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Noun1.bendability - the property of being easily bent without breakingbendability - the property of being easily bent without breaking
flexibility, flexibleness - the property of being flexible; easily bent or shaped
pliancy, pliantness, suppleness - the property of being pliant and flexible
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Nustone's most important feature, and the very reason that it stands out from its competitors, is its strong elasticity and bendability.
This ratio induces extraordinary physical and chemical properties, including a high degree of bendability.
These parameters are taken care of over and beyond the requirements for strength, elongation, hardness, toughness, bendability and dimensional accuracy.
Another plus going for OLED and Micro-LED is bendability, which could pave the way for an all-glass iWatch, its screen partly extending to the straps, and an iPhone 6 with curved display that allows for optimal viewing in multiple angles.
The bendability of the 960 QL grades exceeds the standard - a minimum bending radius of 3.
Abstract: Electronics on very thin substrates have shown remarkable bendability, conformability and lightness, which are important attributes for biological tissues sensing, wearable or implantable devices.
Such solvents might allow a material to retain its bendability for months or years.
Thus, not only adequate strength but also strength uniformity among rebars is important apart from bendability and weldability.
With the CE Certificate, Gulf Extrusions products are proven to conform to European Standards in achieving the minimum values for tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, fatigue strength and bendability.
Influence of Rib Dimension of Reinforcing Bars on Bond and Bendability, ACI Journal 76(1): 111-125.
Made of stainless steel cable (but with tips that stay cool to the touch), Fire Wire holds more than twice as much food as a regular skewer and, because of its bendability, can be snaked over even the smallest of grill surfaces.
The rigid base was manufactured in Glass filled Nylon and then the hinge part, between the top and bottom part of the SAC, needed to be manufactured in Nylon to ensure bendability.