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Capable of eliciting belief or trust. See Synonyms at plausible.

be·liev′a·bil′i·ty n.
be·liev′a·bly adv.
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Adv.1.believably - in a believable manner; "he acted believably sincere"
unbelievably - in an unbelievable manner; "he was unbelievably angry"
implausibly, improbably, incredibly, unbelievably - not easy to believe; "behind you the coastal hills plunge to the incredibly blue sea backed by the Turkish mountains"
2.believably - easy to believe on the basis of available evidence; "he talked plausibly before the committee"; "he will probably win the election"
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Vejonis, most believably, arrived in KNAB's closed yard in a car.
The stumbling blocks in their relationship are depicted realistically, convincingly and believably, as are both imperfect lead characters.
It may be recalled that an improvised Explosive Device (IED) explosion believably targeting the security forces in North Waziristan agency Wednesday morning had resulted in the martyrdom of three soldiers and serious wounds to two others.
Both main characters are sensitively and believably drawn, and their progress through seemingly insurmountable differences will keep any reader glued to the page.
Trump, as per Sorkin, "a really dumb guy with an observable psychiatric disorder," isn't truly psychologically complex enough, nor articulate or facile enough with the English language, for even a zhuzhed up stand-in to believably execute the writer's famously tricky dialogue, and besides, the reality of the Sorkin alternate universe, with its elaborate Gilbert and Sullivan parodies and pro-choice Republican presidential candidates, is that no one as vulgar, stupid, and patently self-serving and unqualified would ever be approved for entry.
In other words, even before individual jokes were thought up, the storyline had to be funny-and, believably so.
Bamford makes for an unpredictable but winning tour guide, managing the neat trick of being both believably guileless and winningly sharp.
It was acted beautifully and believably. The big reveal towards the end was predictable but this psychological thriller was no less enjoyable for that.
Cook may sound improbable, author Leslie Connor pulls these elements together beautifully and believably. She's a gifted storyteller who creates a memorable bunch of multidimensional characters.
A satisfying set of interactions and twists keeps the story fast-paced, ever-changing, and fun; all cemented by a believably feisty young protagonist.
The boy's viewpoint believably shows his marginal upbringing by an anarchist father as they run from Sweden, to Denmark, and, finally, into Copenhagen.
Displaying a range of strokes varying from believably bad to unbelievably good, the gaggle made it back to the clubhouse after nine holes of golf and teeth gnashing in the sunshine.