belaying pin

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be·lay·ing pin

n. Nautical
A short, removable wooden or metal pin fitted in a hole in the rail of a boat and used for securing rigging lines.

belaying pin

(Nautical Terms) nautical a cylindrical, sometimes tapered pin, usually of metal or wood, that fits into a hole in a pin or fife rail: used for belaying

belay′ing pin`

a bar inserted in a ship's rail for belaying a rope.
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Noun1.belaying pin - a wood or metal bar to which a rope can be secured (as on a ship or in mountain climbing)belaying pin - a wood or metal bar to which a rope can be secured (as on a ship or in mountain climbing)
bar - a rigid piece of metal or wood; usually used as a fastening or obstruction or weapon; "there were bars in the windows to prevent escape"
ship - a vessel that carries passengers or freight

belaying pin

n (Naut) → Belegklampe f; (Mountaineering) → (Kletter)haken m
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A belaying pin is found too large to be easily inserted into its hole: the carpenter claps it into one of his ever-ready vices, and straightway files it smaller.
He knew, or at least he used, but two arguments in his dealings with them--a belaying pin and a revolver--nor is it likely that the motley aggregation he signed would have understood aught else.
I used the iron belaying pin that appeared in the evidence.
And if the second mate hap- pened to be there (he had generally one day in three free of fever) I would find him sitting on the skylight half senseless, as it were, and with an idiotic gaze fastened on some object near by--a rope, a cleat, a belaying pin, a ringbolt.