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n.1.trousers with legs that flare; commonly worn as part of a sailor's uniform; - such absurdly wide hems were also fashionable in the 1960s.
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Universal and versatile, it's a fashion staple that evolves easily - from bellbottoms during the '70s to acid washes in the '80s; to mom jeans and bootcut shapes in the '90s to skinny jeans during 2000s - proving that it never goes out of style throughout time.
Pair your bright colored bralettes with your favorite summer shorts or you can pair them with the denim bellbottoms, suggests Sneha Mehta, Founder, Kukoon The Label.
The artist regrets that she "can't seem to learn anything about who Pan actually is." Invested with grief, pleasure, and unnameable affective excesses, Pan's imaginary body is indexed in Psychedelic Outfit (Sweatshirt and Bellbottoms).
Out went style and in came lime green bellbottoms as staff at the Workforce employment agency, Stanley Street, committed fashion crimes to boost the MacMillan Nurses cancer care charity.
It's the summer solstice meets the "Summer of Love"; spells and potions and superstition rub elbows with riots and music festivals and bellbottoms. Hoffman handles this commingling beautifully, and the fact that her fantasy is grounded in reality makes it feel grittier and more tangible.
There is something about the 70s style that I love and this style also translates wonderfully into interiors such as using the colour orange but perhaps not the bellbottoms!
After watching Ansel Elgort's Baby, an orphaned getaway drive with Tinnitus and a life-affirming love of music, help bank robbers escape authorities by outsmarting them through a long-winded, high-speed chase, all the while soundtracked to The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion's "Bellbottoms," the actor dished about his unique role.
A white trouser suit had bellbottoms and a fur jacket.
In "Dark Shadows," Depp plays Barnabas Collins, a vampire awoken from a 200 year slumber in the year 1972, only to find himself in culture shock as he catches up with trends of the time like bellbottoms, lava lamps, and Barry White.
While Ash is in a flower print dress that gives the feel of the 80' s, Akki wears a blush pink floral print shirt topped off with checked bellbottoms. Ash also wears her plastic smile.
Many of the boys wore their blue Air Training Corps uniforms, some attended on certain days in matlo's bellbottoms and jumpers if they were sea cadets and, here and there, items of service dress like khaki or blue pullovers were seen.