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1. A blessing.
2. An invocation of divine blessing, usually at the end of a church service.
3. often Benediction Roman Catholic Church A short service consisting of prayers, the singing of a Eucharistic hymn, and the blessing of the congregation with the host.
4. An expression of good wishes.

[Middle English benediccioun, from Old French benedicion, from Latin benedictiō, benedictiōn-, from benedictus, past participle of benedīcere, to bless : bene, well; see deu- in Indo-European roots + dīcere, to speak; see deik- in Indo-European roots.]

ben′e·dic′tive, ben′e·dic′to·ry (-dĭk′tə-rē) adj.


relating to a benediction or blessing
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Adj.1.benedictive - expressing benedictionbenedictive - expressing benediction    
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One of the distinctive aspects of Lewis's benedictive descriptions is its reverse anthropomorphism--what I regard as a profound and committed arbomorphism: the honor he bestows on the Pan-livingness of trees is conveyed by a metaphoric taxonomy in which people are privileged to take on the qualities of trees, as the human being becomes reduced to an organic essence:
The s[]tra indicates that the imperative markers tu and hi can optionally (anyatarasyam) be replaced by the affix tat when a benedictive sense (asih) is intended.
Chief among its strengths is the use of material from archives at Marquette and Notre Dame Universities and the Benedictive abbey of St.