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Naphthalene has two benzene ring sharing two carbon atoms in the ortho position.
The residue Ser170 established two interactions (backbone donor and acceptor) with hydrogen of hydroxyl group of two cyclic rings and one with oxygen of hydroxyl group of benzene ring of compound 2.
1] reveal the occurrence of 1,2- substitution on benzene ring [27], The peak observed for o-methoxy group in the FTIR spectrum indicates the presence of o-anisidine unit in the POA chain.
The following December, the Chemical Service Section was authorized a distinctive insignia--a benzene ring superimposed in the center of crossed retorts, which was widely considered appropriate and representative of the chemical mission.
99 a binary peak from the CH (C-1) group of the benzene ring can be seen that has coupling constant equal to 8Hz.
1] may be thought to be arising from the substituted benzene ring.
Simply put, chemically, triclosan structure consists of a dichlorobenzene ring attached to oxygen, which is attached to another benzene ring with a chloro and hydroxide ion attached.
1 ppm for methyl groups attached to the benzene ring whereas the chemical resonances for aromatic-H appeared in the range d 7.
They differ by substitutions at the para position on the benzene ring and at one nitrogen residue of the urea moiety.
2), with the cinnamic acids having a double bond between the carboxyl group and the benzene ring.