belt maker

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Noun1.belt maker - a maker of belts
maker, shaper - a person who makes things
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Meanwhile, Manny Salfaison, who after visiting a local belt maker nearby, went to Loyola Memorial Park to pay respects to his departed father-in-law on All Saints' Day.
Autoliv, the Swedish-American air bag and seat belt maker, is spinning off its driverless-electronics business.
6 September 2016 - UK-based conveyor belt maker Fenner plc (LSE: FENR) has sold Tucson, Arizona-based catheter maker Xeridiem Medical Devices, Inc to Wisconsin-based specialty packaging products company PPC Industries, Inc for a consideration of USD 10.5m, payable in cash, the company said.
said that Maso, a belt maker from Marawi City, was watching Pacquiao's match against Chris Algieri when Ali Kan entered his house and fired two shots at his face, killing him instantly.
VMI previously received two awards in the Manufacturing Innovation category in past years for the Maxx tire building machine (2009) and the Flexx belt maker (2013).