bench warmer

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Noun1.bench warmer - (sports) a substitute who seldom playsbench warmer - (sports) a substitute who seldom plays
athletics, sport - an active diversion requiring physical exertion and competition
second-stringer, substitute, reserve - an athlete who plays only when a starter on the team is replaced
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His is an extraordinary story, from being a bench warmer to bagging Olympic gold.
I am not going to be a backbencher or bench warmer.
The 28 year-old was a bench warmer under Steve Cotterill but new boss Garry Monk (right) has turned to him for help in trying to break clear of the drop zone.
Moore has been a bench warmer 11 times this season but incredibly is Ayr's top scorer with one more than Shankland.
"If he wants to be a bench warmer again then good luck to him." Alex Spencer ENTERTAINMENT: The Assembly Rooms will mark its 240th birthday this week.
No one is a free rider; no one is a bench warmer: Everyone has a positive contribution to make towards the institution being able to make big and confident strides towards the attainment of its vision over time.
BRUNTON'S HEATSYNC BENCH WARMER, PS49.50, FROM ALLOUTDOOR.CO.UK LIKE the idea of going out hiking but put off by having to stop to catch your breath/have a rest in cold weather?
Their HeatSync products include this bench warmer. Simply connect it to a portable power device, Brunton's Revolt 9000 or 4000 (5V/2.1Amp) is recommended and almost instantly Cobra AirWave Mini Bluetooth Speaker PS14.99, from WANT to create a T soundtrack to your day out?
An unusual accomplishment for a bench warmer? Not at this World Cup.
The big Croat saw new boy Arouna Kone nick his starting spot but came off the bench to score a brace and show the PS5m signing from Wigan he is not going to be a bench warmer this season.
They have multiple skill levels available featuring wood and metal bat divisions for all playing abilities from the bench warmer to the former college/professional player.