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or bel·dame  (bĕl′dəm, -dăm)
An old woman, especially one who is considered ugly.

[Middle English, grandmother : bel, indicating respect (from Old French bel, fine, from Latin bellus; see deu- in Indo-European roots) + dame, lady; see dame.]


(ˈbɛldəm) or


1. archaic an old woman, esp an ugly or malicious one; hag
2. an obsolete word for grandmother
[C15: from bel- grand (as in grandmother), from Old French bel beautiful, from Latin bellus + dam mother, variant of dame]


(ˈbɛl dəm, -dæm)

also bel•dame

(-dəm, -ˌdeɪm)

an old woman, esp. an ugly one; hag.
[1400–50; late Middle English: grandmother <bel- grand- (< Middle French bel fine; see belle) + dam mother (see dam 2]
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Noun1.beldam - an ugly evil-looking old womanbeldam - an ugly evil-looking old woman  
old woman - a woman who is old
2.beldam - a woman of advanced agebeldam - a woman of advanced age    
old woman - a woman who is old


or beldame
An ugly, frightening old woman:
Slang: biddy.
Archaic: trot.
References in classic literature ?
If ever you listen to these beldames again, I'll bite you.
You're gossiping like a pair of beldames," she chided them.
The moment he produced the glittering earbobs, the whimpering and whining of the sempiternal beldame was at an end.
But it was not the withered hand of the angry old beldame that fell on the managerial ear, but the envelope itself, the cause of all the trouble, the magic envelope that opened with the blow, scattering the bank-notes, which escaped in a fantastic whirl of giant butterflies.
I have a curiosity to hear my fortune told: therefore, Sam, order the beldame forward.