bel canto

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bel can·to

 (bĕl kän′tō)
A style of operatic singing characterized by full, even tones and a brilliant display of vocal technique.

[Italian : bel, bello, beautiful + canto, singing.]
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bel canto

(ˈbɛl ˈkæntəʊ)
(Music, other) music
a. a style of singing characterized by beauty of tone rather than dramatic power
b. (as modifier): a bel canto aria.
[C19: Italian, literally: beautiful singing]
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bel can•to

(ˌbɛl ˈkæn toʊ, -ˈkɑn-)
a smooth cantabile style of operatic singing.
[1890–95; < Italian: literally, fine singing]
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Noun1.bel canto - a style of operatic singingbel canto - a style of operatic singing    
singing, vocalizing - the act of singing vocal music
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BEL CANTO (15) BUY, DOWNLOAD OR STREAM DRAMA/ROMANCE/ACTION Japanese industrialist Katsumi Hosokawa (Ken Watanabe) travels to a politically volatile South American nation with translator Gen (Ryo Kase) under the auspices of building a factory to revitalise the ailing local economy.
Based on the novel by Ann Patchett, Bel Canto is a slow-burning romantic thriller composed in broad, artful strokes, which undermine the efforts of Moore and Watanabe to convince us of their characters' amour fou.
On Tuesday, July 23, the ZAZZ jazz combo and singers from Sinfonietta Bel Canto will team up for a concert of jazz standards from the Great American Songbook at 7:30 p.m.
MESMERISING 9/10 BEL CANTO (15) Based on the novel by Ann Patchett, Bel Canto punctuates the stand-off between gun-toting rebels and an unflinching government with soaring arias.
It has therefore become necessary for voice instructors to be equally comfortable teaching both music theater and classical techniques such as bel canto. This document serves as a resource for instructors seeking more information on defining and teaching vocal styles in music theater including legit, mix, and belt.
BEL CANTO (15) HH HHH OPERA is the music of love in this hostage drama which is a flat, tuneless and poorly paced exercise of uncertain rhythm which staggers to a muted crescendo.
BEL CANTO 15 OPERA is the music of love in this hostage drama.
Films Bel Canto 15, 101mins, opens Friday JULIANNE Moore stars as a famous soprano who becomes a hostage after guerrillas swoop on a private concert at rich man's birthday party in South America Eighth Grade 15, 94mins, opens Friday ELSIE Fisher plays a shy, awkward schoolgirl who uses YouTube, Twitter and Instagram to express herself in a way she can't to her father and classmates.
The voice was powerful but the tenor got more approval from the way he used his bel canto gifts to extract beautiful nuances from every phrase.
The star, who had been in hospital since September, was known for her bel canto technique.
Yet no one in the family might have dreamed that the newborn would go on to conquer the lofty summits of coloratura singing, or would be revered as the "queen of bel canto."