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An absorbent aluminum silicate clay formed from volcanic ash and used in various adhesives, cements, and ceramic fillers.

[After Benton Formation of the Rock Creek district in eastern Wyoming.]

ben′ton·it′ic (-nĭt′ĭk) adj.


(Geological Science) a valuable clay, formed by the decomposition of volcanic ash, that swells as it absorbs water: used as a filler in the building, paper, and pharmaceutical industries
[C19: from Fort Benton, Montana, USA, where found, + -ite1]


(ˈbɛn tnˌaɪt)

a porous clay that swells to several times its dry volume when absorbing water.
[1895–1900; after Fort Benton, Montana]
ben•ton•it•ic (ˌbɛn tnˈɪt ɪk) adj.
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Noun1.bentonite - an absorbent aluminum silicate clay formed from volcanic ash
clay - a very fine-grained soil that is plastic when moist but hard when fired
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Contract notice: Vuosaari landfill, Bentonite mat and drainage mat
Summary: The untreated bentonite (UB), acid treated bentonite (ATB) and magnetite impregnated bentonite (MIB) has been examined as adsorbents for the removal of Brilliant green (BG) dye from aqueous medium.
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Groups 3, 5 and 7 received vitamin E (150 mg/kg) and groups 4, 6 and 7 received bentonite (5% of feed), respectively.
He'd already read articles about pond repair on our website, and was thinking about rigging up a tarp barrier to isolate an application of bentonite.
3] in turn suggested using adsorbents of a natural origin for cleaning of drains: minerals on the basis of zeolites or silicates, and also peat and bentonite clays.
Aquagel: Premium grade Wyoming sodium bentonite used as viscosifier and filtrate reducer in freshwater drilling fluids.
Two types of bentonite clay are typically used: calcium bentonite and sodium bentonite.
TT Technologies offers a pipe rammer and bentonite system package for oil and gas pipeline installation projects.
When GCL is manufactured it normally has two geosynthetic layers with bentonite in between which swells and becomes impermeable when hydrated.