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Having legs that flare out at the bottom: bell-bottom pants.


1. Also, bell′-bot`tomed. (of trousers) wide and flaring at the bottoms of the legs.
2. bell-bottoms, (used with a pl. v.) bell-bottom trousers.
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Adj.1.bell-bottom - (of trousers) having legs that flare at the bottombell-bottom - (of trousers) having legs that flare at the bottom; "bell-bottomed trousers"
bottomed - having a bottom of a specified character
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Clothing line Betabrand has collaborated with the actor to create a specialized collection named 'Bill Bottoms' to crowdfund for the cause of bringing back the style of bell-bottom.
I recall a time in my teenage years when bell-bottom trousers were so popular I could have wagered that they were here to stay.
A little bird told me that you and Dommi had a bell-bottom showdown at high noon.
Bell-bottom trousers, long-haired youth and a thriving music scene spring to mind.
Eve, now 92, had joined the Women's Royal Navy Service at 19 as she liked their bell-bottom trousers and "saucy hats" and was training on HMS Warrington in Lancashire.
Mr Lord - who admits he's be digging out his bell-bottom pants - said: "The 60s were the heyday of the mini and scooters, the Beatles, Elvis and Sinatra.
There is a clear festival look with the use of natural shades of terracotta and coral as well as hyper-wide palazzo and bell-bottom pants.
The bell-bottom wearing woman is one who appreciates the "vintage" look.
Fidel Castro and other revolutionary leaders weren't sure what to make of the Beatles' long hair and bell-bottom jeans.
But while the average circumference of a bell-bottom in the Seventies was a whopping 26in, this time around the hemlines are much easier to manage.
From Monsoon, these bell-bottom jeans are pounds 50.
We sold buttons, ribbons, but mostly braid that hippies would sew onto their bell-bottom jeans.