bell shape

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Noun1.bell shape - the shape of a bellbell shape - the shape of a bell      
curve, curved shape - the trace of a point whose direction of motion changes
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SAFs with dumb bell shape were more common in the left side in the present study which matches the report of Kintu et al [8] but as per study reports of Lalit et al, [6] Ashita et al [7] and Girish & Shishir, [9] right side dominates over left side.
To make this easier, ThirdLove has studied women's breasts and come up with a Breast Shape Dictionary which identifies seven different shapes: slender, asymmetric, bell shape, round, east west.
Bell shape and triangular membership functions were proposed in developing the fuzzy rule-based model.
You receive a Bell Shape Horn; this does not adapt to the instruction plate above
Pakistan is currently experiencing a demographic transition from a pyramid shape to bell shape or in other words, a population bulge is moving from infants to adolescents.
The foil was fashioned into a bell on a stalk with a much smaller bell shape on the other end.
A unique interlocking bell shape joint eliminates the need for couplings and makes assembly easy and rapid.
The final judgment must be made by checking the criteria for normality: symmetry, bell shape, unimodality, and fit to the equation for normality.