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also bent grass  (bĕnt′grăs′)
Any of various grasses of the genus Agrostis that have fine blades, form dense mats, and are often used for lawns, athletic fields, and golf courses.

[From bent.]
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(Plants) any perennial grass of the genus Agrostis, esp A. tenuis, which has a spreading panicle of tiny flowers. Some species are planted for hay or in lawns. Sometimes shortened to: bent
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Walnut Lane, is complete with bentgrass greens, rolling fairways and water on six of nine holes.
"I think it's tough to come to a venue with bentgrass greens and this kind of weather.
It has zoysia grass fairways, juicy fairway rough, and large, bentgrass greens.
Here, we examined the capacity ofMsHsp23to confer tolerance to heat stress (thermotolerance)by heterologous expression in creeping bentgrass. We generated nine independent transgenic creeping bentgrass plants.
National Arboretum, plant geneticist Scott Warnke and his colleagues are using molecular genetics to determine the genetic workings of turf grasses like creeping bentgrass. Creeping bentgrass is one of the species best adapted to use on golf course fairways and putting greens because of its tolerance to low mowing.
During the summer months, creeping bentgrass on golf courses loses out to other species and is often attacked by fungus.
The insect is also a serious pest that feeds on creeping bentgrass, Agrostis palustris Huds., the predominant turfgrass species on golf course putting greens.
As the name suggests, the striking feature of the course is the vast expanses of sand which contrast with the luxuriant green bentgrass fairways.
In the cool-season region of the US, golf course managers traditionally grow creeping bentgrass on putting greens and favour Kentucky bluegrass, creeping bentgrass, or perennial ryegrass for fairways.
"The first thing we did was replant the greens with Champion [Bermudagrass]," Brockington said of the formerly bentgrass surfaces.
Understand also that all the grass species - bluegrass, ryegrass, fescue, and bentgrass - are cool temperature plants.