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1. A band passed around the belly of an animal to secure something.
2. An encircling band for holding in a baby's protruding navel.
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(Agriculture) a strap around the belly of a draught animal, holding the shafts of a vehicle
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(ˈbɛl iˌbænd)

1. a band worn around the belly, as of a harnessed horse or of an infant to protect the navel.
2. a protective band around a package.
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A part of horse harness. (See also Belly button band.)
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Noun1.bellyband - a cloth band that is worn around the waist (as on infants until the navel has healed)
band - a thin flat strip of flexible material that is worn around the body or one of the limbs (especially to decorate the body)
2.Bellyband - a strap around the belly of a draft animal holding the shafts of a wagonbellyband - a strap around the belly of a draft animal holding the shafts of a wagon
fastening, holdfast, fastener, fixing - restraint that attaches to something or holds something in place
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A self-made hemi-spherical gauze cushion and elastic bellyband (Figure 1) was used for local compression to promote the return of the bulged content.
One product that dominates the display, and another product lines the shelf two-thirds of the way up (also known as the bellyband and shown here on the second shelf).
In addition, TFI Envision developed a 'bellyband' to go around the product to call out brand name and 2-Pack so that if the product was shelved flat, it would still be easily identified by the shopper.
The Glock 42 utilizes a slim frame that's just short enough to make it great for concealment in a purse, a bellyband or on a patrolman's vest, yet you don't feel like you're grasping it with only two fingers.
The Frederic Fekkai set-up box, which Arkay produced, features a textured, linen-type embossed outer package, with a gold label, vellum printed material, and a bellyband, "The most interesting part," says Kaneff, "is that from an innovative standpoint, we used a paperboard inner cell to hold the products in place.
And then there's the Bellyband, a wide strip of elastic cloth with a pocket to carry a gun.
This offers two advantages--low erosion of the refractories at the bellyband area and repeatable dosing accuracy as the ceramic ladle seeks a fixed point at the dipwell.
Ellie Bellyband's phone rang; without looking up she lifted the receiver an inch and let it fall.
Another handy thing to have along is an elastic bellyband holster; Gould & Goodrich makes a very nice one.
The iconic U by Kotex black logo stands out against the saturated colors and is accompanied by a black bellyband that wraps around the package, creating a ribbon, gift-like effect.
Of course, it works in a good bellyband rig as well, and the gun is a natural for the various quality fanny packs.