bel canto

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bel can·to

 (bĕl kän′tō)
A style of operatic singing characterized by full, even tones and a brilliant display of vocal technique.

[Italian : bel, bello, beautiful + canto, singing.]

bel canto

(ˈbɛl ˈkæntəʊ)
(Music, other) music
a. a style of singing characterized by beauty of tone rather than dramatic power
b. (as modifier): a bel canto aria.
[C19: Italian, literally: beautiful singing]

bel can•to

(ˌbɛl ˈkæn toʊ, -ˈkɑn-)
a smooth cantabile style of operatic singing.
[1890–95; < Italian: literally, fine singing]
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Noun1.bel canto - a style of operatic singingbel canto - a style of operatic singing    
singing, vocalizing - the act of singing vocal music
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The tenor and pianist combined classic Italian bel canto with tango to create a new kind of theatre called Recital CanTango.
Veinte anos despues (ya es un "viejo" de 43), lo unico que ha pasado con el maestro es que ha aumentado su calidad, sus recursos y, claro, su repertorio; aunque cuidando de mantenerse en una franja que no lo lleve a forzarse y dando prioridad al bel canto.
She thrived on the mixture of bel canto and grand opera that flourished in Paris during this period.
Several years later, they have landed the roles of Mimi, Musette, Marcello, and Rodolfo in the nearly forgotten opera La Boheme by Leoncavallo (also known as "the other La Boheme") which is to be produced by the New York Bel Canto Opera.
Manila's opera lovers will have the rare chance to hear two good interpreters of bel canto (beautiful singing) when Romanian diva Nelly Miricioiu holds a concert with Filipino tenor Arthur Espiritu for the first time on April 9, 6 p.
Y es que el Palau de les Arts inauguraba su 11a temporada dedicada al bel canto, y siendo ella una reconocida apasionada de la musica clasica, no podia encontrar un plan mejor.
Donizetti may today be better-known as one of the leading composers of bel canto operas but he also wrote a number of orchestral works, among which is the Sinfonia for Winds in 1817 (which is part of the orchestra's programme).
Bel Canto (Al Quoz) came onto the track very buzzy but walked off relaxed.
Talk to me about bel canto, and what it means to you.
All her own arrangements, this collection traverses styles from Italian bel canto to early Alban Berg.
Ailie-jane currently teaches Bel Canto singing in Morpeth and Berwick as well as her work for the PHD at Edinburgh University.
This recently published volume is designed to inform singers of performance practices employed in what is commonly referred to as the bel canto style of singing, more specifically between 1780-1830.