belle époque

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belle é·poque

An era of artistic and cultural refinement in a society, especially in France from the late 19th century until the beginning of World War I.

[French : belle, beautiful + époque, era.]

belle époque

(bɛl epɔk)
(Historical Terms) the period of comfortable well-established life in Europe before World War I
[literally: fine period]

belle é•poque

(ˌbɛl eɪˈpɔk)

the period of peace and cultural productivity in W Europe before the outbreak of World War I.
[< French]
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There are seven films in the Open Air program, including those that have won prestigious film awards: "Pain and Glory" directed by Pedro Almodovar, " 'Les Miserables' directed by Ladj Ly, Joon Ho Bong winner of the Cannes Golden Palm for "Parasite", "Stitches" by Miroslav Terzic, "It Must Be Heaven" by Elia Suleiman, "La Belle Epoque" by Nicolas Bedos.
Bride and Groom: Jess Dolby, 29, Tom Jones, 24, both of Marton Married at: La Belle Epoque, Petit Chateau, Northumberland When?
La Belle Epoque left its Knutsford premises in June, with brides and grooms claiming to have been left in the lurch.
In this play, set during the "belle epoque," a woman, suspecting her lawyer husband of having an affair, plots to catch him in the act.
Enjoy a taste of the decadent French Belle Epoque period at Hotel Banke in Paris.
Run by Polish ex-pats Jakub and Lukas, newly-opened wine bar and coffee house La Belle Epoque has much of the furnishings being reclaimed from salvage yards.
The artist's extraordinary posters evoked the vibrant, bohemian atmosphere of Paris at the end of the 19th century, the era known as La Belle Epoque.
It explores the sociological and cultural background of the Belle Epoque and its influence on Debussy and his music.
He has opened La Belle Epoque in the same place where, in 1977, he opened Le Jardin du Paris.
Venice from [euro]205pp: La Serenissima beckons for three nights on B&B at the three-star Belle Epoque Hotel.
La communaute touristique dans la region du Souss, voire le Maroc tout entier, se souviendra certainement de la belle epoque ou les pays des Vikings avaient comme preference le balneaire, avec a sa tete la baie d'Agadir.
Le president de l'IHF Hassan Mostapha s'est rappele de la belle epoque durant laquelle [beaucoup moins que] l'Algerie etait un pays leader en handball [beaucoup plus grand que].