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1. The collection of organisms living on or in the bottom of a body of water.
2. The bottom of a body of water.


ben′thic (-thĭk), ben·thon′ic (bĕn-thŏn′ĭk) adj.
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Adj.1.benthonic - of or relating to or happening on the bottom under a body of waterbenthonic - of or relating to or happening on the bottom under a body of water
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The culture from planktonic trochophore stage to semi benthonic pediveliger stage lasted from 14 to 18 days at 25[degrees]C and 12 to 16 days at 29[degrees]C, and lead to the obtaining of 17.2 million of pediveliger larvae (64% survival).
Three Larger Benthonic Foraminiferal Biozones SBZ18-SBZ20 of Middle-Late Eocene are recognized.
lee468 I'm content that the risk arising from radioactivity is negligible however the dumping of hundreds of thousands of tons of sediments with high volumes of clay grade particles is going to suffocate all benthonic life forms on the shoals outside Cardiff.
The state of Tabasco is rich in benthonic fauna (Bueno et al., 2005), among which brackish and marine mollusks are relatively well-studied, while terrestrial micromollusk parasite vectors are in need of attention (Espinosa & Ortea, 2009).
Checklist of benthonic marine invertebrates from Malaga Bay (Isla Palma and Los Negritos), Colombian Pacific.
Postlarval stages may remain as freeliving benthonic organism until final cementation on hard substrates when shell size is 2-3 mm (2-3 mo).
However, here it is obviously far more fossiliferous and displaying, for instance, abundant benthonic orbitoidal foraminiferids, red algal rhodoliths, large rudists (Dictyoptychus and Durania) and large gastropods (Campanile and Acteonella) (Figs.
Her topics include the computational theory of unstructured cellular automata, unstructured cellular automata for spatial dynamic ecological modeling, the spatial evolution of benthonic macro-invertebrates under flow regulation using hybrid modeling, and individual-based and spatial-based unstructured cellular automata and applications to aquatic ecosystem modeling.
The productivity of planktonic foraminifera was higher in open pelagic waters and that of benthonic foraminifera was higher in a shallow neritic environment (Van Der Zwaan, 1982; Van Morkhoven et al., 1986; Shahin, 2001).