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Adj.1.bellbottom - (of trousers) having legs that flare at the bottombellbottom - (of trousers) having legs that flare at the bottom; "bell-bottomed trousers"
bottomed - having a bottom of a specified character
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Richie, on other hand, is wearing a white cropped top and printed bellbottom pants.
Lava lamps, Raleigh bikes, bellbottom jeans, gaudy lampshades and platform shoes - yes, I am talking about the 70s.
Conclusive proof that it's not just Mr Cowell's high waisted, bellbottom jeans that are stuck in the past.
The hip-hugger, bellbottom blue jeans become an anti-establishment statement.
Not taking out a patent on all the styles I originated in the 60s like the ponytail and bow, bellbottom trousers, the buccaneer shirt, the buckle shoes, the ripped pants and everything else I wore that became the fashion in those days.
Rockwell walked over to take a look, but when Elizabeth saw him coming she recognized the famous illustrator in his trademark white bellbottom pants and holding his signature pipe.
She hated my tight bellbottom jeans, and huffily said, 'I never wore a pair of trousers in my life!' She wouldn't even utter the word 'pants" When I saw her photo album from Elkhead [Colorado], there she was, on skis, in a pair of wool 'trousers.'"
Love or loathe this style, there's no denying that bellbottom jeans take inches off your thighs as the wide leg gives the illusion that your hips are slimmer and - worn with platforms - they'll make your legs look longer, too.
Known for his flashy clothes, wild hair and arm-waving theatrical rants against government prosecutors and tax collectors, Traficant even drew some subdued chuckles from lawmakers when he quipped about using a 'Weed Wacker' to cut his hair and referred to his 70s-style bellbottom trousers.
Bellbottom trousers, puffball skirts, unused woks, old mobile phone chargers and abandoned exercise bikes are just some of the items stashed away.
Universal and versatile, it's a fashion staple that evolves easily - from bellbottoms during the '70s to acid washes in the '80s; to mom jeans and bootcut shapes in the '90s to skinny jeans during 2000s - proving that it never goes out of style throughout time.
Pair your bright colored bralettes with your favorite summer shorts or you can pair them with the denim bellbottoms, suggests Sneha Mehta, Founder, Kukoon The Label.