beluga caviar

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Noun1.beluga caviar - roe of beluga sturgeon usually from Russiabeluga caviar - roe of beluga sturgeon usually from Russia; highly valued
Acipenser huso, beluga, hausen, white sturgeon - valuable source of caviar and isinglass; found in Black and Caspian seas
caviar, caviare - salted roe of sturgeon or other large fish; usually served as an hors d'oeuvre
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But Iran continues to produce lighter grey Beluga caviar, which is why it has gained its reputation for being the 'ne plus ultra' food.
Nootkatone, used in citrus soft drinks, confectionery and perfumes, is one of the most challenging ingredients to access in the world and costs about the same as beluga caviar - at London department store Fortnum & Mason this sells at PS215 for 100g.
Even if it does have fois gras, beluga caviar & truffle.
Obviously, we're eager to hear more journalists moaning about room service at their hotel inexplicably running out of Beluga caviar (#BasicInfrastructure #Fail).
The Royale Brunch offers guests a bottle of Dom Perignon each and Beluga Caviar.
The beggar's purse was a voluptuous serving of Beluga caviar and sour cream spooned onto the center of a crepe, the ends of which were then gathered up and tied with a bow of chive.
In 1992, the City Hall's management revealed Bassey had demanded Beluga caviar for after-show nibbles.
Nestling between the crustless, lightly toasted three slices of bread, hungry travellers will find Beluga Caviar, A5 Wagyu beef, Balik salmon, sliced black pork bacon, Iberico ham, Belgian figs, sliced Roma tomato, Romaine lettuce, cucumber, French chicken, Italian organic egg, mayonnaise, mesclun salad and green asparagus.
OPTIMISTIC publican Gary Stanton is ready to add Beluga caviar to his menu and serve vodka martinis if Daniel Craig moves to Leek Wootton, near Kenilworth.
The full seven-course menu is a closely guarded secret, though Chef Ulherr did reveal the signature dish: a Tom Yam creamy spaghetti with Iranian Beluga caviar infused with lemongrass, ginger and chilli.
whales to swap beluga caviar for bootlegged tapes of Frank