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or be·jew·elled  (bĭ-jo͞o′əld)
Decorated with or as if with jewels.
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Her bare arms and legs were almost concealed by the massive, bejeweled ornaments which covered them, while her single leopard skin was supported by a close-fitting girdle of golden rings set in strange designs with innumerable small diamonds.
The central box contained the lean but pompous Sheriff, his bejeweled wife, and their daughter, a supercilious young woman enough, who, it was openly hinted, was hoping to receive the golden arrow from the victor and thus be crowned queen of the day.
He must remind himself every now and then that the great event transpired in the open air, and not in a gloomy, candle- lighted cell in a little corner of a vast church, up-stairs--a small cell all bejeweled and bespangled with flashy ornamentation, in execrable taste.
As they approached the center of the city the girl saw that even the roofs bore companies of these idle watchers, harnessed and bejeweled as for some gala-day of laughter and music, but no laughter broke from those silent lips, nor any music from the strings of the instruments that many of them held in jeweled fingers.
Sequins feature here as well, but are muted with shades of cocoa in a variety of flowing fabrics like bejeweled chiffon and tulle.
'Chuncan' or 'Splendidness of Spring' is the world's only full-diamond bejeweled shoes, specially made for the expo.
In other news, Minaj made headlines again after wearing a bejeweled headpiece for her new video in London.
Bulgari takes the classic figure and forms it into something contemporary-like simple, bejeweled pendants hanging on golden chains, or studded and multiplied shapes to form more opulent neck and arm pieces.
Existing Bejeweled fans will know exactly what they're letting themselves in for - it's the sheer addictive nature of this tried and tested genre that continues to suck us all in and refuses to spit us back out.
Bejeweled neckpiece from the Cathedral Collection by Adante Leyesa
University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Professor Susan Krauss Whitbourne and undergraduates Stacy Ellenberg and Kyoko Akimoto tracked the responses of adults aged 18 to 80 years of age who were asked about playing the popular free online game Bejeweled Blitz, a colorful three-match game available for free on Facebook that has more than 5 million players.
The vendors prove themselves to be fonts of knowledge and offering in-depth information on the antique rings and bejeweled necklaces.