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Verb1.believe in - have a firm conviction as to the goodness of something; "John believes in oat bran"
believe - accept as true; take to be true; "I believed his report"; "We didn't believe his stories from the War"; "She believes in spirits"
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1. To regard (something) as true or real:
Slang: buy, swallow.
2. To have confidence in the truthfulness of:
Idiom: take at one's word.
3. To have an opinion:
Informal: figure, judge.
Idiom: be of the opinion.
4. To view in a certain way:
5. To regard in an appraising way:
phrasal verb
believe in
To place trust or confidence in:
bank on (or upon), count on (or upon), depend on (or upon), reckon on (or upon), rely on (or upon), trust (in).
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věřit v
trúa á
veriť v

w>believe in

vi +prep obj
God, ghostsglauben an (+acc)
(= have trust in) promisesglauben an (+acc); method alsoVertrauen haben zu; to believe in oneselfan sich selbst glauben; the boss/his mother still believes in himder Chef/seine Mutter glaubt immer noch an ihn; please believe in mebitte haben Sie Vertrauen zu mir; he doesn’t believe in medicine/doctorser hält nicht viel von Medikamenten/Ärzten
(= support idea of) to believe in something(prinzipiell) für etw sein; he believes in getting up earlyer ist überzeugter Frühaufsteher; he believes in giving people a second chanceer gibt prinzipiell jedem noch einmal eine Chance; I don’t believe in compromisesich halte nichts von Kompromissen, ich bin gegen Kompromisse
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(biˈliːv) verb
1. to regard (something) as true. I believe his story.
2. to trust (a person), accepting what he says as true. I believe you.
3. to think (that). I believe he's ill.
beˈlievable adjective
beˈlief (-f) noun
1. faith or trust. I have no belief in his ability.
2. (often in plural) something believed. Christian beliefs.
beˈliever noun
a person who has (especially religious) beliefs. a true believer.
believe in
to accept the existence or recognize the value of (something). Do you believe in ghosts?; He believes in capital punishment.
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The Minister said we all are Muslims and strongly believe in Khatam-e-Nabuwat.
PC Stan Baker, Bromsgrove's crime reduction officer, said: "Most of the break-ins have happened during lunchtime or the afternoon and we believe in many cases thieves are watching people."
In a column I did last November, I described a particularly noxious example of this from Ringgold, Ga., where the city council had voted to display in the main entrance of the city building a framed Ten Commandments poster, a framed Lord's Prayer manuscript, and on the opposite wall, an empty picture frame for what sponsor Bill McMillon called "people who believe in nothing." (The council decided to print the words "in recognition of those with other faiths" to mute the national criticism of the "believe in nothing" remark.)