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 (bĕn′ĭ-zən, -sən)
A blessing; a benediction.

[Middle English, from Old French beneison, from Latin benedictiō, benedictiōn-, praising; see benediction.]


(ˈbɛnɪzən; -sən)
(Ecclesiastical Terms) archaic a blessing, esp a spoken one
[C13: from Old French beneison, from Latin benedictiō benediction]


(ˌbɛn ɪˈdɪk ʃən)

1. an utterance of good wishes.
2. the invocation of a blessing, esp. the short blessing closing a religious service.
3. (usu. cap.) a Roman or Anglo-Catholic service that includes a blessing of the congregation with the Host in the monstrance.
4. something that imparts a benefit.
[1400–50; late Middle English (< Middle French) < Latin benedictiō]
ben•e•dic•to•ry (ˌbɛn ɪˈdɪk tə ri) adj.
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Noun1.benison - a spoken blessingbenison - a spoken blessing      
benediction, blessing - a ceremonial prayer invoking divine protection
References in classic literature ?
Now blow out the trumpets, and may God's benison be with the honest men
Good-night, and Our Lady's benison,'' said the Palmer, with composure; and his guide moved forward.
I wouldn't have missed Dot, doing the honours in her wedding-gown, my benison on her bright face
SEC Enforcement and Investor Protection Director Jose Aquino filed the complaint against the company's executives, including Joseph Calata, president; Benison Paul De Torres, chief financial officer; and board directors Conrado Zablan, Johnny Uy, Halmond Parker Ong, and Edmund Solilapsi.
His heartbroken parents broke down in tears as Benison, 26, was handed a nine-month suspended sentence at Teesside Crown Court yesterday.
Regretfully, as a consequence of this change, Liz Benison, currently Chief Executive of UK & Europe Local & Regional Government, will leave the Group.
Sandrine Brissett's controversial biography of Brendan Kennelly was eventually self-published after the poet withdrew his initial benison.
After typhoon Sarika (Philippine name: Karen) made landfall in Aurora province at dawn on Sunday, according to meteorologist Benison Estreja of the state weather bureau, PAGASA, the force of the typhoon's winds weakened from 150km/h to 130km/h as it makes its way towards the west at a speed of 22km/h.
Balbec Capital LP has named Ed Benison as managing director of portfolio operations where he is responsible for the firm's asset management functions around the world including systems and IT, operating compliance and portfolio performance, the company said.
PAGASA weather forecaster Benison Estareja said the typhoon is expected to leave the country's area of responsibility by Thursday evening or Friday morning.
With four minarets and a golden dome, it was designed by Arthur Benison Hubback, a British architect who was also behind the Kuala Lumpur railway station.
Ashington vicar Rev Philip Benison said: "Jack would never understand why people hero-worshipped him; he was staggered when Cardinal Hume wanted his autograph when they were made Freemen of the Newcastle.