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 (bĕn′zō-ĭl′, -zoil′)
The univalent acyl group C6H5CO-, derived from benzoic acid.


(Elements & Compounds) (modifier) of, consisting of, or containing the monovalent group C6H5CO-: benzoyl group or radical. Systematic name: benzenecarbonyl


(ˈbɛn zoʊ ɪl)
the univalent group C7H5O−, derived from benzoic acid.
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The trial evaluated the efficacy, tolerability and safety of two TWIN concentrations, TWIN High and TWIN Low, containing a higher or lower concentration of encapsulated tretinoin and an identical concentration of encapsulated benzoyl peroxide.
The study enrolled 13 children aged 7-10 years: 5 with acne (3 randomized to treatment with benzoyl peroxide 5% gel or cream and 2 to treatment with tretinoin 0.
The HOMO is delocalized throughout the system except on benzoyl ring and has maxima on C2, C3 and C20 atoms in particular on heteroatoms N1, especially N3 and S for 4a, C1, C4, C31, N1, especially N3 and O for 4b and 4c, C1, C4, C22, N1, especially N3 and N for 4d and C1, C2, C32, N1, especially N3 and S for 4e.
I've seen teens use benzoyl peroxide with salicylic acid with a retinol and a glycolic-based toner.
Our goal at Clixit is to offer acne suffers an alternative to benzoyl peroxide," says Diane Heinz, a senior partner at the company and a licensed paramedical aesthetician who has specialized in the treatment of acne since 1976.
5% benzoyl peroxide gel significantly improved lesion counts over the course of 12 weeks in patients aged 12 years and older with moderate or severe acne.
Galderma Laboratories LP announced that the FDA has approved antibiotic-free Epiduo Forte (adapalene and benzoyl peroxide) Gel, 0.
Curoxyl Benzoyl Peroxide Gel USP is a patented, aqueous based, micronized benzoyl peroxide dispersion in the form of a gel.
You can also try a wash with benzoyl peroxide (which reduces acne-causing bacteria and dries the skin) and leave It on for a few minutes to let the medication sink in.
5% benzoyl peroxide gel (A-BPO) was -71%, compared with-45% in 124 treated with vehicle gel, Dr.
5% benzoyl peroxide preparation with lipohydroxy acid was a safe and effective alternative to prescription 5% benzoyl peroxide with 1% clindamycin in a 12-week randomized, double-blind, multicenter study of patients with mild to moderate acne vulgaris who also were treated with generic 0.
9 female) patients were prescribed benzoyl peroxide (5 %), 22 (12 male, 10 female) benzoyl peroxide (2.