put something back where it belongs; "replace the book on the shelf after you have finished reading it"; "please put the clean dishes back in the cabinet when you have washed them"
stratify - form, arrange, or deposit in layers; "The fish are stratified in barrels"; "The rock was stratified by the force of the water"; "A statistician stratifies the list of names according to the addresses"
plant - place something or someone in a certain position in order to secretly observe or deceive; "Plant a spy in Moscow"; "plant bugs in the dissident's apartment"
intersperse - place at intervals in or among; "intersperse exclamation marks in the text"
snuggle, nestle - position comfortably; "The baby nestled her head in her mother's elbow"
pile - place or lay as if in a pile; "The teacher piled work on the students until the parents protested"
arrange, set up - put into a proper or systematic order; "arrange the books on the shelves in chronological order"
superimpose, superpose, lay over - place on top of; "can you superimpose the two images?"
superpose - place (one geometric figure) upon another so that their perimeters coincide
park - place temporarily; "park the car in the yard"; "park the children with the in-laws"; "park your bag in this locker"
ensconce, settle - fix firmly; "He ensconced himself in the chair"
dispose - place or put in a particular order; "the dots are unevenly disposed"
emplace - put into place or position; "the box with the ancestors' ashes was emplaced on the top shelf of the house altar"
emplace - provide a new emplacement for guns
ship - place on board a ship; "ship the cargo in the hold of the vessel"
underlay - put (something) under or beneath; "They underlaid the shingles with roofing paper"
trench - set, plant, or bury in a trench; "trench the fallen soldiers"; "trench the vegetables"
pigeonhole - place into a small compartment
shelve - place on a shelf; "shelve books"
jar - place in a cylindrical vessel; "jar the jam"
repose - to put something (eg trust) in something; "The nation reposed its confidence in the King"
sign - place signs, as along a road; "sign an intersection"; "This road has been signed"
middle - put in the middle
parallelize - place parallel to one another
recess - put into a recess; "recess lights"
reposition - place into another position
throw, thrust - place or put with great energy; "She threw the blanket around the child"; "thrust the money in the hands of the beggar"
tee, tee up - place on a tee; "tee golf balls"
rack up - place in a rack; "rack pool balls"
coffin - place into a coffin; "her body was coffined"
bed - put to bed; "The children were bedded at ten o'clock"
appose - place side by side or in close proximity
place down, put down, set down - cause to sit or seat or be in a settled position or place; "set down your bags here"
sow, seed - place (seeds) in or on the ground for future growth; "She sowed sunflower seeds"
misplace - place or position wrongly; put in the wrong position; "misplaced modifiers"
juxtapose - place side by side; "The fauvists juxtaposed strong colors"
set down - put or settle into a position; "The hotel was set down at the bottom of the valley"
bottle - put into bottles; "bottle the mineral water"
bucket - put into a bucket
barrel - put in barrels
ground - place or put on the ground
pillow, rest - rest on or as if on a pillow; "pillow your head"
mislay, misplace, lose - place (something) where one cannot find it again; "I misplaced my eyeglasses"
upend - set, turn, or stand on end; "upend the box and empty the contents"
seat, sit down, sit - show to a seat; assign a seat for; "The host seated me next to Mrs. Smith"
seat - place in or on a seat; "the mother seated the toddler on the high chair"
lay, put down, repose - put in a horizontal position; "lay the books on the table"; "lay the patient carefully onto the bed"
2.put - cause to be in a certain state; cause to be in a certain relation; "That song put me in awful good humor"; "put your ideas in writing"
alter, change, modify - cause to change; make different; cause a transformation; "The advent of the automobile may have altered the growth pattern of the city"; "The discussion has changed my thinking about the issue"
put to sleep - help someone go to bed; "Mother put the baby to sleep"
anaesthetise, anaesthetize, anesthetise, anesthetize, put under, put out - administer an anesthetic drug to; "The patient must be anesthetized before the operation"; "anesthetize the gum before extracting the teeth"
can, tin, put up - preserve in a can or tin; "tinned foods are not very tasty"
follow out, follow up, put through, carry out, follow through, implement, go through - pursue to a conclusion or bring to a successful issue; "Did he go through with the treatment?"; "He implemented a new economic plan"; "She followed up his recommendations with a written proposal"
put to sleep, put away - kill gently, as with an injection; "the cat was very ill and we had to put it to sleep"
put through - connect by telephone; "the operator put a call through to Rio"
put out, smother - deprive of the oxygen necessary for combustion; "smother fires"
disconcert, flurry, confuse, put off - cause to feel embarrassment; "The constant attention of the young man confused her"
demean, disgrace, degrade, take down, put down - reduce in worth or character, usually verbally; "She tends to put down younger women colleagues"; "His critics took him down after the lecture"
dishearten, put off - take away the enthusiasm of
douse, put out - put out, as of a candle or a light; "Douse the lights"
3.put - formulate in a particular style or language; "I wouldn't put it that way"; "She cast her request in very polite language"
give voice, phrase, word, articulate, formulate - put into words or an expression; "He formulated his concerns to the board of trustees"
4.put - attribute or give; "She put too much emphasis on her the last statement"; "He put all his efforts into this job"; "The teacher put an interesting twist to the interpretation of the story"
apply, employ, use, utilise, utilize - put into service; make work or employ for a particular purpose or for its inherent or natural purpose; "use your head!"; "we only use Spanish at home"; "I can't use this tool"; "Apply a magnetic field here"; "This thinking was applied to many projects"; "How do you utilize this tool?"; "I apply this rule to get good results"; "use the plastic bags to store the food"; "He doesn't know how to use a computer"
repose - put or confide something in a person or thing; "These philosophers reposed the law in the people"
5.put - make an investment; "Put money into bonds"
fund - invest money in government securities
expend, spend, drop - pay out; "spend money"
roll over - re-invest (a previous investment) into a similar fund or security; "She rolled over her IRA"
shelter - invest (money) so that it is not taxable
tie up - invest so as to make unavailable for other purposes; "All my money is tied up in long-term investments"
job, speculate - invest at a risk; "I bought this house not because I want to live in it but to sell it later at a good price, so I am speculating"
buy into - buy stocks or shares of a company
6.put - estimate; "We put the time of arrival at 8 P.M."
estimate, gauge, approximate, guess, judge - judge tentatively or form an estimate of (quantities or time); "I estimate this chicken to weigh three pounds"
7.put - cause (someone) to undergo something; "He put her to the torture"
subject - cause to experience or suffer or make liable or vulnerable to; "He subjected me to his awful poetry"; "The sergeant subjected the new recruits to many drills"; "People in Chernobyl were subjected to radiation"
8.put - adapt; "put these words to music"
music - an artistic form of auditory communication incorporating instrumental or vocal tones in a structured and continuous manner
arrange, set - adapt for performance in a different way; "set this poem to music"
9.put - arrange thoughts, ideas, temporal events; "arrange my schedule"; "set up one's life"; "I put these memories with those of bygone times"
contemporise, contemporize, synchronise, synchronize - arrange or represent events so that they co-occur; "synchronize biblical events"
phrase - divide, combine, or mark into phrases; "phrase a musical passage"
organize, organise - cause to be structured or ordered or operating according to some principle or idea
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1. place, leave, set, position, rest, park (informal), plant, establish, lay, stick (informal), settle, fix, lean, deposit, dump (informal), prop, lay down, put down, situate, set down, stow, bung (informal), plonk (informal) She put her bag on the floor.
2. consign to, place, commit to, doom to, condemn to She was put in prison for her beliefs.
3. impose, subject, levy, inflict The government has put a big tax on beer, wine and spirits.
4. lay, place, set, pin, attach to, attribute to, ascribe to, impute to It's no good putting all the blame on me.
5. express, say, state, word, phrase, set, pose, utter, frame, convey, articulate To put it bluntly, he doesn't give a damn.
6. present, suggest, advance, propose, offer, forward, submit, tender, bring forward, proffer, posit, set before, lay before He sat there listening as we put our suggestions to him.
7. estimate, value, judge, measure, establish, set, fix, guess, reckon, assess, calculate, evaluate, compute, gauge, guesstimate (informal) Early estimates put the cost of the damage at millions of pounds.
8. assign to, place in, allocate to, consign to, bracket with, classify with, categorize with It's impossible to put this band into any category or style of music.
put in for something apply for, try for, seek, request, ask for, put in an application for I decided to put in for a job as deputy secretary.
put one over on someone outwit, trick, fool, take in, mislead, deceive, dupe, delude, bamboozle (informal), hoodwink, steal a march on, lead astray, pull a fast one on (informal), throw someone off the scent It was a chance to put one over on their rivals.
put someone away (Informal) commit, confine, cage (informal), imprison, certify, institutionalize, incarcerate, put in prison, put behind bars, lock up or away He's insane! He should be put away for life.
put someone down (Slang) humiliate, shame, crush, show up, reject, dismiss, condemn, slight, flame (informal), criticize, snub, have a go at (informal), deflate, denigrate, belittle, disparage, deprecate, mortify, diss (slang, chiefly U.S.) She's always putting her husband down in public.
put someone down as something or someone regard as, see, rate, consider, judge, deem, view as, value as, esteem as, look upon as I would put him down as the most valuable asset this company has.
put someone off
1. discourage, intimidate, deter, daunt, dissuade, demoralize, scare off, dishearten We tried to visit the abbey but were put off by the queues.
2. disconcert, confuse, unsettle, throw (informal), distress, rattle (informal), dismay, perturb, faze, discomfit, take the wind out of someone's sails, nonplus, abash All this noise is putting me off.
put someone out
1. inconvenience, trouble, upset, bother, disturb, impose upon, discomfit, discommode, incommode Thanks for the offer, but I couldn't put you out like that.
put someone up
1. accommodate, house, board, lodge, quarter, entertain, take someone in, billet, give someone lodging She asked if I could put her up for a few days.
2. nominate, put forward, offer, present, propose, recommend, float, submit The new party is putting up 15 candidates for 22 seats.
put someone up to something encourage, urge, persuade, prompt, incite, egg on, goad, put the idea into someone's head How do you know he asked me out? Did you put him up to it?
put something about spread, circulate, broadcast, pass on, make public, publicize, disseminate, make known, bandy about They've been putting rumours about for months.
put something across or over communicate, explain, clarify, express, get through, convey, make clear, spell out, get across, make yourself understood The opposition parties were hampered from putting across their message.
put something aside or by
1. save, store, stockpile, deposit, hoard, cache, lay by, stow away, salt away, keep in reserve, squirrel away Encourage children to put some money aside each week.
2. disregard, forget, ignore, bury, discount, set aside, pay no heed to We should put aside our differences and discuss this sensibly.
put something away
1. store away, replace, put back, tidy up, clear away, tidy away, return to its place She began putting away the dishes.
2. save, set aside, put aside, keep, deposit, put by, stash away, store away He had been able to put away money, to insure against old age.
3. (Informal) consume, devour, eat up, demolish (informal), hoover (informal), gobble, guzzle, polish off (informal), gulp down, wolf down, pig out on (informal) The food was superb, and we put away a fair amount of it.
put something back
1. postpone, delay, put off, defer, adjourn, hold over, reschedule The elections have been put back to October.
2. replace, restore, put away, tidy away, return to its place He took his wallet out of his pocket and then put it back.
put something down
1. record, write down, list, enter, log, take down, inscribe, set down, transcribe, put in black and white Never put anything down on paper which might be used in evidence.
2. repress, crush, suppress, check, silence, overthrow, squash, subdue, quash, quell, stamp out Soldiers went in to put down a rebellion.
3. put to sleep, kill, destroy, do away with, put away, put out of its misery Magistrates ordered that the dog should be put down at once.
put something down to something attribute to, blame on, ascribe to, set down to, impute to, chalk up to You may be a sceptic and put it down to coincidence.
put something forward recommend, present, suggest, introduce, advance, propose, press, submit, tender, nominate, prescribe, move for, proffer He has put forward new peace proposals.
put something in submit, present, enter, file, make, lodge Players are not allowed to leave unless they put in a transfer request.
put something off postpone, delay, defer, adjourn, put back, hold over, reschedule, put on ice, put on the back burner (informal), take a rain check on (U.S. & Canad. informal) The Association has put the event off until December.
put something on
1. don, dress in, slip into, pull on, climb into, change into, throw on, get dressed in, fling on, pour yourself into, doll yourself up in She put on her coat and went out.
2. present, stage, perform, do, show, produce, mount The band are putting on a UK show before the end of the year.
3. provide, supply, lay on, run, furnish, make available They are putting on an extra flight to London tomorrow.
4. add, gain, increase by I've put on a stone since I stopped training.
5. switch on, turn on, activate, flick on I put on the light beside the bed.
6. bet, back, place, chance, risk, lay, stake, hazard, wager They put £20 on Matthew scoring the first goal.
7. fake, affect, assume, simulate, feign, make believe, play-act Anything becomes funny if you put on an American accent.
put something out
1. issue, release, publish, broadcast, bring out, circulate, make public, make known The French news agency put out a statement from the Trade Minister.
2. extinguish, smother, blow out, stamp out, douse, snuff out, quench Firemen tried to free the injured and put out the blaze.
put something up
1. build, raise, set up, construct, erect, fabricate He was putting up a new fence round the garden.
2. pin up, post, display, hang up, stick up, nail up They put up posters about the meeting in the village.
3. offer, present, mount, put forward In the end they surrendered without putting up any resistance.
4. provide, advance, invest, contribute, give, pay up, supply, come up with, pledge, donate, furnish, fork out (informal), cough up (informal), shell out (informal) The state agreed to put up the money to start his company.
5. increase, raise, bump up (informal), jack up (informal), hike up (informal) They're putting up their prices.
put up with something or someone (Informal) stand, suffer, bear, take, wear (Brit. informal), stomach, endure, swallow, brook, stand for, lump (informal), tolerate, hack (slang), abide, countenance I won't put up with this kind of behaviour from you.
put upon someone take advantage of, trouble, abuse, harry, exploit, saddle, take for granted, put someone out, inconvenience, beset, overwork, impose upon, take for a fool Don't allow people to put upon you or take you for granted.
Collins Thesaurus of the English Language – Complete and Unabridged 2nd Edition. 2002 © HarperCollins Publishers 1995, 2002


1. To deposit in a specified place:
2. To calculate approximately:
3. To establish and apply as compulsory:
4. To put up as a stake in a game or speculation:
Informal: go.
5. To seek an answer to (a question):
6. To utter publicly:
7. To express in another language, while systematically retaining the original sense:
8. To convey in language or words of a particular form:
phrasal verb
put away
1. Informal. To eat completely or entirely:
Informal: polish off.
2. Informal. To take the life of (a person or persons) unlawfully:
phrasal verb
put by
To reserve for the future:
phrasal verb
put down
To bring to an end forcibly as if by imposing a heavy weight:
phrasal verb
put forth
To put forward (a topic) for discussion:
phrasal verb
put forward
To state, as an idea, for consideration:
phrasal verb
put in
1. To ask for employment, acceptance, or admission:
2. To spend or complete (time), as a prison term:
Informal: do.
3. To use time in a particular way:
4. Nautical. To come or go into (a place):
Idioms: gain entrance, set foot in.
phrasal verb
put off
To offer or put into circulation (an inferior or spurious item):
phrasal verb
put on
1. To put (an article of clothing) on one's person:
2. To behave affectedly or insincerely or take on a false or misleading appearance of:
3. To take on or give a false appearance of:
Idiom: make believe.
4. To produce on the stage:
phrasal verb
put out
1. To cause to stop burning or giving light:
2. To bring to bear steadily or forcefully:
3. To present for circulation, exhibit, or sale:
4. To cause inconvenience for:
5. To trouble the nerves or peace of mind of, especially by repeated vexations:
Idioms: get in one's hair, get on one's nerves, get under one's skin.
phrasal verb
put through
To bring about and carry to a successful conclusion:
Informal: swing.
phrasal verb
put together
To create by forming, combining, or altering materials:
phrasal verb
put up
1. To raise upright:
2. To make or form (a structure):
3. To prepare (food) for storage and future use:
4. To provide with often temporary lodging:
The American Heritage® Roget's Thesaurus. Copyright © 2013, 2014 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. All rights reserved.
يَضَعيُعَبِّر عن رأيِهيُقَدِّم، يَطْرَح، يُوَجِّهيَكْتُبتُبْحِر السَّفينَه
halda til hafnar/á haf útleggja fram, bera upporîasetja, láta; senda; òÿîaskrifa
apnakvintiatidėtiatsakytiįplauktiištiesti kojas


[pʊt] (put (pt, pp))
For set combinations consisting of put + noun, eg put a price on, put a strain on, put an end to, put at risk, put out of business, put in touch with look up the noun. For put + adverb/preposition combinations, see also phrasal verbs.
1. (= place, thrust)
1.1. (physically) → poner; (with precision) → colocar; (= insert) → meter, introducir (more frm); (= leave) → dejar
I put a serviette by each platepuse or coloqué una servilleta junto a cada plato
put it in the drawerponlo en el cajón
she put the chairs in a circlepuso or colocó las sillas en círculo
shall I put milk in your coffee?¿te pongo leche en el café?
you haven't put any salt in itno le has puesto nada de sal
to put an advertisement in the paperponer un anuncio en el periódico
he put a coin in the slotpuso or metió or (more frm) introdujo una moneda en la ranura
he put the letter in his pocketse metió la carta en el bolsillo
he put the ball in the netmetió el balón en la red
to put sb in a homeingresar a algn en una residencia
you should put your money in a bankdeberías poner or (more frm) depositar el dinero en un banco
I put a sheet of paper into the typewriterpuse or coloqué una hoja de papel en la máquina de escribir
I put my hand into the sackmetí la mano en el saco
he put his keys on the tablepuso or dejó las llaves en la mesa
I put some more coal on the firepuse or eché más carbón en el fuego
she put her head on my shoulderapoyó or recostó la cabeza en mi hombro
my brother put me on the trainmi hermano me dejó en el tren
to put a button on a shirtcoser un botón en una camisa
she put her head out of the windowasomó la cabeza por la ventana
he put his hand over his mouthse tapó la boca con la mano, se puso la mano en la boca
he put his head round the doorasomó la cabeza por la puerta
put it there! (handshake) → ¡chócala!
I put my fist through the windowrompí la ventana con el puño
she put a bullet through his headle metió una bala por la cabeza
he put the shell to his earse puso or se acercó la concha al oído
put yourself in my placeponte en mi lugar
I didn't know where to put myselfcreí que me moría de vergüenza, no sabía dónde meterme
see also bed A1
see also flight 2
see also stay A1.1
1.2. (with abstract nouns)
Some put + noun combinations require a more specific Spanish verb. For very set combinations look up the noun.

the syllabus puts a lot of emphasis on languagesel programa (de estudios) hace or pone mucho énfasis en los idiomas
I wouldn't put any faith in what he saysyo no creería lo que dice, yo no tendría ninguna confianza en lo que dice
you can put that idea out of your headya te puedes quitar esa idea de la cabeza
this puts the responsibility on drivers to be aware of the lawesto responsabiliza a los conductores de estar enterados de la ley
see also blame A
see also figure A6
see also trust A1
see also tax A1
2. (= cause to be) → poner
to put sb in a good/bad moodponer a algn de buen/mal humor
this puts me in a very awkward positionesto me pone or deja en una situación muy difícil
his win today puts him in second place overallla victoria de hoy le pone or coloca en segunda posición en la clasificación general
to put sb in charge of sthponer a algn a cargo de algo
to put sb on a dietponer a algn a dieta or a régimen
the doctor has put me on antibioticsel doctor me ha recetado antibióticos
3. (= cause to undertake)
to put sb to sth: it put us to a lot of extra expensenos supuso muchos gastos adicionales
I don't want to put you to any troubleno quiero causarte ninguna molestia
she put him to work immediatelylo puso a trabajar en seguida
4. (= express) → decir
I don't quite know how to put thisla verdad, no sé cómo decir esto
you can put all that in two wordstodo eso se puede decir en dos palabras
as Shakespeare puts itcomo dice Shakespeare
to put it bluntlypara decirlo claramente, hablando en plata
I find it hard to put into wordsme resulta difícil expresarlo con palabras
to put sth into Frenchtraducir algo al francés
how shall I put it?¿cómo lo diría?
let me put it this waydigámoslo de esta manera ..., por decirlo de alguna manera ...
to put it another way, it'll save you three hourspor decirlo de otra manera, te ahorrará tres horas
try putting it another waytrata de decirlo de otra manera
to put it simplypara decirlo sencillamente
5. (= write) → poner, escribir
what do you want me to put?¿qué quieres que ponga or escriba?
put your name at the top of the paperponga or escriba su nombre en la parte superior del papel
put the title in capital letterspon or escribe el título en letras mayúsculas
to put sth in writingponer algo por escrito
I've put you on the waiting listle he puesto en la lista de espera
put it on my account (Comm) → cárguelo a mi cuenta
he put a line through the offending paragraphtachó el párrafo controvertido
to put one's signature to sthfirmar algo
6. (= invest) → invertir
to put money into a companyinvertir dinero en una compañía
he put all his savings into the projectinvirtió todos sus ahorros en el proyecto
I put most of the money into sharesinvertí la mayor parte del dinero en acciones
I've put a lot of time and effort into thishe invertido un montón de tiempo y esfuerzo en esto, le he dedicado a esto mucho tiempo y esfuerzo
she has put a lot into the relationshipse ha esforzado mucho en su relación
"I'm not getting much out of this course" - "well, you're not putting much into it, are you?"-no estoy sacando mucho de este curso -tampoco es que te estés esforzando mucho, ¿no?
7. (= contribute)
to put sth towards sthcontribuir (con) algo hacia algo
I'll pay for the bike but you'll have to put something towards ityo pagaré la bici pero tú tienes que contribuir con algo
I'm going to put the money towards a holidayvoy a poner or guardar el dinero para unas vacaciones
8. (= expound, submit) [+ views] → expresar, exponer
this will give people an opportunity to put their viewsesto dará a la gente la oportunidad de expresar or exponer sus puntos de vista
he puts the case for a change in the lawplantea or expone argumentos a favor de un cambio en la ley
she puts a convincing casepresenta or da argumentos convincentes
the proposal was put before Parliamentla propuesta se presentó ante el parlamento
to put sth to sb how will you put it to him?¿cómo se lo vas a decir or comunicar?
put it to him gentlydíselo suavemente
I put it to you thatles sugiero que ...
to put a question to sbhacer una pregunta a algn
the chairman put the proposal to the committeeel presidente sometió la propuesta a votación en el comité
we shall have to put it to our memberstendremos que someterlo a la votación de nuestros miembros
9. (= estimate)
they put the loss at around £50,000calcularon or valoraron las pérdidas en unas 50.000 libras
his fortune is put at 3 billionse calcula or valora su fortuna en 3 billones
the number of dead was put at 6,000se calculó or estimó el número de muertos en 6.000
I would put him at 40diría que tiene unos 40 años
some put the figure as high as 20,000algunos estiman que la cifra llega hasta 20.000
10. (= rank)
he put himself above the lawcreía estar por encima de la ley
I wouldn't put him among the greatest poetsyo no le pondría entre los más grandes poetas
we should never put money before happinessno deberíamos nunca anteponer el dinero a la felicidad
I put the needs of my children before anything elsepara mí las necesidades de mis hijos van por delante de todo lo demás or son más importantes que todo lo demás
she has always put her career firstpara ella su carrera siempre ha sido lo primero
11. (= set)
she put my brother against mepuso a mi hermano en contra mía
to put a watch to the right timeponer un reloj en hora
to put the words to musicponer música a la letra
12. (= throw)
to put the shot (Sport) → lanzar el peso
13. (St Ex) (= offer to sell) [+ stock, security] → declararse vendedor de
14. (= bet)
see put on
to put into portentrar a puerto
the ship put into Southamptonel barco entró a or en Southampton
to put to seahacerse a la mar
C. COMPOUND put option N (St Ex) → opción f de venta a precio fijado
put about
1. (esp Brit) [+ rumour] → hacer correr
to put it about thathacer correr el rumor de que ...
2. (Naut) [+ ship] → hacer virar
3. he's putting it about a bit (sexually) → se está ofreciendo a todo quisque
to put o.s. about (= make o.s. noticed) → hacerse notar
B. VI + ADV (Naut) → cambiar de rumbo, virar
put across VT + ADV
1. (= communicate) [+ idea] → comunicar; [+ meaning] → hacer entender
he finds it hard to put his ideas acrossle cuesta comunicar sus ideas
the play puts the message across very wellla obra transmite el mensaje muy bien
to put o.s. across (= present o.s.) → presentarse
it all depends on how you put yourself acrosstodo depende de cómo te presentes a ti mismo
to put o.s. across wellsaber presentarse bien
he puts himself across as a sympathetic, caring personda la impresión de ser una persona comprensiva, compasiva
to put sth across to sb (= explain) → explicar algo a algn; (= convey) → hacer entender algo a algn
to put one across on sbengañar a algn
put aside VT + ADV
1. (= lay down) → dejar a un lado, poner a un lado
he put the letter aside to read laterdejó or puso a un lado la carta para leerla más tarde
2. (= save) [+ money] → ahorrar, guardar; [+ time] → reservar; [+ food] → apartar
to have money put asidetener ahorros
3. (in shop) [+ goods] → guardar, reservar, apartar
could you put one aside for me?¿me podría guardar or reservar or apartar uno?
4. (= ignore) [+ differences, feelings] → dejar de lado; [+ fears] → apartar, desechar
5. (= sacrifice) [+ career, personal interest] → sacrificar
put away VT + ADV
1. (in proper place) [+ clothes, toys, books] → guardar, poner en su sitio; [+ shopping] → guardar, colocar; [+ car] → poner en el garaje
put that knife away!¡pon ese cuchillo en su sitio!
2. (= confine) (in prison) → meter en la cárcel, encerrar; (in asylum) → encerrar en un manicomio
3. (= save) [+ money] → ahorrar, guardar
4. (= consume) [+ food, drink] → tragarse, zamparse
he can certainly put it awayése sí sabe comer
5. (= reject) [+ thought] → desechar, descartar; [+ wife] → repudiar
6. (Sport) (= score with) [+ ball] → meter, marcar (US) (= beat) → ganar a
7. = put down A10
put back
1. (= replace) → poner otra vez en su sitio; (in pocket, drawer etc) → volver a guardar
put it back when you've finishedponlo otra vez en su sitio cuando hayas terminado
put that back!¡deja eso en su sitio or donde estaba!
the fresh air will put the colour back in your cheeksel aire fresco te devolverá el color a las mejillas
2. (= postpone) → aplazar, posponer
the meeting has been put back till 2 o'clockla reunión ha sido aplazada hasta las 2
3. (= delay) [+ development, progress] → retrasar, atrasar
this will put us back 10 yearsesto nos retrasará 10 años
he has been put back a class or year (Scol) → tiene que repetir el curso
4. (= change) [+ clock]
to put a clock back one houratrasar or retrasar un reloj una hora
don't forget to put your clocks back on Saturdayel sábado no olviden atrasar or retrasar los relojes
you can't put the clock backno se puede volver al pasado
5. (= move back)
he put his head back and roared with laughterechó hacia atrás la cabeza y se puso a reír a carcajadas
6. (= reinvest) [+ money, profits] → reinvertir (into en) the government didn't put enough money back into the economyel gobierno no reinvirtió suficiente dinero en la economía
7. (= drink) → beber, beberse
he's already put back seven ginsse ha bebido ya siete copitas de ginebra
B. VI + ADV (Naut) → volver, regresar
to put back to portvolver or regresar a puerto
put back on VT + ADV [+ clothes, glasses] → volver a ponerse
he put his trousers back onvolvió a ponerse los pantalones
put behind VT + PREP
1. (and forget) you must put all that behind you nowahora debes olvidar todo eso
2. (providing support) they're putting their money and expertise behind the schemeestán apoyando el plan con dinero y experiencia
put by VT + ADV
1. (= save) → ahorrar
to have money put bytener ahorros
2. (in shop) → guardar, reservar, apartar
I had it put by for youse lo tenía guardado or reservado or apartado
put down
1. [+ object] (= leave) → dejar; (= let go of) → soltar; [+ telephone] → colgar; [+ passenger] → dejar (bajar), dejar (apearse)
she put her glass down and stood updejó el vaso y se levantó
I'll put these bags down for a minutevoy a dejar estas bolsas en el suelo un momento
put it down!¡déjalo!, ¡suéltalo!
once I started the book I couldn't put it downuna vez que empecé el libro no podía dejarlo or dejar de leerlo
put me down!¡bájame!
the pilot wanted to put the plane down in Bostonel piloto quería aterrizar en Boston
see also foot A1
see also root A3
2. (= lay) [+ carpets, poison, trap] → poner, colocar
3. (= lower) [+ blinds, hand] → bajar
4. (= close) [+ umbrella, parasol] → cerrar
5. (= write down) [+ ideas] → anotar, apuntar; [+ name on list] → poner, inscribir
I've put down a few ideashe anotado or apuntado algunas ideas
I've put you down as unemployedlo he inscrito or apuntado como desempleado
put me down for £15apúntame 15 libras
put me down for two, pleasepor favor, apúntame dos
he's put his son down for Etonha inscrito a su hijo en Eton (internado privado)
I'll put you down for the interview on Radio 4, ok?te apunto para la entrevista en Radio 4, ¿vale?
I've put myself down for the computer courseme he inscrito para el curso de informática
to put sth down in writing or on paperponer algo por escrito
put it down on my account (Comm) → cárguelo a mi cuenta
6. (= suppress) [+ revolt] → reprimir, sofocar
7. (= reduce in rank) → degradar (Sport etc) → pasar a una división inferior
8. (= criticize, snub) → hacer de menos, rebajar
he's always putting me down in front of my friendssiempre me está haciendo de menos or rebajando delante de mis amigos
to put o.s. downhacerse de menos, rebajarse
you must stop putting yourself downdebes dejar de hacerte de menos or rebajarte
9. (= pay)
to put down a depositdejar un depósito
she put down £500 on the cardejó una señal or un anticipo de 500 libras para el coche
10. (Brit) (euph)
to have an animal put downsacrificar a un animal
11. (= put to bed) [+ baby] → acostar, poner a dormir
12. (= table) [+ motion, amendment] → presentar
13. (= store in cellar) [+ wine] → poner en cava
B. VI + ADV (Aer) → aterrizar
put down as VT + PREP
to put sb down as sthcatalogar a algn como algo
I had put him down as a complete foollo tenía catalogado como un tonto perdido
I would put her down as about 30le daría unos 30 años, debe tener unos 30 años
put down to VT + PREP to put sth down to sthatribuir algo a algo
I put it down to his inexperiencelo atribuí a su inexperiencia
put forth VT + ADV
1. (liter) [+ leaves, roots, buds] → echar; [+ hand] → tender, extender
2. (frm) = put forward 1
put forward VT + ADV
1. (= propose) [+ theory, idea] → presentar; [+ plan, proposal] → presentar, proponer; [+ suggestion] → hacer; [+ argument] → presentar; [+ opinion] → dar; [+ name, candidate] → proponer
to put o.s. forward for a jobpresentarse como candidato para un puesto
2. (= make earlier) [+ clock, meeting, starting time] → adelantar
to put a clock forward one houradelantar un reloj una hora
don't forget to put your clocks forward tonightesta noche no olviden adelantar sus relojes
the meeting was put forward (by half an hour) to 2 pmla reunión se adelantó (media hora) a las 2 de la tarde
put in
1. (inside box, drawer, room) → meter
she packed the camera but forgot to put the film incogió la cámera pero se le olvidó (meter) la película
he put his head in at the windowmetió la cabeza por la ventana
I'll put some more sugar invoy a poner más azúcar
2. (= plant) [+ plants] → plantar; [+ seeds] → sembrar
3. (to garage, repair shop) [+ car] I've put the car in for repairshe llevado el coche a que lo reparen
4. (= install) [+ central heating, double glazing] → instalar, poner
5. (= include) (in book, speech) → incluir; (= add) → agregar
why don't you put a few jokes in?¿por qué no incluyes algunos chistes?
did you put in your reasons for wanting to go?¿pusiste or incluiste las razones por las que quieres irte?
6. (= interject) → interponer
"I can't go either," put in James-yo tampoco puedo ir -interpuso James
7. (= submit) [+ request] → presentar
to put in a claim for damages/expensespresentar una demanda por daños/gastos
to put sb in for an awardproponer a algn para un premio
to put one's name in for sthinscribirse para algo
to put in a plea of not guiltydeclararse inocente
see also appearance A1
8. (Pol) [+ party, government, candidate] → elegir, votar a
9. (= devote, expend) [+ time] → dedicar
she puts in an hour a day at the pianole dedica al piano una hora al día
I've put in a lot of time on itle he dedicado mucho tiempo a esto, he empleado mucho tiempo en esto
I put in a couple of hours gardeningdediqué un par de horas a trabajar en el jardín, me pasé un par de horas trabajando en el jardín
10. (= work) → trabajar
can you put in a few hours at the weekend?¿puede trabajar unas horas el fin de semana?
he puts in at least 40 hours a weektrabaja por lo menos 40 horas a la semana
you've put in a good day's workhas trabajado bien hoy
B. VI + ADV (Naut) → hacer escala (at en)
see put A
put in for VI + PREP [+ promotion, transfer, pay rise, divorce] → solicitar
I've put in for a new jobhe solicitado otro empleo
put off
1. (= postpone, delay) [+ departure, appointment, meeting, decision] → aplazar, posponer
he put off writing the letterpospuso or aplazó el escribir la carta
I keep putting it offno hago más que aplazarlo
we shall have to put the guests offtendremos que decir a los invitados que no vengan
it's no good putting it off (sth unwelcome) → no tiene sentido eludirlo más
don't put off until tomorrow what you can do todayno dejes para mañana lo que puedes hacer hoy
2. (= discourage) her brusque manner puts some people offdesanima a la gente con sus maneras tan bruscas
he's not easily put offno es fácil apartarlo de su propósito, no es de los que se desaniman fácilmente
3. (= distract) → distraer
stop putting me off!¡deja ya de distraerme!
4. (= dissuade) → disuadir
5. (= fob off) → dar largas a
to put sb off with an excusedar largas a algn con excusas
she put him off with vague promisesle dio largas con vagas promesas
6. (= switch off) → apagar
7. (= set down) [+ passenger] → dejar; (forcibly) → hacer bajar
8. (esp liter) (= cast off) once you put off that uniform you'll need a joben cuanto dejes ese uniforme necesitarás un trabajo
1. (= cause not to like, want) it almost put me off opera for goodcasi mató mi gusto por la ópera para siempre
you quite put me off my mealme has quitado el apetito
it put me off going to Greeceme quitó las ganas de ir a Grecia
2. (= dissuade from) we tried to put him off the ideaintentamos quitarle la idea de la cabeza, intentamos disuadirlo
I tried to put her off going by herselfintenté convencerla de que no fuera sola
3. (Brit) (= distract from)
see stroke A5
see scent A3
C. VI + ADV (Naut) → hacerse a la mar, salir (from de)
put on
1. [+ one's coat, socks, hat] → ponerse; [+ ointment, cream] → ponerse, aplicarse (more frm)
to put on one's make-upponerse maquillaje, maquillarse
2. (= add, increase) he's put on 3 kilosha engordado 3 kilos
to put on speedacelerar, cobrar velocidad
to put on weightengordar
he has put on a lot of weightha engordado mucho
3. (= organize) [+ concert] → presentar; [+ exhibition] → montar; [+ play] → representar, poner en escena; [+ extra bus, train] → poner
we're putting on "Bugsy Malone"vamos a representar "Bugsy Malone"
4. (= assume) [+ expression, air] → adoptar
to put on a French accentfingir (tener) un acento francés
there's no need to put on an act, just be yourselfno tienes por qué fingir, sé tú mismo
to put on an innocent expressionponer cara de inocente
she's not ill, she's just putting it onno está enferma, es puro teatro or está fingiendo
she put on a show of enthusiasmfingió entusiasmo
the party put on a show of unityel partido presentó una fachada de unidad
see also air A3
5. (Telec) "is John there, please?" - "I'll put him on"-¿por favor, está John? -le pongo
can you put me on to Mr Smith pleasepóngame con or (esp LAm) me comunica con el Sr. Smith, por favor
6. (= switch on, start) [+ light, radio] → encender, prender (LAm); [+ CD, tape, music] → poner; [+ vegetables] (= begin to cook) → poner (a cocer); (= begin to heat) → poner (a calentar)
shall I put the heating on?¿enciendo la calefacción?
to put the brakes onfrenar
to put the kettle onponer agua a hervir
7. [+ clock] → adelantar
to put a clock on one houradelantar un reloj una hora
don't forget to put the clocks on tonightesta noche no olviden adelantar los relojes
8. (esp US) (= deceive) → engañar
you're putting me on, aren't you?me estás tomando el pelo, ¿verdad?
1. (= add to) the proposal would put 5p on (to) a litre of petrolla propuesta aumentaría en 5 peniques el litro de gasolina
they put £2 on (to) the priceañadieron 2 libras al precio
2. (= bet on)
to put money on a horseapostar dinero a un caballo, jugarse dinero en un caballo
he put £20 on Black Beauty to winapostó or se jugó 20 libras a que Black Beauty ganaba
I wouldn't put money on it!yo no apostaría dinero
he'll be back, I'd put money on itvolverá, me apuesto lo que quieras
put onto put on to VT + PREP to put sb onto sth/sb
1. (= inform about) who put the police onto him?¿quién lo denunció a la policía?
somebody put the Inland Revenue onto his tax evasionalguien informó a Hacienda de su evasión de impuestos
2. (= put in touch with) can you put me onto a good dentist?¿me puede recomendar un buen dentista?
Sue put us onto youSue nos dio su nombre
a fellow journalist put me onto the storyun compañero periodista me informó or me dio la pista de la historia
see also put on A5
put out
1. (= place outside) [+ rubbish] → sacar; [+ cat] → sacar fuera, dejar afuera
he put the cat out for the nightsacó al gato a que pasara la noche fuera, dejó al gato fuera para que pasara la noche
to put the clothes out to drysacar la ropa a secar
see also pasture A
2. (= eject) [+ squatter, tenant, troublemaker] → echar, expulsar
3. (= stretch out, push out) [+ hand] → alargar, tender; [+ arm] → alargar, extender; [+ tongue, claws, horns] → sacar; [+ leaves, shoots] → echar
he put out his arm to protect himselfse protegió con el brazo, puso el brazo para protegerse
to put one's head out of a windowasomar la cabeza por una ventana
see also feeler
4. (= lay out in order) [+ cards, chessmen, chairs] → disponer, colocar; [+ clothes, best china] → sacar, poner
5. (= publish) [+ book] → publicar, sacar; [+ record] → sacar; [+ appeal, statement, propaganda] → hacer; [+ warning] → dar; (= broadcast) [+ programme] → transmitir; (= circulate) [+ rumour] → hacer circular, hacer correr
they have put out a press release denying the allegationshan desmentido las alegaciones en un comunicado de prensa, han emitido un comunicado de prensa negando las alegaciones
6. (= extinguish) [+ light, cigarette, fire] → apagar
it took them five hours to put out the firetardaron cinco horas en apagar el incendio
7. (= annoy, upset) → enfadar, enojar (LAm)
he was very put out at finding her therese enfadó mucho al encontrarla allí
she looked very put outparecía muy enfadada
he's a bit put out that nobody camele sentó mal que no viniera nadie
8. (= disconcert) → desconcertar
he didn't seem at all put out by the newsno parecía estar en absoluto desconcertado por las noticias
9. (= inconvenience) → molestar
to put o.s. out she really put herself out for usse tomó muchas molestias por nosotros
don't put yourself out, will you! (iro) → ¡tú, sobre todo, no hagas nada!
I don't want to put you outno quiero molestarle
you mustn't put yourself outno debes molestarte
are you sure I'm not putting you out?¿está seguro de que no le causo ningún inconveniente?
10. (= render incorrect) [+ calculations] → desbaratar, echar por tierra
11. (Sport) (= eliminate) [+ team, contestant] → eliminar (of de) a knee injury put him out of the first two gamesuna lesión de rodilla lo eliminó de los primeros dos partidos
12. (= dislocate) [+ shoulder, knee] → dislocar
I put my back out lifting that boxme he hecho polvo la espalda levantando esa caja
13. (= give anaesthetic to) → anestesiar, dormir
14. (= lend) [+ money] → prestar
to put money out at interestprestar dinero con intereses
15. (= subcontract)
to put sth out to tendersacar algo a concurso or a licitación
to put work out to contractsacar una obra a contrata
16. (Naut) [+ boat] → echar al mar
1. (Naut) → salir, zarpar (from de) to put out to seahacerse a la mar
2. (US) (= agree to sex) → acceder, consentir
put over VT + ADV
1. = put across 1
2. to put one over on sb (= deceive) → engañar a algn, dar a algn gato por liebre
put through
1. (= make, complete) [+ plan, reform, change] → llevar a cabo; [+ deal] → cerrar; [+ proposal] → hacer aceptar
we put through 2,000 orders a weekdespachamos 2.000 pedidos a la semana
2. (Telec) (= connect) [+ call, caller] → pasar
don't put any calls through for the next hourno pases ninguna llamada en la próxima hora
I'm putting you through nowahora le paso or pongo
who? Martha? all right, put her through¿quién? ¿Marta? bueno, ponme con ella
can you put me through to Miss Blair, pleasepor favor, póngame or (esp LAm) me comunica con la Srta. Blair
1. (by providing finance) she put two sons through universitymandó a dos hijos a la universidad
2. (= make suffer) she didn't want to put him through another ordeal like thatno quiso hacerle pasar por otra prueba tan dura como esa
they really put him through it at the interviewse las hicieron pasar mal en la entrevista, se las hicieron pasar canutas en la entrevista
to put sb through hellhacérselas pasar canutas a algn
see also pace A1
put together VT + ADV
1. (= place together) → poner juntos, juntar
put your feet togetherpon los pies juntos, junta los pies
don't put those two together, they fightno pongas a esos dos juntos que se pelean
if all the cigars in the world were put together end to endsi se unieran uno tras otro todos los puros del mundo
put your hands together now fordémosle una calurosa bienvenida a ...
she's worth more than all the others put togethervale más que todos los demás juntos
see also head A2
see also two B
2. (= assemble) [+ model kit, piece of furniture] → armar, montar; [+ meal] → preparar; [+ collection] → juntar, reunir; [+ team] → reunir, formar
he took it apart piece by piece and put it back together againlo desmontó pieza a pieza y lo volvió a montar otra vez
the furniture had been put together out of old crateshabían hecho los muebles con viejos cajones de embalaje
3. (= formulate) [+ plan, scheme] → formular, preparar; [+ publication] → preparar
she put together a convincing defence of her clientpreparó una defensa de su cliente muy convincente
he can't even put two sentences togetherno sabe ni siquiera enhilar dos frases seguidas
I need a few minutes to put my thoughts togethernecesito unos minutos para pensarme las cosas un poco
put up
1. (= raise, lift up) [+ window, blinds] → subir; [+ hand] → levantar; [+ flag, sail] → izar; [+ collar] → subirse
if you have any questions, put your hand upquien tenga alguna pregunta que levante la mano
put 'em up! [+ hands] (in surrender) → ¡manos arriba!; [+ fists] → ¡pelea!
see also back A1.2
see also foot 1
2. (= hang up) [+ picture, decorations] → colgar; [+ notice, sign] → poner
3. (= erect) [+ building, wall] → construir, levantar; [+ statue, monument] → erigir, levantar; [+ fence, barrier] → poner; [+ tent] → montar; [+ umbrella] → abrir; [+ ladder] → montar, poner
to put one's hair uprecogerse el pelo; (stylishly) → hacerse un peinado alto
4. (= send up) [+ satellite] → lanzar, mandar
5. (= increase) [+ price, tax, sb's temperature, blood pressure] → aumentar, subir
that puts the total up to over 1,000con eso el total asciende a más de 1.000
6. (= offer) [+ reward, prize, prayer] → ofrecer; [+ resistance] → oponer
the horse put up an excellent performance in today's raceel caballo hizo un papel excelente en la carrera de hoy
he didn't put up much of a fight or struggleno se resistió mucho, no opuso mucha resistencia
to put sth up for sale/auctionponer algo a la venta/a subasta, vender/subastar algo
to put a child up for adoptionofrecer un niño en adopción
7. (= provide) [+ money] → poner, dar
to put up the money for sthponer or dar el dinero para algo
8. (= give accommodation to) → alojar, hospedar
we need volunteers to put up the visitorsse necesitan voluntarios para alojar or hospedar a los visitantes
can you put me up for the night?¿me puedo quedar (en tu casa) esta noche?
9. (= present, put forward) [+ plan, petition] → presentar; [+ proposal, suggestion] → hacer; [+ argument, case, defence] → presentar; [+ candidate] → proponer (for para) he put up a spirited defence of the bill in Parliamenthizo una vehemente defensa del proyecto de ley en el parlamento
we put him up for chairmanlo propusimos para presidente
10. (= preserve) [+ fruit] → conservar
1. (= stay) → hospedarse, alojarse
we put up for the night at a hotelesa noche nos alojamos or hospedamos en un hotel
2. (Pol) (= offer o.s.) to put up for presidentpresentarse a presidente
to put up for the Greenspresentarse como candidato de los Verdes
put upon VI + PREP to put upon sb (= inconvenience) → molestar a algn, incomodar a algn; (= impose on) → abusar de la amabilidad de algn
put up to VT + PREP (= incite) to put sb up to sth: they said that she had put him up to the murderdijeron que ella le había incitado or instigado al asesinato
somebody must have put him up to italguien ha debido sugerírselo
who put you up to this?¿quién te ha hecho hacer esto?
put up with VI + PREPaguantar
I can't put up with it any longerya no (lo) aguanto más
you'll just have to put up with ittendrás que aguantarte
he has a lot to put up withtiene que aguantar un montón
she puts up with a lotes muy tolerante, tiene mucho aguante
Collins Spanish Dictionary - Complete and Unabridged 8th Edition 2005 © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1971, 1988 © HarperCollins Publishers 1992, 1993, 1996, 1997, 2000, 2003, 2005


[ˈpʊt] [put] [ˈpʊt] (pt, pp) vt
(= place) → mettre
Where shall I put my things? → est-ce que je peux mettre mes affaires?
to put sb to bed → mettre qn au lit, coucher qn
She's putting the baby to bed → Elle met le bébé au lit.
(= invest) to put a lot of time into sth → consacrer beaucoup de temps à qch
to put a lot of effort into sth → consacrer beaucoup d'efforts à qch
to put a lot of effort into doing sth → consacrer beaucoup d'efforts à faire qch
They have put a lot of effort into making the relationship work → Ils ont consacré beaucoup d'efforts à faire que la relation marche.
to put energy into sth
Eleanor did not put much energy into the discussion → Eleanor n'a pas mis beaucoup d'énergie dans la discussion.
(= say, express) → dire; [+ question] → poser
He didn't put it quite as crudely as that → Il ne l'a pas dis aussi crûment.
let me put it this way ... → disons que ...
how shall I put it? → comment dirais-je?, comment dire?
to put it bluntly → pour parler crûment
(= present, put across) [+ one's case, view] → faire part de
to put sth to sb [+ case, view, suggestion] → faire part de qch à qn
I put it to you that ... (British)je vous suggère que ..., je suis d'avis que ...
(= write) → mettre
Don't forget to put your name on the paper → N'oubliez pas de mettre votre nom sur la feuille.
(= estimate) → évaluer
to put sth at sth
She puts its value at around 1000 → Elle l'évalue à environ 1000 livres.
The cost is now put at 2 billion pounds → Le coût est maintenant évalué à 2 milliards de livres.
Losses are put at 200,000 → Les pertes sont évaluées à 200 000 dollars.
I would put her age at about 50 → Je lui donnerais la cinquantaine.
(= classify) → mettre
I wouldn't put him in the same class as Verdi → Je ne le mettrais pas dans la même catégorie que Verdi.
It is not easy to put the guilty and innocent into clear-cut categories → Il n'est pas facile de mettre les coupables et les innocents dans des catégories bien définies.
[+ faith, confidence, trust] → mettre
She had put all her trust in him → Elle avait mis toute sa confiance en lui.
(= cause to be) [+ person]
It puts me in a rather difficult position → Cela me met dans une position plutôt difficile.
to put sb in a good mood → mettre qn de bonne humeur
to put sb in a bad mood → mettre qn de mauvaise humeur
(= bet) to put money on a horse → miser de l'argent sur un cheval, mettre de l'argent sur un cheval
I put £20 on Jaipur Princess → J'ai misé 20 livres sur Jaipur Princess., J'ai mis 20 livres sur Jaipur Princess.
to stay put → ne pas bouger
put about
vt sep [+ rumour] → faire courir
to put it about that ... → faire courir le bruit que ...
She had been putting it about that Melanie was having an affair with the boss → Elle avait fait courir le bruit que Melanie avait une liaison avec le patron.
vi (NAUTICAL, NAVAL) [ship] → virer de bord
put across
vt sep [+ ideas, argument] → faire passer
He finds it hard to put his ideas across → Il a du mal à faire passer ses idées.
put aside
vt sep
(= lay aside) [+ work, object] → mettre de côté; [+ goods] → mettre de côté
Can you put this aside for me till tomorrow? → Est-ce que vous pouvez mettre ça de côté pour moi jusqu'à demain?
(= disregard) [+ idea, problem, remark] → laisser de côté
(= save) [+ sum of money] → mettre de côté
put away
vt sep
(= store) → ranger
Can you put away the dishes, please? → Tu peux ranger la vaisselle, s'il te plaît?
(= imprison) → enfermer
(= save) [+ money] → mettre de côté
(= consume) [+ food, drink] → se taper
put back
vt sep
(= replace) → remettre
I put the book back on the shelf → J'ai remis le livre sur l'étagère.
Put it back when you've finished with it → Remets-le en place une fois que tu auras fini.
(= postpone) [+ meeting, start] → remettre
The meeting has been put back to next month → La réunion a été remise au mois prochain.
(= delay) → retarder
This will put production back at least a month → Cela retardera la production d'au moins un moins.
This will put us back ten years
BUT Cela nous ramènera dix ans en arrière.
[+ watch, clock] → retarder
put by
vt sep [+ money] → mettre de côté, économiser
put down
vt sep
[+ object] (on floor, table)poser
I'll put these bags down for a minute → Je vais poser ces sacs une minute.
(= pay) [+ money, deposit] → verser
(in writing)noter
I've put down a few ideas → J'ai noté quelques idées.
(= suppress) [+ revolt, rebellion] → réprimer, écraser
(= attribute) to put sth down to sth → mettre qch au compte de qch
[+ animal] [vet] → piquer
to have an animal put down → faire piquer un animal
We had to have our old dog put down → Nous avons dû faire piquer notre vieux chien.
[+ criticize, humiliate, person] → dénigrer
to put o.s. down → se dénigrer
put forward
vt sep
[+ idea, argument, suggestion] → avancer, proposer
to put one's name forward for sth → se proposer pour qch
[+ date, watch, clock] → avancer
Next week it'll be time to put the clocks forward an hour → La semaine prochaine, il sera temps d'avancer les horloges d'une heure.
put in
vt sep
(= install) [+ gas, electricity] → mettre; [+ central heating, phone line] → mettre; [+ sink, new bathroom, new kitchen] → mettre
We're going to get central heating put in → Nous allons faire mettre le chauffage central.
[+ claim, request, complaint] → faire
to put in a job application → poser sa candidature
I put in an application for a job in Paris → J'ai posé ma candidature pour un poste à Paris.
[+ work, effort] → fournir
He has put in a lot of work on this project → Il a fourni beaucoup de travail pour ce projet.
We had to put in three hours work a night → Nous avons dû fournir trois heures de travail par nuit.
He's put a lot of time in on this → Il y a mis beaucoup de son temps.
vi [ship] → jeter l'ancre
to put in at → jeter l'ancre à
put in for
vt fus [+ job] → poser sa candidature pour; [+ promotion] → solliciter; [+ holiday] → poser
put off
vt sep
[+ light] → éteindre
Shall I put the light off? → Est-ce que j'éteins la lumière?
(= postpone) [+ event] → remettre à plus tard
I keep putting it off → Je n'arrête pas de remettre ça à plus tard.
(= cause to wait) [+ person] → faire attendre
They wanted to come this evening but I put them off until tomorrow → Ils voulaient venir ce soir mais je les ai fait attendre demain.
(= distract) → déconcentrer
Stop putting me off! → Arrête de me déconcentrer!
(= discourage) [+ person] [events, circumstances, reputation] → rebuter, dissuader; [smell, sight, habit] → dégoûter, rebuter
We tried to visit the Abbey but were put off by the queues → Nous avons essayé de visiter l'abbaye mais les queues nous en ont dissuadés.
His personal habits put her off → Ses habitudes quotidiennes la dégoûtaient.
He's not easily put off
BUT Il ne se laisse pas facilement décourager.
to put sb off sth/sb (= alienate from) → dégoûter qn de qch/qn
to put sb off doing sth → dégoûter qn de faire qch
That documentary has put me off eating in restaurants for life → Ce documentaire m'a à jamais dégoûté de manger au restaurant.
vi (= postpone) to put off doing sth → remettre à plus tard de faire qch
put on
vt sep
[+ clothes, makeup] → mettre
I'll put my coat on → Je vais mettre mon manteau.
[+ light, radio, oven] → allumer; [+ record, music] → mettre
Shall I put the heater on? → J'allume le chauffage?, Je mets le chauffage ?
Put on a pan of water to simmer → Mettez une casserole d'eau à frémir.
I'll put the potatoes on → Je vais mettre les pommes de terre à cuire.
[+ play, show] → monter
We're putting on "Bugsy Malone" → Nous sommes en train de monter "Bugsy Malone".
[+ extra bus, train etc] → mettre en service
to put on weight → grossir, prendre du poids
He's put on a lot of weight → Il a beaucoup grossi., Il a pris beaucoup de poids.
He has put on three kilos → Il a pris trois kilos.
(= assume) [+ accent, manner] → prendre; [+ airs] → se donner, prendre
He put on an innocent look → Il a pris un air innocent.
to be putting it on (= pretending)
You're putting it on! → Tu fais semblant!
[+ brake] → mettre
(= tease) [+ person] → faire marcher
(= inform, indicate) to put sb on to sb/sth → indiquer qn/qch à qn
put out
vt sep
(= take outside) [+ rubbish] → sortir; [+ cat] → mettre dehors, faire sortir
[+ one's hand] → tendre
(= lay out) [+ objects, clothes] → poser
(= extinguish) [+ light] → éteindre; [+ cigarette, fire] → éteindre
It took them five hours to put out the fire → Ils ont mis cinq heures à éteindre l'incendie.
(= make public) [+ statement, announcement] → rendre public/que; [+ rumour] → faire courir
[+ person] (= inconvenience) → déranger
to put o.s. out → se déranger
(British) (= dislocate) → se démettre
to put out to sea → lever l'ancre, appareiller
to put out from Plymouth → appareiller de Plymouth, lever l'ancre de Plymouth
put through
vt sep
(on phone) [+ caller] → passer; [+ call] → passer
Put me through to Miss Blair → Passez-moi Miss Blair.
Can you put me through to the manager? → Est-ce que vous pouvez me passer le directeur?
I'm putting you through → je vous passe la communication
to put sb through sth [+ ordeal] → infliger qch à qn
The children had put him through a lot of worry when they were teenagers
BUT Les enfants lui avaient causé beaucoup de soucis lorsqu'ils étaient adolescents.
to put sb through hell → en faire voir à qn
Those two husbands put me through hell → Ces deux maris m'en ont fait voir.
put together
vt sep
(= assemble) [+ furniture, toy] → monter, assembler
to put sth together again, to put sth back together → remonter qch
[+ meal] → préparer
[+ team] → mettre sur pied
(= create) [+ book, programme] → mettre sur pied; [+ agreement, package] → mettre sur pied
more than the rest of them put together → plus qu'eux tous réunis
put up
vt sep
(= pin up, hang) [+ poster, picture, painting, shelf] → mettre
The poster's great. I'll put it up on the wall → Le poster est super. Je vais le mettre au mur.
(= raise) [+ hand] → lever
to put one's hand up → lever la main
If you have any questions, put up your hand → Si vous avez une question, levez la main.
(= build, erect) [+ building, fence] → construire; [+ tent] → monter; [+ barricades] → ériger
Protesters have been putting up barricades → Les manifestants ont érigé des barricades.
[+ umbrella, parasol] → ouvrir
(increase) [+ price, tax, cost] → augmenter
(= provide) [+ money, funding] → fournir
(= accommodate) [+ person] [friend] → héberger; [hotel, company] → loger
I offered to put him up → J'ai offert de l'héberger.
My friend will put me up for the night → Mon ami va m'héberger pour la nuit.
The company put me up for the night at a small hotel → La compagnie m'a logé dans un petit hôtel pour la nuit.
(= incite) to put sb up to doing sth → pousser qn à faire qch
to put sth up for sale → mettre qch en vente
put upon
vt fus
to be put upon (= imposed on) → se laisser faire
put up with
vt fus (= tolerate) → supporter
I'm not going to put up with it any longer → Je ne vais pas supporter ça plus longtemps.
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n (= snub)Abfuhr f
n (inf)faule Ausrede (inf)
put-on (inf)
adjunecht, vorgetäuscht, aufgesetzt; smile alsofalsch
nBluff m, → Schau f (inf); it’s just a putdas ist nur Schau or (ein) Bluff
put option
n (St Ex) → Verkaufsoption f, → Rückprämiengeschäft nt


adj (inf) a put job (Brit inf) → ein abgekartetes Spiel
adj (inf)ausgenutzt; she had a rather put airsie guckte so, als fiele ihr ein Zacken aus der Krone
n (Brit inf) → Schlafcouch f


1 vb: pret, ptp <put>
n (Sport) → Stoß m
vt to put the shotkugelstoßen; putting the shotKugelstoßen nt


2 pret, ptp <put>
For combinations of put with adverbs and prepositions, e.g. put in, put on, put up etc., see also the phrasal verbs section.


= placestellen, setzen; (= lay down)legen; (= push in)stecken; you’ve put the picture too high updu hast das Bild zu hoch (auf)gehängt; put it there! (concluding deal) → abgemacht!; (congratulatory) → gratuliere!; I didn’t know where to put myselfich wusste gar nicht, wo ich hingucken sollte
? to put + across they put a plank across the streamsie legten ein Brett über den Bach
? to put + down he put the corpse down the weller warf die Leiche in den Brunnen
? to put + in to put something in a draweretw in eine Schublade tun or legen; he put his hand in his pocketer steckte die Hand in die Tasche; he put his toe in the waterer steckte seinen Zeh ins Wasser; put the dog in the kitchentu or steck den Hund in die Küche; to put milk/sugar in one’s coffeeMilch/Zucker in den Kaffee tun or geben; to put the ball in the net (Ftbl) → den Ball ins Netz setzen; (Tennis) → den Ball ins Netz schlagen; to put a child in a homeein Kind in ein Heim stecken; I would put complete confidence in himich würde mein volles Vertrauen auf ihn or in ihn setzen; to put somebody in possession of the factsjdn über den Stand der Dinge unterrichten; to put somebody in a good/bad moodjdn fröhlich/missmutig stimmen; that puts him in another categorydas stuft ihn in eine andere Klasse ein
? to put + into to put a lot of time into somethingviel Zeit auf etw (acc)verwenden or in etw (acc)stecken; to put a lot of effort into one’s workviel Mühe in seine Arbeit stecken; she has put a lot into her marriagesie hat eine Menge in ihre Ehe gesteckt or investiert; to put money into something(sein) Geld in etw (acc)stecken; to put a text into Greekeinen Text ins Griechische übersetzen; to put a verb into the past tenseein Verb in die Vergangenheit setzen
? to put + on put the lid on the boxtu or mach den Deckel auf die Schachtel; he put some more coal on the fireer legte Kohle nach; he put his hat on his header setzte sich (dat)den Hut auf; he put his hand/head on my shoulderer legte seine Hand/seinen Kopf auf meine Schulter; her aunt put her on the trainihre Tante setzte sie in den Zug; to put men on the moonMenschen auf den Mond bringen; he put four men on the jober setzte (für diese Arbeit) vier Leute ein; to put a patch on somethingeinen Flicken auf etw (acc)setzen; to put money on a horseauf ein Pferd setzen; he put £10 on the favouriteer setzte £ 10 auf den Favoriten; I’m putting my money on himich setzte auf ihn; I’m putting my money on him to get the jobich gehe jede Wette ein, dass er die Stelle bekommt; to put a value of £100 on somethingden Wert einer Sache (gen)auf £ 100 schätzen; I put the children on their best behaviourich habe den Kindern eingeschärft, sich ja gut zu benehmen
? to put + over/under he put his rucksack over the fenceer setzte seinen Rucksack über den Zaun; he put the ball over the waller schoss den Ball über die Mauer; to put one’s hand over one’s/somebody’s mouthsich/jdm die Hand vor den Mund halten; they put someone over/under him in the officeim Büro haben sie jemanden über ihn gesetzt/ihm jemanden unterstellt; he was put under the care of a nurseer wurde in die Obhut einer Krankenschwester gegeben
? to put + (a)round he put his head (a)round the doorer steckte den Kopf zur Tür herein
? to put + through to put one’s fist through a windowmit der Faust ein Fenster einschlagen; to put a bullet through somebody’s headjdm eine Kugel durch den Kopf schießen
? to put + to he put his lips to my ear and whispered …er kam ganz dicht und flüsterte mir ins Ohr; to put a glass to one’s lipsein Glas zum Mund(e) führen; she put the shell to her earsie hielt (→ sich dat) → die Muschel ans Ohr; to put the children to beddie Kinder ins Bett bringen; to put a poem to musicein Gedicht vertonen; to put somebody to great expensejdm große Ausgaben verursachen; I don’t want to be put to a lot of expenseich möchte nicht, dass mir damit große Ausgaben entstehen; to be put to a lot of inconvenience over somethingmit etw viele Unannehmlichkeiten haben; to put a horse to a fencemit einem Pferd ein Hindernis angehen or anreiten; to put a heifer to a bulldie Kuh mit dem Bullen zusammenbringen or -führen
? to put + toward(s) we’ll each put £5 toward(s) the cost of itjeder von uns gibt £ 5 (zum Betrag) dazu
? to put sb to do or doing sthjdn abordnen, etw zu tun; they put her to work on the new projectihr wurde das neue Projekt als Arbeitsbereich zugewiesen
? to stay putliegen/stehen/hängen etc bleiben; (hair)halten; (person, = not move) → sich nicht von der Stelle rühren; (= not stand up)sitzen bleiben; just stay put!bleib, wo du bist!
= writeschreiben; comma, linemachen; (= draw)zeichnen, malen; to put one’s signature to a documentseine Unterschrift unter ein Schriftstück setzen; put your name hereschreiben or setzen Sie Ihren Namen hierhin; to put a cross/tick against somebody’s namejds Namen ankreuzen/abhaken; he put it in his next noveler brachte das in seinem nächsten Roman
= put forward case, question, proposalvorbringen; to put a matter before a committeeeine Angelegenheit vor einen Ausschuss bringen; to put the arguments for and against somethingdas Für und Wider von etw (dat)aufzählen; to put something on the agendaetw auf die Tagesordnung setzen; to put a question/suggestion to somebodyjdm eine Frage stellen/einen Vorschlag unterbreiten
? to put it to sb (that …) (= suggest) I put it to you that …ich behaupte, dass …; it was put to me that …es wurde mir nahegelegt, dass …; I put it to him that this might not fit in with his theoryich gab ihm zu bedenken, dass dies vielleicht nicht in seine Theorie passen würde; you might put it to him that a contribution would be welcomedu könntest ihm nahelegen, dass ein Beitrag erwünscht wäre; how will you put it to him?wie wirst du es ihm beibringen?
= expressausdrücken, sagen; the compliment was eloquently putdas Kompliment war gewandt formuliert
? to put it… that’s one way of putting itso kann mans auch sagen; as he would put itwie er sich ausdrücken würde; as Shakespeare puts itwie Shakespeare es ausdrückt; put it so as not to offend herformulieren Sie es so, dass Sie sie nicht beleidigen; how shall I put it?wie soll ich (es) sagen?; if I may put it sowenn ich das so sagen darf, wenn ich mich (mal) so ausdrücken darf; to put it bluntlyum es klipp und klar zu sagen
= rateschätzen (→ at auf +acc)
? to put sth above/amongst/before sth I put him above Tennysonich schätze ihn höher ein als Tennyson; I wouldn’t put him amongst the greatest poetsich würde ihn nicht zu den größten Dichtern zählen; he puts money before his family’s happinesser stellt Geld über das Glück seiner Familie

? to put to sea (Naut) → in See stechen
? put about (esp Brit) vt sep
(= circulate) news, rumourverbreiten, in Umlauf bringen; he put it about that …er verbreitete (das Gerücht), dass …; he’s been putting himself about a lot lately (inf)er hat sich in letzter Zeit ganz schön in Szene gesetzt
(Naut) to put a ship aboutden Kurs (eines Schiffes) ändern
vi (Naut) → den Kurs ändern
? put across vt sep
(= communicate) ideasverständlich machen (to sb jdm), klar zum Ausdruck bringen; knowledgevermitteln (to sb jdm); (= promote)an den Mann bringen (inf); to put a product across to the publicein Produkt an den Mann bringen (inf); to put oneself acrossden richtigen Eindruck von sich geben
(inf: = play a trick) to put one across somebodyjdn anführen; he’s just trying to put one across (you)er will dich nur anführen

? put aside vt sep
book, knitting etcbeiseitelegen
(= save for later use)auf die Seite legen, beiseite- or zurücklegen; (in shop) → zurücklegen
(fig: = forget, abandon) → ablegen, über Bord werfen (inf); anger, grief, animositybegraben; thoughtaufgeben; differencesvergessen

? put away vt sep
(in usual place) → einräumen; toysaufräumen; (= tidy away)wegräumen; put that money away in your bagsteck das Geld in deine Tasche; put that money away!steck das Geld weg!; to put the car awaydas Auto wegstellen
(= save)zurücklegen
(inf: = consume) → schaffen (inf); he can certainly put it away! (food) → der kann was verdrücken! (inf); (drink) → der kann was schlucken! (inf)
(= lock up: in prison, mental home) → einsperren
(= put to sleep) peteinschläfern

? put back vt sep
(= replace) ? put 1 azurückstellen or -setzen/-legen/-stecken
(esp Brit: = postpone) meeting, dateverschieben; (= set back) plans, productionzurückwerfen; (= readjust) watch etczurückstellen; to be put back a classeine Klasse zurückgestuft werden ? clock
vi (Naut, = go back) → zurückkehren (to nach)
? put by vt sep (Brit) → zurücklegen, auf die hohe Kante legen; I’ve got a few pounds put byich habe ein paar Pfund auf der hohen Kante
? put down vt sep
(= set down) object ? put 1 awegstellen or -setzen/-legen; surfaceverlegen; put it down on the floorstellen or setzen Sie es auf den Boden; I simply couldn’t put that book downich konnte das Buch einfach nicht aus der Hand legen; to put down the phone(den Hörer) auflegen ? foot N b
(= lower) umbrellazumachen, zuklappen; aerialeinschieben; car roofzurückklappen; lidzuklappen
(= land)landen
(= crush) rebellionniederschlagen; rebelsniederwerfen; crimebesiegen; prostitution, gambling, drinkingunterdrücken; rumourzum Verstummen bringen; critic, hecklerzum Schweigen bringen; (= reject, humiliate)demütigen
(= pay)anzahlen; depositmachen
(= store)einlagern
(esp Brit: = destroy) peteinschläfern; injured horse etcden Gnadenschuss geben (+dat); rats, verminvernichten
(= write down)niederschreiben, aufschreiben; (on form, in register) → angeben; (Parl) motion, resolutionvorlegen, einbringen; to put one’s name down for somethingsich or seinen Namen (in eine Liste) für etw eintragen; to put one’s son down for Etonseinen Sohn für Eton anmelden; you can put me down for £10für mich können Sie £ 10 eintragen; put it down to my account/my husband’s accountschreiben Sie es mir/meinem Mann an; put it down under sundries/on expensesschreiben Sie es unter Verschiedenes auf/als Spesen an ? paper N a, name
(= classify)halten (as für); I’d put her down as about 30ich würde sie auf etwa 30 schätzen
(= attribute)zurückführen (→ to auf +acc), → zuschreiben (→ to dat)
vi (Aviat) → landen, niedergehen
? put forth vi +prep obj buds, shootshervorbringen; plan, claimvorbringen; effortunternehmen
? put forward vt sep
(= propose) idea, suggestion, planvorbringen; person (for job etc) → vorschlagen; (as candidate) → aufstellen; (= nominate)vorschlagen; he put himself/his name forward for the jober hat sich für den Posten angeboten
(esp Brit: = advance) date, meetingvorverlegen (→ to auf +acc); schedulevoranbringen, weiterbringen (by um); watch etcvorstellen ? clock

? put in vt sep
(= place in) ? put 1 ahineinstellen or -setzen/-legen/-stecken; (= pack)einpacken; he opened the drawer and put his hand iner öffnete die Schublade und fuhr or griff mit der Hand hinein; I’ll just put the car inich stelle eben den Wagen weg
(= insert in book, speech etc)einsetzen, einfügen; (= add)hinzufügen, dazusagen
(= interpose) remarkeinfügen
(= enter) application, protest, claimeinreichen; to put in a plea of not guiltyauf „nicht schuldigplädieren; to put one’s name in for somethingsich um etw bewerben; for evening classes, examsich für etw anmelden; to put somebody in for an exam/a racejdn für eine Prüfung/für ein Rennen anmelden; to put somebody in for an awardjdn für eine Ehrung vorschlagen; to put the car in for a servicedas Auto zur Wartung (in die Werkstatt) bringen
(= install) central heating, car radioeinbauen
(= employ) night watchmaneinsetzen; (= elect) political partyan die Regierung bringen, ranbringen (inf)
(Sport, = send in) playerhereinnehmen; team to bat(als Innenmannschaft) hereinschicken
(= devote, expend) timezubringen, verbringen (with mit), verwenden (with auf); we have a couple of hours to put in at Heathrowwir müssen uns in Heathrow ein paar Stunden die Zeit vertreiben; to put in an hour at the pianoeine Stunde Klavier spielen; to put in an hour’s paintingeine Stunde lang malen; could you put in a few hours’ work at the weekend?könnten Sie am Wochenende ein paar Stunden Arbeit einschieben?; he put in a lot of hard work on the projecter hat eine Menge harter Arbeit in das Projekt gesteckt; he always puts in a good day’s worker schafft jeden Tag ein ordentliches Arbeitspensum
to put in for something (for job)sich um etw bewerben; for leave, rise, house alsoetw beantragen
(Naut: = enter port) to put in at a portin einen Hafen einlaufen; (= call at)einen Hafen anlaufen; to put in to Bremen/harbourin Bremen/in den Hafen einlaufen; to put in for supplieseinen Hafen anlaufen, um die Vorräte aufzufüllen

? put inside vt sep (inf, in prison) → einsperren (inf)
? put off vt sep
(= set down) passengersaussteigen lassen (prep obj aus); (forcibly) → hinauswerfen (prep obj aus); the conductor put us off at the theatreder Schaffner sagte uns (dat)am Theater Bescheid, dass wir aussteigen müssten; we asked to be put off at the theatrewir baten darum, uns (dat)am Theater Bescheid zu sagen
(= lay aside) uniformablegen, ausziehen; responsibilities, worriesablegen
(= postpone, delay) match, appointment etcverschieben; decisionaufschieben; sth unpleasanthinauszögern; it’s too late to put our visitors offes ist zu spät, die Besucher (wieder) auszuladen; to put something off till lateretw auf später verschieben; to put something off for 10 days/until Januaryetw um 10 Tage aufschieben/auf Januar verschieben
(= make excuses to, be evasive with) questioner, boyfriend, creditorhinhalten; he’s not easily put offer lässt sich nicht so leicht beirren; I won’t be put off any longerich lasse mich nicht länger hinhalten
(= discourage)die Lust nehmen or verderben (+dat); to put somebody off somethingjdm etw verleiden, jdm die Lust an etw (dat)nehmen; don’t let his rudeness put you offstöre dich nicht an seiner Flegelhaftigkeit; are you trying to put me off?versuchst du, mir das mieszumachen (inf)or mir das zu verleiden?; I’ve been put off the ideadiese Idee ist mir verleidet worden; to put somebody off doing somethingjdn davon abbringen or (person also) → es jdm ausreden, etw zu tun
(= distract)ablenken (prep obj von); to put somebody off the trackjdn von der Fährte abbringen; he is easily put off his gameer lässt sich leicht vom Spiel ablenken; I’d like to watch you if it won’t put you offich würde dir gern zusehen, wenn es dich nicht stört
(= switch off) light, TV, heaterausmachen, ausschalten; power, motorabstellen

? put on vt sep
coat, shoes etcanziehen; hat (→ sich dat) → aufsetzen; make-upauftragen, auflegen; (fig: = assume) accent, mannersannehmen; facade, frontaufsetzen, vortäuschen; to put on one’s make-upsich schminken; to put on an air of innocenceeine unschuldige Miene aufsetzen; his sorrow is put onsein Kummer ist bloß Schau (inf); to put it on (inf)so tun(, als ob); to put somebody on (inf)jdn verkohlen (inf) ? front
(= increase, add) to put on weightzunehmen; to put on a few poundsein paar Pfund zunehmen; to put on speedschneller fahren, beschleunigen; he put on fifty runs (Cricket) → er erhöhte (das Gesamtergebnis) um fünfzig Punkte; ten pence was put on the price of petrol (Brit) or gas (US) → der Benzinpreis wurde um zehn Pence erhöht; he saw I wanted it and promptly put another £10 on (the price)er sah, dass ich es haben wollte, und hat gleich noch einmal £ 10 aufgeschlagen; he’s been putting it on a bit (= gaining weight)er hat ganz schön zugenommen
playaufführen; partygeben; exhibitionveranstalten; filmvorführen; train, buseinsetzen; food (on menu) → auf die Speisekarte setzen; (fig) act, showabziehen (inf); Sobers was put on to bowlSobers wurde als Werfer eingesetzt; he put on quite a show of being angryer tat so, als wäre er wütend; she put on a display of tempersie inszenierte einen Wutanfall
(on telephone) to put somebody on to somebodyjdn mit jdm verbinden; would you put him on?könnten Sie ihn mir geben?
(= switch on) light, TVanmachen, einschalten; to put the kettle/dinner ondas Wasser/das Essen aufsetzen or aufstellen
watch etcvorstellen ?clock
to put somebody on to something (= inform about)jdm etw vermitteln; to put somebody on to a plumber/garage etcjdm einen Installateur/eine Reparaturwerkstatt etc empfehlen; he put me on to a first-rate dentistdurch ihn bin ich an einen erstklassigen Zahnarzt gekommen; what put you on to it?was hat dich darauf gebracht?; to put the police on to somebodydie Polizei auf jds Spur bringen; to put somebody on to a winner/good thing etcjdm einen heißen (inf)or todsicheren Tipp geben

? put out vt sep
(= place outside) rubbish etchinausbringen; cat, drunkvor die Tür setzen; to put the washing out (to dry)die Wäsche (zum Trocknen) raushängen; to be put out (= asked to leave)vor die Tür gesetzt werden; to be put out of a restaurantaus einem Restaurant herausgeworfen werden; to put somebody out of businessjdn aus dem Markt drängen; that goal put them out of the competitionmit diesem Tor waren sie aus dem Wettbewerb ausgeschieden; she could not put him out of her minder ging ihr nicht aus dem Sinn; to put somebody’s eyes outjdm die Augen ausstechen ? grass
(= stretch out, push out) hand, footausstrecken; tongue, headherausstrecken; to put one’s head out of the windowden Kopf zum Fenster hinausstrecken ? feeler
(= sprout) leaves, rootshervorbringen, treiben
cards, dishes, cutleryauflegen; chessmen etcaufstellen
(= farm out) workweggeben, vergeben (→ to an +acc)
(= bring out, circulate) pamphlet, bookherausbringen; propagandamachen; statementabgeben; message, appealdurchgeben; descriptionbekannt geben; (on TV, radio) programmebringen, senden
(= generate) kilowatts etcabgeben; horsepowerleisten
(= extinguish) fire, light, candleausmachen, löschen
(= make unconscious)bewusstlos machen, betäuben; (boxer) → k. o. schlagen
(= discontent, vex) to be put out (by something) (→ über etw acc) → verärgert or ungehalten sein; nothing seems to put her outsie scheint sich über nichts zu ärgern
(= inconvenience) to put somebody outjdm Umstände bereiten or machen; to put oneself out (for somebody)sich (dat)(wegen jdm) Umstände machen
(= dislocate) knee, shoulderausrenken; (more severely) → auskugeln; backverrenken ? nose
(= make inaccurate) instrumentsungenau machen; (fig) calculations, figuresverfälschen
to put money out at interest/at 12%Geld für Zinsen/zu 12% (Zinsen) verleihen
vi (Naut: = set sail) → auslaufen; to put out to seain See stechen; to put out of port/from Bremenaus dem Hafen/von Bremen auslaufen
? put over vt sep
(esp US: = postpone) → verschieben (→ to, until auf +acc)

? put through vt sep
plan, reform, proposal, billdurchbringen; (+prep obj) → bringen durch; claimweiterleiten; dealtätigen
+prep obj (= cause to undergo)durchmachen lassen; to put somebody through a test/an examjdn einem Test/einer Prüfung unterziehen; he has put his family through a lot (of suffering)seine Familie hat seinetwegen viel durchgemacht; his guilty conscience put him through hellsein schlechtes Gewissen machte ihm das Leben zur Hölle; to put somebody through universityjdn durch die Universität bringen; they really put him through it! (inf)den haben sie vielleicht durch die Mangel gedreht! (inf) ? mill, pace2 N a
(= connect by telephone) personverbinden (to mit); calldurchstellen (to zu); to put a call through to Beirutein Gespräch nach Beirut vermitteln or (caller) → anmelden

? put together vt sep
(= put in same room, cage etc)zusammentun; (= seat together)zusammensetzen; he’s better than all the others put togetherer ist besser als alle anderen zusammen ? head 1 c
(= assemble)zusammensetzen; furniture, machinezusammenbauen or -setzen; book, essay, menuzusammenstellen; (Jur) casezusammenstellen; collection, evidence, factszusammentragen ? two

? put under vt sep (doctor) → betäuben
? put up vt sep
(= raise, lift up) handhochheben; car windowzumachen; umbrellaaufklappen; hairhochstecken; collarhochschlagen, hochklappen; put ’em up! (inf) (hands in surrender) → Hände hoch!; (fists to fight) → na, mach schon! ? back N a, foot N a, wind1 N a
(= hoist) flag, sailhissen, aufziehen
(= fasten up) picture, decorations, poster, curtainsaufhängen; noticeanbringen
(= erect) building, fence, barriererrichten; ladder, scaffoldingaufstellen; tentaufschlagen
(= send up) missile, space probehochschießen
(= increase) numbers, sales, prices, demandserhöhen; renterhöhen, heraufsetzen; sb’s temperature, blood pressurehochtreiben
(= propose) person (for job etc) → vorschlagen; (as candidate) → aufstellen; (= nominate)vorschlagen; he put himself up for the jober hat sich für den Posten angeboten
(= offer) to put something up for sale/auctionetw zum Verkauf anbieten/zur Versteigerung geben; to put one’s child up for adoptionsein Kind zur Adoption freigeben; to put up resistance (to somebody)(jdm) Widerstand leisten, sich (gegen jdn) wehren ? fight N a, struggle, performance
(= feign) facadevortäuschen
(= give accommodation to)unterbringen
(= provide) capitalbereitstellen; rewardaussetzen
to put somebody up to somethingjdn zu etw anstiften
(= stay)wohnen; (for one night) → übernachten
to put up for electionsich zur Wahl stellen
put up or shut up! (lit)Geld her oder Maul halten! (inf); (fig)Butter bei die Fische! (inf)

? put upon vi +prep obj (= impose on)ausnutzen; I won’t be put upon any longerich lasse mich nicht länger ausnutzen
? put up with vi +prep objsich abfinden mit; I won’t put up with thatdas lasse ich mir nicht gefallen
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[pʊt] (put (pt, pp))
1. vt
a. (place) → mettere; (put down) → posare, metter giù
we put the children to bed → abbiamo messo a letto i bambini
my brother put me on the train → mio fratello mi ha messo sul treno
to put the ball in the net → mandare la palla in rete
to put sth to one's ear → avvicinarsi qc all'orecchio
she put her head on my shoulder → appoggiò la testa sulla mia spalla
to put one's signature to sth → apporre la propria firma a qc
to put a lot of time into sth → dedicare molto tempo a qc
she has put a lot into her marriage → ha fatto molto per la riuscita del suo matrimonio
to put money into a company → investire or mettere dei capitali in un'azienda
to put money on a horse → scommettere su un cavallo
b. (thrust, direct) → cacciare
he put his finger right in my eye → mi ha cacciato un dito nell'occhio
I put my fist through the window → sfondai la finestra con il pugno
to put one's pen through sth → cancellare qc con un frego
he put his head round the door → fece capolino dalla porta
to put the shot (Sport) → lanciare il peso
c. (cause to be) to put sb in a good/bad moodmettere qn di buon/cattivo umore
to put sb in charge of sth → incaricare qn di qc
to put sb to a lot of trouble → dare un sacco da fare a qn
I put her to answering the phone → le ho dato l'incarico di rispondere al telefono
he put her to work immediately → l'ha messa subito al lavoro
d. (express) → esprimere, dire
let me put it another way → te lo spiego in un altro modo
how shall I put it? → come dire?
let me put it this way → diciamo così
as Dante puts it → come dice Dante
to put it bluntly → per parlar chiaro
put it to him gently → diglielo senza spaventarlo
to put sth into French → tradurre qc in francese
to put the words to music → mettere in musica or musicare le parole
e. (expound, case, problem) → esporre, presentare
I put it to you that ... → io sostengo che...
to put a question to sb → rivolgere una domanda a qn
f. (estimate) → valutare, stimare
what would you put it at? → quanto pensi che valga?
I'd put his age at 40 → direi che ha 40 anni
2. vi (Naut) to put to seaprendere il mare
to put into port → entrare in porto
3. adv to stay put (fam) → non muoversi
put about
1. vt + adv (circulate, news, rumour) → mettere in giro
2. vi + adv (Naut) → virare di bordo, invertire la rotta
put across vt + adv
a. (communicate, ideas, opinion) → comunicare, far capire; (new product) → propagandare
she can't put herself across → non sa far valere le sue doti
b. (fam) (play trick) to put one across on sbdarla a bere a qn
put aside vt + adv
a. (lay down, book, game) → mettere da una parte, posare
b. (save) → mettere da parte; (in shop) → tenere da parte
c. (fig) (abandon, idea, hope, doubt) → mettere da parte, dimenticare
put away vt + adv
a. (clothes, toys, dishes) → mettere via, riporre
b. = put aside b
c. (fam) (consume, food, drink) → far fuori
d. (fam) (lock up in prison) → mettere dentro; (in mental hospital) → rinchiudere
put back
1. vt + adv
a. (replace) → rimettere (a posto)
b. (postpone) → rimandare, rinviare; (slow down, production) → rallentare; (set back, watch, clock) → mettere indietro
this will put us back 10 years → questo ci farà tornare indietro di 10 anni
you can't put the clock back (fig) → non si può tornare indietro
2. vi + adv (Naut) → rientrare (in porto)
put by vt + adv = put aside a, b
put down
1. vt + adv
a. (set down) → mettere giù, posare; (passenger) → far scendere
I couldn't put that book down (fig) → non riuscivo a smettere di leggere quel libro
b. (lower, umbrella) → chiudere; (car roof) → abbassare
c. (crush, revolt) → reprimere; (gambling, prostitution) → abolire; (rumour) → mettere a tacere; (humiliate) → mortificare
d. (pay, deposit) → versare
e. (destroy, pet) → abbattere
f. (write down) → scrivere
to put sth down in writing → mettere qc per iscritto
put it down on my account (Comm) → me lo addebiti or metta in conto
put me down for £15 → segnami or mettimi in lista per 15 sterline
he's put his son down for Harrow → ha iscritto suo figlio nella lista d'attesa per Harrow
g. (classify) → considerare
I'd put her down as about forty → le darei una quarantina d'anni
I put him down as a troublemaker → lo considero un elemento disturbatore
h. (attribute) to put sth down to sthattribuire qc a qc
2. vi + adv (Aer) → atterrare
put forward vt + adv
a. (propose, gen) → proporre; (theory) → avanzare; (opinion) → esprimere
b. (advance, date, meeting, function) → anticipare; (clock) → mettere avanti
put in
1. vt + adv
a. (place inside, drawer, bag) → metter dentro
b. (insert, in book, speech) → aggiungere, inserire
c. (interpose, remark) → fare
she put in her piece → ha detto la sua
d. (enter, application, complaint) → presentare
to put in a plea of not guilty (Law) → dichiararsi innocente
to put sb in for an exam → presentare qn a un esame
to put sb in for an award → proporre qn per un premio
e. (install, central heating) → mettere, installare
f. (Pol) (elect) → eleggere
g. (devote, expend, time) → passare, dedicare
to put in a few extra hours → fare qualche ora in più
to put in a good day's work → fare una bella giornata di lavoro
2. vi + adv (Naut) → fare scalo
put in for vi + adv + prep (job) → far domanda per; (promotion) → far domanda di
put off vt + adv
a. (set down, passenger) → far scendere
b. (pospone, delay, match, decision) → rimandare, rinviare; (guest) → chiedere di rimandare la visita
to put off doing sth → rimandare qc a più tardi
to put sb off with an excuse → liberarsi di qn con una scusa
c. (discourage) → far passare la voglia a
to put sb off their food → far passare a qc la voglia di mangiare
d. (repel, smell) → disgustare
e. (switch off) → spegnere
put on vt + adv
a. (clothes, lipstick, shoes) → mettere, mettersi
b. (assume, accent, manner) → affettare; (airs) → darsi (fam) (kid, have on) (esp Am) → prendere in giro
to put on airs → darsi delle arie
to put on an innocent expression → assumere un'aria innocente
she's just putting it on → sta solo facendo finta
c. (add, increase, speed, pressure) → aumentare
to put on weight → aumentare di peso, ingrassare
d. (concert, exhibition) → allestire, organizzare; (play) → mettere in scena; (extra bus, train) → mettere in servizio
e. (on telephone) put me on to Mr Strong pleasemi passi il signor Strong per favore
f. (switch on, light) → accendere; (kettle, meal) → metter su
to put on the brakes → frenare
g. (inform, indicate) to put sb on to sb/sthindicare qn/qc a qn
she put us on to you → è lei che ci ha detto di rivolgerci a te
who put the police on to him? → chi lo ha segnalato alla polizia?
what put you on to it? → cosa te lo ha fatto capire?
put out
1. vt + adv
a. (place outside) → mettere fuori
to put clothes out to dry → stendere la biancheria ad asciugare
to be put out (asked to leave) → esere buttato/a fuori
she couldn't put him out of her head → non riusciva a non pensare a lui
b. (stretch out, arm, foot, leg) → allungare; (one's hand) → porgere; (tongue) → tirare fuori; (push out, leaves) → spuntare
to put one's head out of the window → metter fuori or sporgere la testa dalla finestra
c. (lay out in order) → disporre
d. (circulate, propaganda) → fare; (news) → annunciare; (rumour) → mettere in giro; (bring out, new book) → pubblicare; (regulation) → emettere
e. (extinguish, fire, cigarette, light) → spegnere
f. (discontent, vex) → contrariare, seccare
to be put out by sth/sb → essere contrariato/a da qn/qc
g. (inconvenience) to put o.s. out (for sb)scomodarsi or disturbarsi per qn
h. (dislocate, shoulder, knee) → lussarsi; (back) → farsi uno strappo a
i. (subcontract) → subappaltare
2. vi + adv (Naut) to put out to seaprendere il largo
to put out from Plymouth → partire da Plymouth
put over vt + adv = put across
put through vt + adv
a. (complete, business, deal) → concludere; (have accepted, reform, bill) → far approvare, far passare
b. (Telec) (connect, caller) → mettere in comunicazione; (call) → passare
put me through to Miss Blair → mi passi la signorina Blair
put together vt + adv
a.mettere insieme, riunire
she is worth more than all the others put together → vale più lei da sola che tutte le altre messe insieme
b. (assemble, furniture) → montare; (model) → fare; (essay) → comporre; (meal) → improvvisare; (evidence) → raccogliere; (team) → mettere insieme, formare
put up
1. vt + adv
a. (raise, lift up, hand) → alzare; (umbrella) → aprire; (collar) → rialzare; (hoist, flag, sail) → issare
put 'em up! (fam) (hands, in surrender) → arrenditi! (in robbery) → mani in alto!; (fists, to fight) → forza, difenditi!
b. (fasten up) to put up (on)attaccare (su), appendere (su); (notice) → affiggere (su)
c. (erect, building, barrier, fence) → costruire, erigere; (tent) → montare
d. (send up, space probe, missile) → lanciare, mettere in orbita
e. (increase) → aumentare
f. = put forward a
g. (offer) to put sth up for salemettere in vendita qc
they put up a struggle → hanno opposto resistenza
h. (give accommodation to) → ospitare
i. (provide, money, funds) → fornire; (reward) → offrire
j. (incite) to put sb up to doing sthistigare qn a fare qc
2. vi + adv
a. to put up (at) (at hotel) → alloggiare (in); (for the night) → pernottare (in)
b. (offer o.s.) to put up (for)presentarsi come candidato/a (per)
put upon vi + prep to be put upon (imposed on) → farsi mettere sotto i piedi
put up with vi + adv + prepsopportare
she has a lot to put up with → ha un sacco di problemi
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(put) present participle ˈputting: past tense, past participle put verb
1. to place in a certain position or situation. He put the plate in the cupboard; Did you put any sugar in my coffee?; He put his arm round her; I'm putting a new lock on the door; You're putting too much strain on that rope; When did the Russians first put a man into space?; You've put me in a bad temper; Can you put (=translate) this sentence into French?
2. to submit or present (a proposal, question etc). I put several questions to him; She put her ideas before the committee.
3. to express in words. He put his refusal very politely; Children sometimes have such a funny way of putting things!
4. to write down. I'm trying to write a letter to her, but I don't know what to put.
5. to sail in a particular direction. We put out to sea; The ship put into harbour for repairs.
ˈput-on adjective
pretended; not genuine. a put-on foreign accent; Her accent sounded put-on.
a put-up job
something done to give a false appearance, in order to cheat or trick someone.
put about
to spread (news etc).
put across/over
to convey or communicate (ideas etc) to others. He's very good at putting his ideas across.
put aside
1. to abandon (work etc) temporarily. She put aside her needlework.
2. to save or preserve for the future. He tries to put aside a little money each month.
put away
to return to its proper place, especially out of sight. She put her clothes away in the drawer.
put back
to return to its proper place. Did you put my keys back?
put by
to save or preserve for the future. I have put by some money for emergencies.
put down
1. to lower. The teacher asked the pupil to put his hand down.
2. to place on the floor or other surface, out of one's hands. Put that knife down immediately!
3. to subdue (a rebellion etc).
4. to kill (an animal) painlessly when it is old or very ill.
put down for
to write the name of (someone) on a list etc for a particular purpose. You have been put down for the one hundred metres' race.
put one's feet up
to take a rest.
put forth
(of plants etc) to produce (leaves, shoots etc).
put in
1. to insert or install. We're having a new shower put in.
2. to do (a certain amount of work etc). He put in an hour's training today.
put in for
to apply for, or claim. Are you putting in for that job?
put off
1. to switch off (a light etc). Please put the light off!
2. to delay; to postpone. He put off leaving / his departure till Thursday.
3. to cancel an arranged meeting etc with (a person). I had to put the Browns off because I had 'flu.
4. to cause (a person) to feel disgust or dislike (for). The cheese looked nice but the smell put me off; The conversation about illness put me off my dinner.
put on
1. to switch on (a light etc). Put the light on!
2. to dress oneself in. Which shoes are you going to put on?
3. to add or increase. The car put on speed; I've put on weight.
4. to present or produce (a play etc). They're putting on `Hamlet' next week.
5. to provide (eg transport). They always put on extra buses between 8.00 and 9.00 a.m.
6. to make a false show of; to pretend. She said she felt ill, but she was just putting it on.
7. to bet (money) on. I've put a pound on that horse to win.
put out
1. to extend (a hand etc). He put out his hand to steady her.
2. (of plants etc) to produce (shoots, leaves etc).
3. to extinguish (a fire, light etc). The fire brigade soon put out the fire.
4. to issue, give out. They put out a distress call.
5. to cause bother or trouble to. Don't put yourself out for my sake!
6. to annoy. I was put out by his decision.
put through
1. to arrange (a deal, agreement etc).
2. to connect by telephone. I'm trying to put you through (to London).
put together
to construct. The vase broke, but I managed to put it together again.
put up
1. to raise (a hand etc).
2. to build; to erect. They're putting up some new houses.
3. to fix on a wall etc. He put the poster up.
4. to increase (a price etc). They're putting up the fees again.
5. to offer or show (resistance etc). He's putting up a brave fight.
6. to provide (money) for a purpose. He promised to put up the money for the scheme.
7. to provide a bed etc for (a person) in one's home. Can you put us up next Thursday night?
put up to
to persuade (a person) to do something. Who put you up to writing that letter?
put up with
to bear patiently. I cannot put up with all this noise.

The job of the fire brigade is to put out (not put off) fires.
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يَضَع položit sætte legen βάζω poner asettaa mettre staviti mettere 置く 놓다 zetten legge położyć pôr ставить lägga วาง koymak để
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vi. poner;
to ___ inponer dentro de, echar en, meter;
to ___ offaplazar, cancelar;
to ___ on [clothes]ponerse la ropa, vestirse;
to ___ out [light, fire]apagar;
to ___ togetherunir, juntar;
to ___ up withaguantar, soportar, tolerar.
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vt (pret & pp put; ger putting) to — on (clothing, etc.) ponerse (ropa, etc.); Put on this gown so that it opens over your back..Póngase esta bata con la abertura hacia atrás; to — on lipstick pintarse los labios; to — on makeup maquillarse; to — on nail polish pintarse las uñas
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