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Wood that has been steamed until pliable and then bent into shape.


a. wood bent in moulds after being heated by steaming, used mainly for furniture
b. (as modifier): a bentwood chair.



1. wood steamed and bent for use in furniture.
2. designating furniture made principally of pieces of wood steamed and bent into curving shapes.
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Noun1.bentwood - wood that is steamed until it becomes pliable and then is shaped for use in making furniturebentwood - wood that is steamed until it becomes pliable and then is shaped for use in making furniture; "bentwood chairs"
wood - the hard fibrous lignified substance under the bark of trees


[ˈbɛntˌwʊd] adjdi legno ricurvo
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Sofas in the train's lounge car were made of bentwood, employing a technique that involved bending wood while combined with steam.
Branded Executive Modular knock down stackable bentwood visitor chair made up of cedar wood, seat & back cushion leatherite (black/brown) 40 density foam, nylon shoes in base
One day, at a machine shop, he saw a bentwood chair, designed by Michael Thonet, a German-Austrian who invented bentwood furniture.
The cover, depicting a Marla-Frazee-like assemblage of readers captivated by their books, is an indication of what's within: An older woman in pearls sips tea and reads The Puttermesser Papers as her dog naps at her feet; a dark-skinned, knee-socks-sporting young girl with a yellow book bag at her side is hunched on stone steps, utterly absorbed in All-of-a-Kind Family; a balding prepster/hipster in gray jeans and deck shoes, curved in on himself in a classic bentwood chair, pores over The Adventures of Kavalier and Clay; a bearded gentleman in a wool tartan cap crosses his legs in a silver bistro chair as he reads Night.
The classic Bentwood bistro furniture was designed in the same era and the chairs painted an 'Arsenic' green colour taken from one of the vaulted ceilings.
Round-backed textured barrel chairs and vintage bentwood chairs add soul.
A chorus of slick moves accompanies every twist and turn of the plot as bodies are draped over bentwood chairs or each other, brows and brims are lowered, fingers clicked and shoulders shimmied.
res, santos, Vienna bentwood, a Filipino hardwood furniture.
The suite is made up of the Chancellor's chair, (the Keeper of Knowledge and Wisdom), a Presidents and Vice-Chancellor's chair, the Keeper of Knowledge, and a bentwood box, out of which the university's graduates will receive their parchments.
He underscored his point when he placed a declaration of action into the Bentwood Box as an act of reconciliation on behalf of the Big City Mayors caucus of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.
I like my accessories to be striking in themselves; sculptural, even - and I think the Bentwood Hat Stand fulfils that while also being immensely practical.
The contemporary Bali Metal Round Mirror, <Babove, is tinged with natural colour to create surprisingly organic feel while Bentwood Hat Stand is traditional and beautiful in style