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n. Sports
A substitute player on a team.


(General Sporting Terms) sport informal US a player who is usually on the bench; reserve


(ˈbɛntʃˌwɔr mər)

n. Sports.
a substitute who rarely gets to play in a game.


[ˈbentʃˌwɔːməʳ] N (US) (Sport) → calientabanquillos m
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BENCHWARMER Leighton McIntosh hopes a lastminute leveller gave not just Raith a headache but his Arbroath gaffer too.
The back four are very good but need Pritchard in the team for a good run - PS12m for a benchwarmer is crazy to my mind.
If a week is a long time in football, three months is an age - and for Michael Keane it was a period which saw him tumble from promising young England wannabe hoping to gild his game under a football legend, to Everton benchwarmer under the management of a more prosaic performer in that position.
BORO benchwarmer Brad Guzan admits it is getting frustrating being a spectator.
The 23-year-old refused to feel frustrated after being a benchwarmer last season, with Tomas Cerny in firm control as Jags' No.
Wolves benchwarmer Jamie O'Hara allegedly cheated on his wife of two years after meeting a woman at Bushwackers nightclub in the city centre.
Pujara may have lost his place in Punjab's XI, but as it happens to any benchwarmer in a winning dressing room, his spirits are high.
Skipper Sam Warburton's serious shoulder injury has opened the door for Tipuric this summer and the Ospreys star plans to make the most of his opportunity following a disappointing championship when he was a regular benchwarmer.
In "Recollection of a High School Benchwarmer," the author focuses on the camaraderie of a group of benchwarmers, their longings to play in the game, and the activities (makeshift bowling) they engage in as they wait.
Until now, a year since Lin out of nowhere burst into the spotlight in the National Basketball Association (NBA) as an unlikely benchwarmer turned hero for the New York Knicks, the hoopla surrounding "Linsanity" is still being felt strongly here in the Philippines.
Then another benchwarmer, Danny Ward, pounced three minutes into added time to seal it.
Miami Heat benchwarmer Dexter Pittman decided to get his name out there during garbage minutes of the Heat's game four victory over the Indiana Pacers.