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A Japanese box lunch, traditionally packed in a partitioned lacquered box and sometimes artfully arranged to resemble familiar characters, animals, or objects.

[Japanese bentō, from late colloquial Middle Chinese pɦjian`taŋ, convenient (also the source of Mandarin biàndāng) : Middle Chinese pɦjian`, convenient (from Old Chinese *bens) + Middle Chinese taŋ, to match, correspond, be capable (from Old Chinese *tâŋ; perhaps akin to Tibetan taṅ, with, together with, and).]


(ˈbɛntəʊ) or

bento box

n, pl -tos
a thin box, made of plastic or lacquered wood, divided into compartments which contain small separate dishes comprising a Japanese meal, esp lunch. Also called: obento
[Japanese bentō box lunch]
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Japanese bentos are eaten lukewarm to cold, which is why there's a pickled plum in the middle of the rice as antibacterial agent.
Most of the harvest from UPM s eucalyptus plantations in Uruguay is used to make pulp at the Fray Bentos mill.
Fray Bentos is more than a corned beef butty or tasty tinned pie.
The Bentos conducted presentations for the company at a Somerville hotel, and allegedly made door-to-door sales pitches in Spanish and Portuguese-speaking communities, the complaint said.
Midlands based Lorien Engineering Solutions is working closely with Baxters Food Group to relocate the production of Fray Bentos pies from Long Sutton, East Anglia to Moray in Scotland.
Midlands based LORIEN ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS is working closely with food group Baxters to relocate the production of Fray Bentos pies from Long Sutton, East Anglia to Moray in Scotland.
LIVERPOOL-BASED Princes Foods has sold its Fray Bentos canned meat pie business.
PRINCES Foods which has its headquarters in Liverpool sold its Fray Bentos canned meat and pies business.
In October, UPM and local peers M-real Oyj (HEL: MRLBV) and Metsaliitto Group agreed that the pulp mill and forests in Fray Bentos, Uruguay, of their joint venture Botnia should be transferred to UPM.
The bento phenomenon has hit the West over the head like a cartoon hammer - and those that have been in the know think it's ridiculous that bentos are only now getting the attention they deserve, both for presentation and nutritional value," says author Christopher D Salyers.