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Ben Day

also ben·day or Ben·day  (bĕn-dā′)
A method of adding a tone to a printed image by imposing a transparent sheet of dots or other patterns on the image at some stage of a photographic reproduction process.

[After Benjamin Henry Day (1838-1916), American printer.]
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vb (tr)
(Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) to produce using the Ben Day process
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Verb1.benday - reproduce by the Benday process
engrave, etch - carve or cut into a block used for printing or print from such a block; "engrave a letter"
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benday dots and raster of echinacea daisies crowding the scene dwarf
Onto the dirty pink surface of a standard Sheetrock panel, he transfers photocopies of Calvin Klein ads, citing Roy Lichtenstein's grids of Benday dots and Robert Rauschenberg's solvent-based rubbing technique.
The artist was inspired by comic-strips and advertising and was famous for using his signature hand-painted Benday dots.
In print, when all four colours are present together the image is smooth and uninterrupted; the effect when only a single colour is printed is akin to the Benday dots of old newsprint or a monochromatic Lichtensteinian Pop Art.
Ask students to offer examples of how the picture looks like a comic book (primary colors, black outline, Benday dot pattern).
In the same room one finds Dumb Compass, Infinity, and Davy Jones' Tear, representing "abstract," almost oracular teardrops or eyes rendered in silkscreen, drips, ink blots, Benday dots, and calligraphic brushstrokes.
Lichtenstein absorbed and read back a hundred years of art history in a blaze of primary colors and Benday dots.
Roy Lichtenstein staring out through a Benday screen as the ultimate square-jawed comic-book creep?
A multi-coloured Benday dot pattern (based on a photograph of a cloudy sky) is imprinted on the glass roof panels, giving the surface an almost textile-like quality as light dapples and filters through different layers of colour and glass.
For the first time, huge canvases filled with images and text blown up from comic books were hung on white walls--their saturated colors and stylized forms vibrating against backgrounds of enlarged Benday dots.
He rescues Bagdad Saloon from undeserved obscurity, and makes striking comparisons between this work and that of Roy Lichtenstein--in particular, Lichtenstein's use of Benday dots in such a way that the very question of the ontological stability of representation itself is called into question.