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 (bĕn′zēn′, bĕn-zēn′) also ben·zin (bĕn′zĭn)


(ˈbɛnziːn; bɛnˈziːn) or


(Chemistry) a volatile mixture of the lighter aliphatic hydrocarbon constituents of petroleum. See ligroin, petroleum ether


(ˈbɛn zin, bɛnˈzin)

also ben•zin

(ˈbɛn zɪn)

a colorless liquid mixture of various hydrocarbons obtained in the distillation of petroleum: used in cleaning and dyeing.
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Noun1.benzine - a colorless liquid hydrocarbon; highly inflammable; carcinogenic; the simplest of the aromatic compounds
aromatic hydrocarbon - a hydrocarbon that contains one or more benzene rings that are characteristic of the benzene series of organic compounds
benzene formula, benzene nucleus, benzene ring, Kekule formula - a closed chain of 6 carbon atoms with hydrogen atoms attached


[ˈbenziːn] Nbencina f


nLeichtbenzin nt
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The dedication ceremony will open with a welcome by Jim Benzin, commander of VFW Post 10396, and include speeches by Mayor Frank Saverino, park district Executive Director Jim Reuter and park Commissioner Jacqueline Jeffery all of whom have been active in the project since its inception.
Hastalarin 679 (%77,3)' unda sicak su yanigi, 82 (%9,3)'sinde alev yanigi, 59 (%6,7)' unda elektrik yanigi, 17 (%1,9)' sinde sicak sut yanigi, 15 (%1,7)' inde sicak metal yanigi, 10 (%1,1)' unda kizgin yag yanigi, 2 (%0,2)' sinde benzin yanigi, 3 (%0,3)' unde yildirim yanigi, 3 (%0,3)' unde kimyasal yanik ve 1(%0,1) hastada gunes yanigi vardi.
"To shape our company, we collaborated directly with parents, creating an ongoing advisory panel," Colleen Benzin, managing director of Apparent Insurance, said in the company's announcement.
Colleen Benzin, managing director of Apparent Insurance, said, 'To shape our company, we collaborated directly with parents, creating an ongoing advisory panel.
Benzene, an important component of gasoline, was adopted into English from the German "Benzin," which in turn was based on the word benzoic acid.
(2.) Sabuncuoglu MZ, Sabuncuoglu A, Dandin O, Benzin MF, Celik G, Sozen I, et al.
In 1930, however, it was also recorded onto vinyl as an individual piece, and a year later it was used in Pudr a benzin (Make-up and Petrol, 1931), a play and film starring Voskovec and Werich.
Bu anlasma, ABD'nin Kuzey Kore'ye enerji amacli kullanilacak iki hafif su reaktoru kurmasi ve bu ulkeye ABD, Guney Kore ve Japonya'nin yapacagi benzin yardimi karsiliginda Cuce rejiminin nukleer politikasini terk etmesini ongormekteydi.
Junior Olivia Benzin posted a school-record round of 6-under to tie for eighth with sophomore teammate Nicole Schroeder, who fired three straight rounds under par while competing as an individual.
Sedimanda Pb konsantrasyonun benzin tuketimine bagli olarak onemli oranlarda degisim gosterdigi belirlenmistir.
(18) These included Pudr a benzin (Honzl 1931; [English-language Title: Powder and Petrol]), Anton Spelec--ostrostrelec (Fric 1932; [English-language Title: Anton Spelec, Sharp-Shooter), Tri vejce do skia (Fric 1937), Cesta do hlubin studdkovy duse (Fric 1939), Kristian (Fric 1939).
(4) Die niedrigeren Betriebskosten ergeben sich aus einem geringeren Energiepreis pro Kilowattstunde im Vergleich zu Benzin und Diesel, hoherer Energieeffizienz und weniger Service- und Wartungsbedarf.