belly landing

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intr.v. bel·ly-land·ed, bel·ly-land·ing, bel·ly-lands
To land an aircraft on its underside without aid of landing gear.

belly landing n.

belly landing

(Aeronautics) the landing of an aircraft on its fuselage without use of its landing gear
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The main gear does not fully retract leaving the wheels exposed decreasing damage in an emergency belly landing.
The last remaining Sea Vixen plane, known as the Foxy Lady, did a "belly landing" with its wheels up.
This year, the emergency scenario involved an Airbus A320 that was forced to make a belly landing due to a hydraulic failure, causing it to crash and veer off the runway, erupting into flames.
Filmed in black and white so the production could use B-17 footage from Twelve O'Clock High (including a spectacular belly landing by legendary stunt pilot Paul Mantz), The War Lover had only three B-17s for the shoot.
Mundo explained that even without the landing gear, the aircraft was able to do a "belly landing" using its belly as the primary landing device.
Their thoughts apparently were the same as ours: We possibly would land without down-and-locked gear, resulting in a belly landing.
And, in another Scimitar in April 1963, he suffered a hydraulics failure and made a belly landing at Lossiemouth in Scotland.
In September 1961 in a Scimitar jet he suffered a bird strike while flying at low level and in another Scimitar in April 1963 he suffered a hydraulics failure and made a belly landing at Lossiemouth.
It is important to note that all modern jets and turboprop aircraft, including the 737, are built to withstand a safe nose or belly landing without landing gears down.
Both, however land under parachute although a belly landing option is available on request.
They said the pilot tried to glide safely towards the runway, quite late, at 150 feet; he communicated with the control tower in Masbate also quite late, at 150 feet; he failed to resort to belly landing to float the plane and allow passengers to get out safely.
On that same day, tragedy was averted narrowly when another retardant air tanker was forced to make a belly landing because its gear failed to deploy.