or be·med·alled  (bĭ-mĕd′ld)
Decorated with or wearing medals.


(bɪˈmɛd ld)

adorned with many medals.
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Despite missing out on the overall title, Cebu City still has something to cheer about as Aldrener Igot completed his quest to become the meet's most bemedaled athlete.
Meanwhile, Cebu City's harvest came from arnis where it won 11 golds, and archery with eight golds - all courtesy of Aldrener Igot Jr., who became the most bemedaled athlete in the tournament.
Magvrylle Matchino of Laguna also took the spotlight as she emerged the most bemedaled athlete in centerpiece athletics with five golds and a silver.
Mangaoang, the Fil-American who is representing the country for the first time, came out as the Philippines' most bemedaled bet after also nabbing the gold-her third-in the 200m breast in 2:34.38.
'This tournament serves as the gauge if we can go toe-to-toe with Asia's top bowlers in the coming Asian Games, especially in the men's division,'' added Coo, a four-time World Champion and the country's most bemedaled athlete.
"I wanted to come back and finish my career how I wanted and this was the cherry on top of the cake," the bemedaled athlete said.
One after another they surface: bemedaled generals coming out of well-pensioned retirements to salute themselves for their military careers of duty-honor-country-valor.
Against all common sense and moral propriety, the bemedaled flag officers of the Pentagon put women on the front lines and turned the military into a social-services agency.
Not the President, nor Congress, nor the bemedaled pit-bulls staffing the Pentagon...
One searches desperately through the work of a poet who has been bemedaled and belaureled many times for a single poem worthy of the name.
Glorious leader, bemedaled and embalmed, you lie at last a relic, marble-biered in state, while masses of my peasant selves, black-shawled, file past to view what was my tyrant heart.
Crowds applauding the bemedaled texts: victorious; heroic; humble, even, out of context.